Operate in an organized full accounting and the records as necessary, according to double entry system using generally accepted accounting principles, in our case are the NIC (Art. 13 Disc. 1902-2003 ry law S ), this means you have to enable inventory books, Journal, more or centralizer, Balance Sheets, also a record book where the register is kept of the meetings of board and assembly. Submit annual financial statements under International Accounting Standards. Submit affidavit annual income tax information for its operations in the fiscal period Extender electronic receipts to receive both ordinary and extraordinary contributions in accordance with the aims of the association, for Ut S these receipts must be approved by the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT). Order account invoices to their suppliers when making purchases of goods and services.

Authorize and issue invoices records and pay the annual income tax when performing activities outside their nature, ie when performing activities with profits from its operations. Being ISR Retention Agent and deliver these electronic records as have employees that exceed annual revenues 36000.00 Q, or when making payments to suppliers who have chosen that option. (Resolution 306-2009 directory of the SAT). When ISR retain employees necessary to carry electronic means the annual reconciliation of income tax deductions for dependent personal relationship established by the Income Tax Law.