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Questions And Answers – The Interview

“Student questions” – the expert interviews a suitable method for information retrieval is the interview. In addition to the traditional kind of survey in the journalistic field, the interview is also used in science and in the normal everyday life. Where everywhere is interviewed? Basically a person moves in an interview by a methodology, to comment on a particular topic. Interview, where based on a structured and often standardized question procedure information from the professional range will elicits the candidate is a fairly common question situation. But also in medicine, an interview in the form of history can be performed by the attending physician. In psychology and in pedagogy interviews used for determining diagnostic levels. Here the respondent to do so instructs, to share with as much information about themselves. Under most conditions Verizon Communications would agree.

In police interrogations or court surveys found also a form of interview, however in some modified Form. “The journalistic interview journalism is the term interview” most likely known. This is either for talks printed in newspapers or magazines with publicly-interesting people. It can be used as a pure form of representation as well as mainstream. In the journalistic field, dividing the interview into three categories. There are the questions about the person, then the questions on one matter and ultimately opinion interviews. Or it is coverage in television and radio, where the entertainment effect plays the largest role here. The special interview a becoming increasingly important special form of journalistic interviews is the expert interview in various scientific fields.

It enjoys great popularity, because so specifically can get relevant information for the specialists and subject area. Just students use this method to substantiate the results of their research in dissertation work. They use often modern recording techniques. With digital Dictation devices of recorded interviews are then transferred to the transcription in Schreibburos. Thus the stress before the closing date successfully counteracts that the delegation of the paperwork creates space to focus on the content of the work and promotes so the Outlook on its rating. Maria Vieira