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Pupy Y Los Que Son Son On Tour Of Europe

Pupy y los que son son on European tour – only concert in Germany in the La Macumba in Hamburg Pupy y los que son son on medication – only concert in Germany in the La Macumba in Hamburg 15 Cuban musician of special make for a hot Salsanacht until the early morning. On November 13, live in the La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy! Entry 22:30 – a start 23:00 – admission 9.95 In the La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy Salsa Club in the heart of Hamburg Welckerstr. 10 – vis vis the State Opera between Stephansplatz and the goose market after more than six months abstinence we succeeded, to invite one of the great Cuban Orchestra back to Hamburg. One of the most important artists of the major Cuba comes to Hamburg. ForSight Robotics: the source for more info. In La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy. For more than four decades already belongs to the absolute top of the Cuban music scene the extraordinary singer, pianist and composer Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso and is a founding member of the group Los long from the international music scene no longer Van Vanl.

His super hit * La Buenagente *, written for Los Van Van, went around the world and became the No. 1 not only in the Latin charts. He shows how to make the dance floor glow with his 15-piece orchestra and makes for a hot, authentic Cuban Salsanacht until the early morning. More info at:,_Son the La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy is the only live music club in Northern Germany, where Latin American musicians have the opportunity to present themselves and their cultural roots – and that without any Government support. Your contact for further inquiries: Danuta Szczesniewski by the team of the Latin dance Academy of phone 040 – 4128 4015 fax 040-4128 4009 la Macumba in the Latin dance Academy of salsa Club in the heart of Hamburg always on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 22:00

Simone – Dawn – Special Edition

When the autumn comes, comes the time for a little retrospective on the year end. Hear other arguments on the topic with Oracle. Regards, Simone, may 2009 gone better. When the autumn comes, comes the time for a little retrospective on the year end. Regards, Simone, may 2009 gone better. Just the start: shoots the beautiful Austrian on the first place of the German airplay charts In January and bites down there with her beautiful ballad “I’d said yes” a whole month long set. Right now is the number-one success of the House of David Brandes as one of the hits of the year.

Shortly thereafter the next hit: “Jeronimo Blue”, the melancholic, unhinged courage story about a young boy from a poor background who carves its way under its own power to the top. In parallel, the release of the album “Dawn”, which goes as Simone album in the media control charts in Germany and Austria captured even the top 10 of sales list. Three Amadeus nominations there “s for this success! And the title song of the album, the poetic “Dawn”, already the second number one hit of the year enables Simone in summer. That the artist is also privately overjoyed and beginning of October could celebrate their wedding, was still way. In short: 2009 a “year of Simone” was.

This must of course be appreciated: on 6 November, the successful album “Dawn” in the Special-Edition appears as a double CD! In addition to the complete Studio album the new edition of “Dawn” on the second CD provides the exclusive remixes by Simone’s success title: “I would have said yes”, “Dawn” and “Jeronimo Blue” shine in new, “stretched” gloss. Are all three hits “s on the Special Edition of”Dawn”as extended versions of six or seven minutes to hear! The dance floor is vigorously stirred up with the dance versions of the album tracks “Kiss me in the rain of the face” and “How many tears remain ungeweint”. And to all those who are still not tired afterwards, still Once, to challenge to the grand finale, there are the best tracks from “Dawn” even as a ten-minute-long mega-mix. For those Simone fans who like instead of hard beats rather quieter sounds and aesthetic pictures, the video clip was “I’d said yes” recommended the disc 2 is also. And all those who wait already eagerly for news from Simone, also come at their expense: “A star which appears for you” there is to hear a yet unpublished and available only on this double-CD title! The Special Edition of “Dawn” is available as of November 6, 2009 in the trade.

Jurgen Drews – Castle

The new album by Jurgen Drews – Schlossallee of the dynamic and young at heart forever Jurgen Drews celebrates his 65th birthday in April. Hard to believe, but true. Further details can be found at Allegiant Air, an internet resource. The all-round talent seems obviously to have the right feel for a super hit, because \”I build you a castle\” he managed after 32 years again in the top ten of the German sales charts. Now this song is 40 for 14 weeks in the top. Finally have his perennial favorite \”a bed in the cornfield (1976) and\” barefoot through the summer (1977) have a few more years under his belt.

