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Rainbow International

Association introduces new ‘Ambassador of franchising’ Rainbow International German franchise. Bask, Ostalbkreis, the 22.03.2013 – the German Franchise Association has presented the rehabilitation specialist Rainbow International based in Aalen as official Ambassador of franchising. Therefore, is among the approximately 30 franchise businesses strong and about 500 employees large Baden-Wurttemberg companies the best-practice systems of the German franchise business and ranked in a prominent list of systems such as the fast-food giant McDonald’s or the Tchibo retail giant. Franchise Ambassador are exclusively recognized Dan members. Best-practice system of franchise economy”the franchise has expanded its strong position in the German economy area in the past few years. In addition to the steadily increasing number of franchise employees (less than 500,000), impressed above all constantly growing turnover of the sector, which is now at about 60 billion per year. Currently Act “1,000 franchise systems in the German market, from which only the least the predicate Ambassador of franchising” receive. It is all the more gratifying for the Wurttemberger,”that the German Franchise Association Rainbow International recognizes this highlighting feature.

The official representatives of the DFV accurately show budding founders what advantages and potentials may arise from a partnership. You can also tell which individual requirements as franchisees are needed and what obstacles to overcome and avoid is for a business start-up. For several years Rainbow International is an important part of the German franchise industry and supports the DFV in the fields of information and transparency in the franchising. “, it means on the part of the DFV. The service”Rainbow International specializes in the rehabilitation of water / fire damage and its consequences. For the insurance and real estate industry, the service provider counts by an all round claims service”to the major partners in the rehabilitation field. Currently the license system offers new founders to areas in Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. Organic growth is to create long-term a nationwide coverage with Rainbow farms”, so the founder and Managing Director Tobias Baumann.

Franchising make more transparent”Rainbow International accompanied the entrepreneurship of its prospective customers with ample information and high transparency. Aspiring entrepreneur become so after initial contact (usually by phone) including a founders day”invited, where Tobias Baumann personally, Managing Director in detail about the system informs the present and specific insights into the Rainbow international world. If necessary, interested parties can obtain accurate information from the different departments or face-to-face with the experts of the system central questions open. Also can the applicant following targeted at active franchise partners a picture of the item field and make operational everyday life. This step is supposed to consolidate decision making. At the same time this ensures absolute transparency and underlines the soundness of the concept,”says Baumann. The profile of the franchisee”when selecting the franchise partner opts for business executives, middle management the local franchising system. Therefore, organizational skills, experience in sales and in networking, business know-how, knowledge form relating to the personnel management and development as well as management skills the basis for a commitment. Rainbow International franchisees to work on and not IN their company, because the actual service, the rehabilitation for water and fire damage, is carried out by own qualified specialists in the field of crafts. This strict compartmentalization allows a warm start to the rehabilitation industry way entrants as well as industry insiders.