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The Hand In The Head – Trade As A Tactile Pleasure

from the creative corner / / Shopfitting – Messebau-the creative corner / / Shopfitting – exhibition stand construction the striving for ownership is as old as humanity itself. The various forms of trade were and are necessary concomitants of productivity, the Division of labour and solidarity in human society. The market, a focal point of wealth and power as well as a popular place of communication, must meet therefore two requirements: a convenient location for the flow of goods and a pleasant climate which invites you to linger. The geographical location, centuries long decisive for the availability of a place, plays only a subordinate role with the development of the means of transport. Long since overcome large distances in the shortest time, and terminals for air, land and water transport, a network spanning the globe. A mild, the human organism conducive climate can be created today even under the most extreme conditions.

By the market books has established itself, is regardless of wind and weather, by day and seasons, and a mastery of material and technology allows the construction of spaces for each product range and largest number of visitors. In recent decades, a new trend emerging in turn: the virtual world has brought out online trading. From the kitchen table and the Chief floor day and night shops made and brought in river flow of goods and money, and the question is whether and how the conventional show and sale room compared to the overwhelming offer, the presence and convenience can claim. This question for sales success penetrates into the depths of the human psyche, and the grocer’s shop, as well as the international fairs follows an archaic mechanism: the media-trimmed contemporary – genetically – still dominated by the impulses of a stone being that “taking”, “comes on the taste” and “hunting for bargains”. So the language makes us constantly aware that we senses beings “are”. Even something abstract as an “initiative” is “taken”, as even the comprehension is the origin of all knowledge. -leidenschaftliche implementation in the Shopfitting – exhibition stand construction

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Consumers Translation

(Online-Artikl.de) – translation of financial information requires a high degree of precision, reliability and discretion. The handling of financial information requires accuracy, reliability and discretion; no mistakes are allowed, because even a single wrong number can have serious consequences for the results of a bank or a financial institution. Therefore the translation of financial texts must be equally precise. Special skills are necessary to deliver an optimal product, which has the same terminological level of the source text. These are however – how much too often is believed – not only the purely linguistic nature, but affect in particular the deeper understanding of the source text.

Namely, many translation agencies tend to entrust such work to translators, which may have certain linguistic skills, but in most cases have no knowledge of the economic and financial links and are therefore unable to source texts to understand properly. The necessary knowledge, include not only terminology skills which can be acquired through a series of glossaries and regular consultation of relevant sources, but also a heuristic knowledge of the financial world as well as their products and markets to produce high-quality financial translations, which are tailored to the needs of the readership. It enough not to know “how to translate a particular word; you mainly need to know how to in this industry think and speaking. Also the translation of financial texts should reflect as far as possible the constant development of the financial sector, the financial markets and the specific needs of the institutions which are active in these markets. The translation activity for banks and financial institutions should be doing is never static, but should continue to evolve parallel to this constant evolution. Another aspect, which all too often ignore remains, is the customer, i.e.

the taking into account of the target audience, which will read the text in the end. Consider for example the case of a market report, which will be read by retail customers of a bank or a group of Finanzanalisten depending on the situation: the former have often limited financial knowledge and therefore require a translation, which unnecessarily complicates the understanding of the source text and requires too much knowledge, while in the second case, great precision and exact reproduction of the original text are necessary. This results in the need for a growing number of financial firms, to entrust such specialized work mother tongue translators who really know the financial and banking system and also understand. It is ideally to degree economists, which can work intensively with the industry and if possible have many years of experience in the financial sector. Just so it is absolutely possible, a precise, accurate, and the target audience to understand Translation to deliver and to convey that safety and reliability feeling Consumers this translation, which is for every Bank and every financial company, one of the most important pillars of success.

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For Clausewitz

Life lies and blind spots of the ‘Johari window’, as well as the unpredictable interests of our with people forcing us to constant corrections. Alternatively, we can live in the all day: with trust in God. The biggest questions every life planning: I how old? I want (young or old) travel or settle down (in IM mobile) be? Do I want children? “Our individual life resulting-motto’s, such as: I have a dream!” An everyday example of strategy and tactics are the queues at a cash register. Right or left? Studies show that evens it out in the course of the year. Be so cool! Out of politics, we know the strategy of the German social system: solidarity (kingdoms for the poor) and secondary (young to old) instead of competition. B. business areas (crops) and policy: Ecology, Nature: Evolution economics, cultures: money, innovation, markets: supply and demand, productivity think models: scenario technique: best Middle worst technology: high-middle-low load exit input and output Note: error, for example applications: not more of the same, but strategy and tactics change! > Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz (born 1 July 1780; 16 November 1831 in Breslau) was a Prussian general, army reformer and military theorist. Clausewitz became known through his unfinished Magnum Opus by the wars, that deals with the theory of war.

His theories about strategy, tactics and philosophy had great influence on the development of the Kriegswesens in all Western countries and are taught at military academies today. You will find application in the area of corporate governance, as well as in marketing. u0085 For Clausewitz, the basis of any warfare was the military’s ability to fight. Thus a central meaning came to the battle and the tactic was the lesson for Clausewitz the use of the armed forces in combat”. The strategy, however, is the study of the use of the individual battles to the end of the war”(from the Wars II, 1).

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