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Creditreform Stuttgart

Excellent mood of the medium-sized companies in the region – almost 80 per cent achieved sales growth in 2011 to the further consideration of the medium-sized economic and funding situation has carried out a survey of 1,400 companies in the Stuttgart region Creditreform Stuttgart. This shows: not only the current mood of plants is outstanding, expectations for the business situation up to the end of this year are extremely optimistic. So, 68.5 percent of the companies expect a “very good” or “good” business location. The development also in terms of lying back sales is extraordinarily gratifying. About 80.0 percent of all surveyed companies enjoyed revenue growth in 2011. In tow of optimistic turnover expectations is also the number of investment-ready SMEs at a high level.

About every second respondent medium-sized companies in the region (44.8 percent) intends to invest heavily in the next few months. The willingness to invest is in average at around 1.2 million euros to operating. In addition, the medium-sized companies in the winter months have made a positive contribution of the employment 2011/12. So, 46.9 percent of the surveyed companies have expanded their personal stock. Every third medium-sized companies (32.2 percent) is planning more settings. For qualified personnel in the Stuttgart region, the companies judge the search predominantly as ‘difficult’ (58.7 percent). A key area of concern is the acute shortage. So the search constituted is for professionals as a particularly difficult (76.9 percent).

Positive earnings situation strengthens equity base – yet: businesses in the region not much better capitalised as in the remaining Federal territory the profitability of companies in the surveyed districts are in the overall optimistic mood of the economic situation in the region files. So, 66.4 percent of the respondents recorded last year Company growth in profits. The profit growth is estimated to slightly more pessimistic in the coming months. In this regard, the companies in the region share a similar assessment such as the national average.