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Jurgen Drews Honored

Pop icon of Drews (63) 2008 wins coveted BALL man AWRAD. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Kelly. Long live the King! After about 40 years of stage presence, an artist can experience is still something new. So, it was also the King of Majorca, Jurgen Drews. Jurgen wanted to sit on filled taps on Mallorca in the with more than 4,000 fans to the bursting to the addition of its programme, as he received a surprise visit: Annette Edwards, Sabel of Ballermann brand (traveled from the upper Bavarian Grosskarolinenfeld) and H. Dieter Gross, Director of epco-media and the shooter charts, took to the stage and snatched the King his scepter, and the microphone. Was Jurgen Drews, presented the BALL man AWARD 2008. The already coveted artist price of party and event scene is awarded once each year and represents the first major award of his career for Jurgen Drews after more than 30 years.

All this was done in front of the camera, because Jurgen Drews took TV and video footage for his new hit “Beautiful”. Also IMAGE was there. The video of the ceremony of the BALL man there AWARD 2008 at BILD.DE. With the BALL man AWARD is Jurgen Drews over decades is honored for his life’s work drew ever again managed to reinvent themselves and to give his audience what it wants from a Jack of all trades: can switch off for a few hours and have fun! To secure the surprise effect in the taps, the capture with the management of Jurgen Drews, Kurt Kokus, and the person in charge of the MEGAParks, were voting, Andy Bucher and Gerry Arnsteiner himself down to the last detail. Where elsewhere many cooks spoil the mush, a royal coup succeeded the parties here! “” For more information about the BALL man brands world here: Ballermann, Ballermann 6″, Ballermann BBs world” are registered trademarks in the recovery of A. Engelhardt brand concepts GmbH, Grosskarolinenfeld d