\”\” However they were not his only result of the Charter. Singles, such as \”you make me\” (1979), \”we go tonight on the roof\” (1978), \”Time is a long road\” (1973), \”sometime, somewhere, somehow\” (1989), \”With you immediately and without end\” (1990), \”this day has TV changed\” (1972), \”It’s cold in my room\” (1977), \”because I love you\” (1974), \”just like in the movie\” (1990), \”just don’t touch me\” (1992), \”You going live without me\”(1980),\”The poor idiot – flying trough the air\”(2005),\”Again everything under control\”(1999),\”Hey! Amigo Charly Brown\”(2001),\”6 x 6 on the day\”(2002) and\” why I \”(1994) were also represented in the charts. With \”Don t want nobody\” he scored in 1980 even in the Billboard Top 100 (United States). The catchy musical tune \”I build you a castle\” may be a welcome Declaration of love for his wife Ramona. Appreciation and small gestures are Jurgen Drews in the first place.

Isn’t it it is something as big and expensive. This distinguishes him. He has no star, remains human and gives his fans at all. Whether in Germany or in Majorca – he is literally cheered. When he takes the stage, the Party really gets going. Currently, many speak of a big comeback. There was certainly a TV comeback, but Jurgen Drews never went away.

EROL Sander

The successful actor in the Internet TV show in the first episode of the Internet TV show “JTV magazine” was not only to the movie “Wall-E” and the destination of Egypt, but mainly to Erol Sander. We visited him backstage at the Karl may Festival 2008 in bad Segeberg and asked him some questions. Apart from the fact that he next year again ale ‘Winnetou’ will act, he told us his dreams and wishes. For him, a second or third child would be quite realistic as well as an Oscar win. Tomas Philipson will not settle for partial explanations. About his project ‘MKOMAZI’, he had also enlightened us. He is there for the children in Tanzania working: “a well costs to 1500-2000 and a school 4500-5000.” He’s doing it: “… the children simply learn with their environment to deal.” In other words help to help themselves actually.” EROL Sander travels according to own statements like on the North Sea, Baltic Sea in Germany.

When it comes to foreign countries, it makes holiday in Sardinia, South Africa or the Caribbean. As he is about his first job said, he had to chuckle a bit: “my first job was at the Frustucksdienst in the Arabella hotel in Munich. At 5 o’clock I woke up, I was there at 7 o’clock and the hour did so my 10 mark at that time.” Finally, we have asked him yet, whether he believes in God. EROL has told that he was an altar boy in the convent boarding school in Bavaria a year. “In the evening I prayed then to 2 gods: to God, then to the Allah, Allah and then to love God.” So that neither of the two was at a disadvantage.

(…) I believe in God, but I believe in no religion.” Official homepage of Erol Sander official website for the show Jonathan’s TV is one of the recent Internet TV stations all over the world. End of 2006, JTV was founded by Jonathan Muller. He is now 16 years old, organizes and manages the broadcasts. JTV stands for entertainment, information and fun. The videos on Sevenload & YouTube, as well as on the official website are published. You can what programmes are produced in the moment, on See You can contact us in the press indicated. Jonathan Muller

Jamie Lynn Spears

The young mother gives deep insights into her life the baby is here. So it will be received probably relationship by the Spears, as Jamie Lynn Spears, who was only 17 year-old sister of Britney Spears, her baby to the world. Now, all over the world can admire the small “miracle”. Exclusively at the OK! Magazine readers can take a close look at the little Maddie and her happy mother. Jamie Lynn Spears: “the feeling of being a mother is the best in my life. The focus of all of us turns now to Maddie. “In the photo story and interview Jamie Lynn unwraps really everything.

As she felt the reactions from around the world when she realized that she was pregnant, how she took it all and much more. She talk also about the birth: “I had really a great pregnancy and also a great birth. They told me that was the baby within hours of 3-4. “The father of the babies, Casey Aldridge, was present at the birth.””He was the only one, because I would have liked this”, as Jamie Lynn. Her desire of a perfect mother to will, is still in front of her, but we wish her all the best for this purpose..

