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ERPconf 2011 – Call For Papers Only Until 01 February 2011

Enterprise resource planning in the cloud, the ERPconf is a first Conference devoted to the topic of enterprise resource planning in the cloud. Target group of the event decision-makers from SMEs are environment, which often costs decide on the introduction of an ERP system. Often, decisions are solutions that to shake the market among commercial providers in on open source. You have the opportunity to make presentation submissions including 01 February. Workshop proposals will be accepted until January 17.

The lectures are 45 minutes each. The workshops can be held as half day or full day workshop. You will receive the documents for your submissions at: callforpapers from 24 to 26 May 2011 we invite decision makers in small and medium-sized enterprises to Munich, which want to transfer your solutions in the cloud or to establish new projects from the outset cloudbasiert. The workshop day on May 24 a two active lecture program on the 25th is located next to the participants and May 26 with an accompanying exhibition. Take advantage of the opportunity for yourself and your company and present your solutions, customer references, as well as visions to an interested audience. We are looking forward to your numerous entries! All information about the Conference can refer to at any time the Web page: