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This is only partially true. The consultants ‘sold’ you its consulting services, so an hourly or flat fee. Without hesitation Verizon Communications explained all about the problem. But this alone does not make the advice better than an agent or broker. Just for insurance consultants, you should be aware of the specialization. Even these can cover not all sectors equally. What good is a consultancy for fee if the consultant knows not or not sufficiently? The insurance broker benefits: insurance brokers is legally on the side of the customer and is only this obligation.

He is “Protector” of the customer and must be committed to these, if necessary against the insurer. The Broker selects the suitable protection for its customers from the rates and offers of the market and worried that the suitable company. He is not bound by a company. Cons: What good is it to be able to select if the broker does not know what is there in “the rates of the market”. Also a broker is not inherently good or bad. The qualification, experience and market knowledge is critical here. Also a broker can cover all areas. Therefore beware of a sufficient SPECIALIZATION and question peacefully, how often, how long and why exactly the broker will do what he does.

Prejudices: the statement is most common: “The broker gives me just that, where he gets the most brokerage.” If you have this feeling of “their” agent, you change it, best quickly. This is not a basis for a long-term co-operation. The broker should show them what advantages and disadvantages certain tariffs and offers and then with you together decide what fits your needs. He does this, so you’ll see quickly that the brokerage that he gets is not in the foreground, because together, visit the appropriate tariff. Conclusion: As in any industry, there are many black sheep even, or especially in the financial and insurance sectors. Many consultants (doesn’t matter what type) often see the dollar signs at the customer and sell like crazy. This has led to some bad reputation of the industry in recent years. So that this doesn’t happen to you, question the recommendations, assess even the rates, conditions, and offers as far as you can. Ask anything, What is unclear to you and you sign up by the Advisor, if you have the feeling, not along to fit. Especially with personal acquaintances, relatives and friends who are in the industry, it’s often hard “no” to say. Often then come statements like “we know each other but so long, I would never offer that you if it would be bad”. Even large distributors build on this trust and know exactly to this circumstance. Forget anything again so quickly and get a 2nd opinion in any case. You can then Yes, if desired, use the contacts of the acquaintance, friend, relative, and also obtain quotes. The same “scale” like in every other advisors should apply here as well.