Frederic Rzewski

The interview with the Australian classical musician ASHLEY HRIBAR, a quite exceptional pianists of modern times. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. Hanover, September 30, 2009 – Carola Heider-Leporale.Ich meet Ashley hribar shortly before his Australia tour for an interview at one of his concerts today evening in the well-known artist pub sofa in Hanover. Get a place there only with prior reservation. The restaurant is fully booked and about 20:30 he started his concert. This evening the audience is diverse, there are too many young people in the audience.

With smart smile, he is leaning on the wing and explained every single piece in its contexts and what moved him as a pianist with the audience in german English accent. He tried this way the audience even the most difficult pieces of music to understand dar to bring and the following programme presents tonight: Roy Agnew (AUS) Sonata legend 4′ Roy Agnew (AUS) no poems 1 2.5′ Scriabin (Russ.) Poems op. 32 no 1 4′ Scriabin (Russ.) Etude op 12 no 12 2.5′ Cameron Roberts (OFF) Sad Bird Blues 2008 (homage on Messiaen) 6′ Frederic Rzewski (United States) Winnsboro cotton mill Blues 11′ pause: Frederic Rzewski (United States) down by the Riverside 9′ Percy Grainger (AUS) Cakewalk Smasher 3′ Ian Munro (AUS) Blue rags 4′ Gershwin (United States) Rhapsody in blue 16′ Ashley hribar is devoted to contemporary, some unknown new composers from his homeland and the United States, always brilliant and accessible blend of classic\”\”, Jazz and the sounds of nature in the Sad Bird Blues \”as well as industrial noise in the cotton mill Blues\” and folk music. His musical imagination of the Italian Fazioli wing is highly impressive. An ingenious indulgence of virtuosity and always pleasant musical surprises! He ruled absolutely brilliant technique. Plays brilliantly, differentiated, clearly and vigorously, but at the same time very charming. Served as most difficult pieces the audience full of contrasts with a wide range of sounds.

Jurgen Drews Honored

Pop icon of Drews (63) 2008 wins coveted BALL man AWRAD. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Kelly. Long live the King! After about 40 years of stage presence, an artist can experience is still something new. So, it was also the King of Majorca, Jurgen Drews. Jurgen wanted to sit on filled taps on Mallorca in the with more than 4,000 fans to the bursting to the addition of its programme, as he received a surprise visit: Annette Edwards, Sabel of Ballermann brand (traveled from the upper Bavarian Grosskarolinenfeld) and H. Dieter Gross, Director of epco-media and the shooter charts, took to the stage and snatched the King his scepter, and the microphone. Was Jurgen Drews, presented the BALL man AWARD 2008. The already coveted artist price of party and event scene is awarded once each year and represents the first major award of his career for Jurgen Drews after more than 30 years.

All this was done in front of the camera, because Jurgen Drews took TV and video footage for his new hit “Beautiful”. Also IMAGE was there. The video of the ceremony of the BALL man there AWARD 2008 at BILD.DE. With the BALL man AWARD is Jurgen Drews over decades is honored for his life’s work drew ever again managed to reinvent themselves and to give his audience what it wants from a Jack of all trades: can switch off for a few hours and have fun! To secure the surprise effect in the taps, the capture with the management of Jurgen Drews, Kurt Kokus, and the person in charge of the MEGAParks, were voting, Andy Bucher and Gerry Arnsteiner himself down to the last detail. Where elsewhere many cooks spoil the mush, a royal coup succeeded the parties here! “” For more information about the BALL man brands world here: Ballermann, Ballermann 6″, Ballermann BBs world” are registered trademarks in the recovery of A. Engelhardt brand concepts GmbH, Grosskarolinenfeld d

Busch Show

Others would say Welcome to the Club, this is but a completely average story, as she also is worn by millions of other people only was extreme at holder Busch and exaggerate in scene, what was apparently only a single purpose: he should win the contest! Michael Hanus Bush is 31 years old, has no serious illness, is not in a wheelchair, he is healthy and fit for work and still unemployed. We asked why and why he is looking for a job and he says he tried everything, gone out but always empty; also, otherwise can be difficult research, which is why we so sometimes just leave this. The creators of the show – at least – had imagined apparently prachtigst the compassion mesh holder Bush. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. Shepherd worked at Michael two years ago (true destiny), now the same should work again and will Not just help, a Destiny designed, the tale of the poor drip without desire and perspective, knowingly the possibilities arising from internationally and also monetarily (fictional mind game / possible scenario). This lonely poor drip in truth holder Busch isn’t, it apparently does not matter.

