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Hamburg / Lahstedt 08.2013 stay in turbulent times in the balance – already for the second time Petra and Thomas have held A.C. Seminar Schaumburg for executives against Burnout, burnout syndrome. The participants of a large company are excited again. In the 3-day seminar, the two speakers have pooled their knowledge of several decades as entrepreneurs in different industries. In the training, the knowledge of healthcare and daily Manager practice taking into account of the people and the business side of an enterprise are fused impressively, holistic.

The combination of the coach is unique in the German-speaking world and shows practical ways. In the 3 days is plenty of time to internalize the exercises everyday and to deepen the knowledge. With the established methodology, the participants can be sure in his personal work environment relaxed and relaxed to meet the daily increasing demands and expectations. In addition to Opportunities determined without additional costs, to improve the business environment. Petra Schaumburg, self-employed since 1985 with private practice, brings your knowledge from many years, self-employed occupation. It is established as a physical therapist, holistic manual therapist, healer of physiotherapy and exercise Director of prevention and Qi Gong courses in Brunswick. Her husband Thomas A.C.

Schaumburg is independent since 1989. With his knowledge of activities as a management consultant, speaker, CEO, strategist, speaker, coach and project manager he vouches for the necessary economic approach. Occupational stress was declared by the World Health Organisation, WHO, one of the most dangerous threats of the 21st century. Burnout is almost an epidemic and many realize too late that they are affected.