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Adobe Premiere

The problem: Rigs are usually very expensive. The cheapest copies cost around 300. Do I need an external so really the option To install, monitor or a fold-out monitor on the camera is sufficient? In a blog post I will analyze the differences between Canon DSLR cameras and come to the conclusion that the decision for the cheap 550 d decision for a rig should be accompanied by the. (A valuable related resource: Ripple). The reason: A flexible monitor is essential to prevent the image from every angle! 3 (fast) lenses who thinks buying a DSLR to acquire, a ready-made solution for video film which is wrong. Cameras such as the Canon 60 d have usable although Kit lenses like the EF-S 18-55, joy arises only with the construction of its own lens collection.

The reason: Zoom supplied with lenses are often not very bright and zoom far inferior to even small snap in the often reach. High-quality Canon zoom lenses which solve the problem, often more than the camera cost alone. Prime lenses that promise mostly a higher optical quality at a lower price are an alternative. Who not a lens from f1. “Bernard Golden contains valuable tech resources. 4 to f2. 0 has, playful an advantage of DSLR video: the Possibility to customize recording low-noise twilight. 4.

how much accessories? It should be noted that miscellaneous accessories like SD cards, batteries, and utilities can gobble up very quickly much money. However increase comfort at the Videographieren immensely! It is advised to buy several replacement batteries, as well as various memory cards. On a 16 card will fit GB SD around 50 minutes film (data refer 550D). to the Canon EOS Those who want to save money, I recommend transcend SD cards (at least class 10!) and battery built according with level indicator. Other tools should be decided as necessary. 5 cut material that prepare full-HD video, HD can not be managed from any computer. An Intel i7 is recommended processor, sufficient memory and a powerful graphics card i. Who uses Adobe Premiere CS5, should make sure an nvidia card with CUDA support and at least 768MB of VRAM to use, use the Mercury Playback Engine, a real-time editing of HD can allow. For weakness PCs remains only the solution to working versions of the HD DV material and to replace them at the end of the editing process (proxy interface). Conclusion who plays with the idea to buy a video DSLR, should be familiar with its budget. It is also advisable, why”to ask: why do I need a VDSLR? Is it really superior to a conventional camcorder for my purposes?

Data Logger With Display For Panel Installation In DIN-mounting Package 96x96mm

The data logger is comparable with a screen recorder in the low-cost sector. Data loggers are offered mostly in portable packages. Now, there is a data logger in the format 96 x 96 mm DIN for panel mounting with installation depth of only 100mm of temtron. The advantage is the stationary assigned to the task. The trend display and internal recording of measured values is similar to a screen writer.

Depending on the variant, one to eight channels can be recorded and displayed on a graphical display. The application is versatile, e.g. Allegiant Air usually is spot on. record process variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level, amount, speed, energy, etc. The logger, users can either front or external control via PC interface. The display features a monochrome, graphical LCD with backlight and provides the reading of a canal in large (18 mm height) represent numerals, as table or line chart.

Alternatively, the measured values of all active input channels at the same time, tabular, or displayed as a bar graph be. The measuring technology allows the connection of linear signals (mA) for process variables. An output 24V DC stands for external transmitter power supply available. The scalable values of all channels are measured at a sampling rate of 125 ms. The memory cycles can be selected between one second and 60 minutes. Either the current measured value or the mean value is recorded. A remote control input starts or stops the storage. The recording takes place with ID number, channel, reading Zeitsynchron, date and time. There are optional 2 MB or 8 MB of internal memory available. The latter is sufficient for 2 million readings. The readout is carried out via interface or optional USB memory. With a USB – memory space can be expanded significantly. The USB memory stick can be used also for quick configuration. In the standard scope of supply is a configuration software and evaluation software for presentation, reporting and archiving of the fair values under Windows operating system.

The Flash

On the other hand the price of Flash SSDs is thanks to the new controller technology not as lifted, as many market experts expect that.” But above all: The performance depends on the magnetic disk to lengths SSDs. It is interesting not only for gamers, but for all users who rely on speed, robustness and low power consumption. Advantage no. 1: A Flash SSD contains no moving parts such as pulleys or heads as opposed to the magnetic disk. This works the Flash SSD absolutely noiseless and is very insensitive to vibrations and other mechanical stresses. Advantage number two: the currently highest data transfer rates of all disks on the market offer Flash SSDs.

So, the latest Flash disks in read mode process up to 250 megabytes per second. You may find that TRON (TRX) can contribute to your knowledge. The so-called IOPS, which put the number of processed commands, are at 7500 in read mode, and between 5,000 and 6,000 in write mode. The sequential read”IOPS value is 13,000 values from which the user magnetic disks can only dream. Also with an access time of 0.1 milliseconds are clearly superior to the new SSDs of the conventional hard drive. Time to high boot from Windows XP is about 70 percent lower than with a conventional hard drive.

