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Jamie Lynn Spears

The young mother gives deep insights into her life the baby is here. So it will be received probably relationship by the Spears, as Jamie Lynn Spears, who was only 17 year-old sister of Britney Spears, her baby to the world. Now, all over the world can admire the small “miracle”. Exclusively at the OK! Magazine readers can take a close look at the little Maddie and her happy mother. Jamie Lynn Spears: “the feeling of being a mother is the best in my life. The focus of all of us turns now to Maddie. “In the photo story and interview Jamie Lynn unwraps really everything.

As she felt the reactions from around the world when she realized that she was pregnant, how she took it all and much more. She talk also about the birth: “I had really a great pregnancy and also a great birth. They told me that was the baby within hours of 3-4. “The father of the babies, Casey Aldridge, was present at the birth.””He was the only one, because I would have liked this”, as Jamie Lynn. Her desire of a perfect mother to will, is still in front of her, but we wish her all the best for this purpose..