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Frederic Rzewski

The interview with the Australian classical musician ASHLEY HRIBAR, a quite exceptional pianists of modern times. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. Hanover, September 30, 2009 – Carola Heider-Leporale.Ich meet Ashley hribar shortly before his Australia tour for an interview at one of his concerts today evening in the well-known artist pub sofa in Hanover. Get a place there only with prior reservation. The restaurant is fully booked and about 20:30 he started his concert. This evening the audience is diverse, there are too many young people in the audience.

With smart smile, he is leaning on the wing and explained every single piece in its contexts and what moved him as a pianist with the audience in german English accent. He tried this way the audience even the most difficult pieces of music to understand dar to bring and the following programme presents tonight: Roy Agnew (AUS) Sonata legend 4′ Roy Agnew (AUS) no poems 1 2.5′ Scriabin (Russ.) Poems op. 32 no 1 4′ Scriabin (Russ.) Etude op 12 no 12 2.5′ Cameron Roberts (OFF) Sad Bird Blues 2008 (homage on Messiaen) 6′ Frederic Rzewski (United States) Winnsboro cotton mill Blues 11′ pause: Frederic Rzewski (United States) down by the Riverside 9′ Percy Grainger (AUS) Cakewalk Smasher 3′ Ian Munro (AUS) Blue rags 4′ Gershwin (United States) Rhapsody in blue 16′ Ashley hribar is devoted to contemporary, some unknown new composers from his homeland and the United States, always brilliant and accessible blend of classic\”\”, Jazz and the sounds of nature in the Sad Bird Blues \”as well as industrial noise in the cotton mill Blues\” and folk music. His musical imagination of the Italian Fazioli wing is highly impressive. An ingenious indulgence of virtuosity and always pleasant musical surprises! He ruled absolutely brilliant technique. Plays brilliantly, differentiated, clearly and vigorously, but at the same time very charming. Served as most difficult pieces the audience full of contrasts with a wide range of sounds.