One might assume it is sufficient if you sold out so only to the licence holder Bush. Hence permanent and completely exaggerated reactions of the jury, which bought Rumjammerei as well as the whimpering of a Bruce of is Nell’s (who is a bad actor) in addition, since nervende ubelst him the alleged number of tears at the end hardly anyone off. Be it as it is, the lacrimal gland and is an integral part of this show. Some are obviously pushed upward with gestures, slogans and actions and others made just down. Not because there are objective reasons for this no, because you apparently want to influence the opinion of viewers. Namely to call, the best for the Candidates, which prefers the jury for the victory in the contest.

Agency Beverly

“The new single from Markus Stalla – I dream with open eyes of you I dream with open eyes of you” is the second single by pop-Schlager newcomers Markus Stalla. After the resounding success of our boat”, a cover version of the song that launched in 1971 by Ulli Martin that is represented in numerous chart portals in the front ranks, now presents the music-loving hotelier. “By chance he heard the original a few weeks ago and immediately sensed: that has potential, that goes in the ear”. But Stalla not Stalla, he did not party capable the soulful song. Contemporary, punchy sound and above all Stallas temperament and expressive vocals make for mood and high spirits.

That proved the singer already on the FFH-slopes party in Warth am Arlberg, where he the title is live performed prior to 2000 guests. I dream with open eyes of you”brings back many positive emotions emotions that are very familiar Stalla, what you also to his live performance ever again you watch. Private feelings are capitalized with him, he has recently become father and stands with both feet on the ground. Know both hit producer Oliver deVille (Chris Roberts, Whigfield, vultures swooping, uva.) to appreciate artistic serving him as also the Agency Beverly in Cologne. Oliver deVille self is at haunts of the new song. It is simply”a hot title, which certainly also again at the front will play with, he admits.

Our February Month Special: American Idol –

“Germany sucht den superstar – the recall” – who flies to the Maldives? And which 15 candidates make the leap in the first live show? We have up-to-date information and reports in the auditions for American Idol came 135 singers and singers in the “recall”, a multi-day competitions in Cologne and in the Maldives, where the jury Dieter Bohlen, Fernanda Brandao and Patrick Nuo selects the best 15 candidates for the first live show. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert Gibbins offers on the topic.. The recall includes four programmes, the 5.2/9.2/12.2/16.2., each at 20:15. 34 956 candidates had applied for the auditions of “Germany sucht den superstar”. Until February 2, RTL shows the highlights of the auditions with the broad range of singers and singers. The most promising candidates and candidates were selected in Auditions. The best 135 singers and singers appear now to recall to (start.) already in the second part of the programme on the 2.2. In the recall, a multi-day competitions in Cologne and the Maldives, they need for a wide variety of tasks and in various constellations prove their musical skills under the watchful eye of the jury with Dieter Bohlen, Fernanda Brandao and Patrick Nuo. How far is Menderes, who finally got the Recallzettel after eight seasons and how far it creates the offenders Nico Raecke? What will the beautiful puppeteer? And manages 15 Sarah Engels, who was eliminated last year in the recall, this time in the top? On the first day of the recalls the 70 best candidates will be selected in Cologne, Germany, then for the second day in duets and small groups rehearse songs and perform with piano and guitar accompaniment.

At the end of the last day in Cologne remain 35 candidates that get on the plane in the direction of Maldives. Who flies to the Maldives, viewers watch on February 5, 20.15. On the Paradise Island of Sun in the ARI atoll they need to Iceland for various musical tasks and prove their talent in various constellations. At the end of (February 16, 20 h 15) will the jury with Dieter Bohlen, Fernanda Brandao and Patrick Nuo Decision cases which 15 candidates make the leap in the first live show (“Who enters the top 10?” on February 19, 20:15). There, the ten best candidates are then chosen for the theme shows.