“The new single from Markus Stalla – I dream with open eyes of you I dream with open eyes of you” is the second single by pop-Schlager newcomers Markus Stalla. After the resounding success of our boat”, a cover version of the song that launched in 1971 by Ulli Martin that is represented in numerous chart portals in the front ranks, now presents the music-loving hotelier. “By chance he heard the original a few weeks ago and immediately sensed: that has potential, that goes in the ear”. But Stalla not Stalla, he did not party capable the soulful song. Contemporary, punchy sound and above all Stallas temperament and expressive vocals make for mood and high spirits.

That proved the singer already on the FFH-slopes party in Warth am Arlberg, where he the title is live performed prior to 2000 guests. I dream with open eyes of you”brings back many positive emotions emotions that are very familiar Stalla, what you also to his live performance ever again you watch. Private feelings are capitalized with him, he has recently become father and stands with both feet on the ground. Know both hit producer Oliver deVille (Chris Roberts, Whigfield, vultures swooping, uva.) to appreciate artistic serving him as also the Agency Beverly in Cologne. Oliver deVille self is at haunts of the new song. It is simply”a hot title, which certainly also again at the front will play with, he admits.