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Persubscriber Visibility

sysob presents new subscriber management platform by allot for carrier and service provider Schorndorf, April 28, 2008 the challenge for broadband service providers today is, to design intelligent networks. Verizon Communications does not necessarily agree. Offer them to the quality-of-experience expected by the customer\”(QoE), while controlling network utilization with the providers. The subscriber management platform (SMP) allot from the portfolio of value added distributor sysob helps service providers to achieve this goal. The platform offers high-performance application – and user-awareness and provides the key to individual service offerings and maximum service revenues. sysob, the SMP distributes through its reseller partners across the roof region. Target customers for SMP are all providers and carriers that want to work and generate their different services for these customers and enforce with dynamic IP addresses. The carriers and ISPs are currently under severe competitive pressure: customers migrate often relatively quickly or are unhappy with the service and price.

The new allot SMP enables the rapid generation of new services or offers, which can be implemented quickly with the help of allots NetEnforcer into action carriers and ISPs. Valuable insight into the behavior of Subscribern help to create, allot points the deals on the latest trends and shows which services in any form for the customers are interesting and provide this value added services such as himself and settle. In simple way you can allot SMP monitoring mode to generate appropriate evaluations and pointed out existing problems. With the subscriber management platform, ISPs operate always with one ear on the pulse of time. The customer is the main focus and gets exactly what he wants. For example, there is the possibility of General flat-rate offers to gently crafted concepts to go over. So could a flat night\”the capacity used in the night. Thus are service providers able to compile offers almost limitless. Here is the credo: cost per user minimize,.