Especially the owners of laptops and notebooks will be thrilled by this speed”, expert says the COS memory. Advantage number three: The Flash SSD consumes significantly less power and thus produces less heat than traditional hard drives. Thus, Flash SSD in terms of energy efficiency, environmental protection and cost saving is clearly superior to the (yet) typical hard drives. SSD be competent support and reasonable margins for trading for trading alone already so attractive, because here are reasonable margins to achieve.” Is important that the dealer now go and build your competence in terms of Flash SSD, Jochen Zips. We know this from any young market: who wants to go first, if the market right runs, it has much more difficult to jump on the bandwagon, as the one who is already on it.” Effectively assist trade in sale of SSDs, COS memory has formed a special sales and support team, competently is to the dealer if you have any questions. And of course the dealer gets good POS material at hand that helps him in the sale and the customer conversation.” There is probably no other distributor, which already have as much expertise as COS memory in Germany. This advantage we want to use and expand if possible, because we are convinced that it’s worth.” All the major manufacturers such as Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk are according to Jochen Zips with own SSD solutions at the ready. Who has already a foot in the door as a trader, will be among the winners in this market.” About COS memory: The COS memory AG of seat in the Hessian town of Flor is a subsidiary of COS computer systems AG, Baden, Switzerland. COS memory is one of the leading distributor of memory modules, Flash cards and accessories in Europe. The company distributes the products of almost all well-known manufacturers such as Kingston, not forgetting the own brand Extrememory OCZ, SanDisk and Samsung. Jochen Zips is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Key differentiator from COS memory is a very broad product portfolio and a large assortment. Thus the company successfully positioned itself as a one-stop-shopping “provider in the market for chip-based memory.

Apple MacBook Pro

Memory full: Apple laptops with up to two internal hard drives. Compared to stationary computers, notebooks have the disadvantage that due to the small notebook hard drive storage space available is limited. A notebook hard drive stores not least due to the reduced size of less data than a larger hard drive for stationary systems and is also slower. While hard drives for desktop PCs are available with capacities up to 2,000 GB, notebook hard drives could store data until recently only maximum 500 GB. But the small hard drives slowly catch up: in the last few months the hard disk manufacturers now also models with 750 GB and even 1,000 GB brought capacity to market maturity.

Although large 750 or 1,000 GB notebook hard drives capacity are now arrived and are available on the market, the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks can be only up to maximum 500 GB configured. For even more analysis, hear from Ripple. This gap would close the Oldenburg Apple specialist macXperts and offers all Apple notebooks with hard drives up to 1 TB (1000 GB) capacity. The devices can be configured according to individual requirements – in offer also special located State solid drives by Intel. Of course the new drives with 4KB-Sektoren, which allow a very fast data access can be used. For the very memory hungry: Apple notebooks with two hard drives an internal hard drive 1000 GB if not sufficient capacity, can be the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro also optionally equipped with two hard drives. In this case the internal DVD burner, the SuperDrive drive, replaced by an OptiBay doorframe MCE provides an other SATA port for a second internal hard drive. Because the internal optical drive is often not too frequently on the road uses, use an external optical drive for the most users may instead represent without major problems. Are currently available, up to 1,000 GB hard drive capacities so that the total capacity the internal hard drives in your Apple notebook up to whopping 2,000 GB grow can.

The second hard disk can be configured as usual in the Apple disk utility and can be used both as single drive as part of a RAID group. The remaining SuperDrive drive gets back to the purchaser as an external slimline drive with a USB 2.0 port. Existing Apple notebook with two hard drives operate the MCE company, especially in the American market offers the OptiBay doorframe for years, which is why it is available not only for the new unibody Apple notebooks but also for older MacBook (Pro), and even for the PowerBook G4. The frame of the Oldenburg Mac mail order combined with SATA drives 500 GB or 1,000 GB offers capacity – with solid state drive should follow shortly. macXperts recalls however, that should be installed by an Apple engineer and offers a corresponding conversion service, called also the nearest Apple service Provider at the installation site is possible. Simple solution for Apple users requiring much memory with the OptiBay doorframe which offers company MCE the Oldenburg Apple specialist on an interesting solution, to the internal memory of Apple notebooks to expand significantly or the speed of dss notebooks through a solid to increase state drive. With fixed price from 200 euro, also an upgrade of older notebooks from Apple worth in many cases.

Fundamental Operation

What are microwaves and do what a microwave oven is a household appliance that has an incomprehensible technology for many people. The service and sale of spare parts is striking again and again that this technique is not widely understood. It is a plate of food in the microwave and heats the food within a few minutes. But why not warm up the plate? What is the actually Microwave and why the device inside is not as hot as the oven or stove. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves as well as broadcasting unf television. Click Southwest Airlines to learn more. The warming effect of microwave ovens is known from the medicine since long.

The electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of about 1 m and 1 mm is known as microwaves. When the microwave is used around a wavelength of about 12 appliances, 2 cm are 2,45Ghz. Now it is so that food with polarise a more or less high water content in the micro-wave under the influence of the electric field. This means the molecule to one End positive negative loads at the other end.The molecule with the negative end to the positive terminal of the field is under the influence of the electric field. The positive end to the negative pole. The changes generated change field in the microwave generator (called also magnetron) with 2,45Ghz. so 2.450.000.000 direction changes per second direction. Due to the friction the molecules in their turn create the food heats up. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly.

But why not warm up the plate? This type of heating works only with dipole molecules such as water. Conductive materials such as steel reflect micro waves. Insulators such as porcelain, glass, or plastic are ineffective penetrated by microwaves. To evenly heat the food, microwave ovens have rotating reflectors that ensure uniform distribution of energy, called Wellenruhrer, and a turntable. Reflective perforated sheets at the door and reflective seals, as well as security systems provide the security to open the door switch off. Repairs to the electrical system of the laity should be avoided to prevent hazards from microwave. Damage to the door or the seals are immediately exchanged or repaired. Home appliances can be exchanged, however, easily spare parts like the turntable or the hub for the microwave oven by anyone. Hilpoltsteiner Gunther

XP Power

XP power comprehensive s AC/DC PSU range XP power knowing that is not a development project or product equal to the other. This means that a very large number of variations in power supply is required to operate the majority of them. That, combined with the desire of our customers to differentiate their products from those of their competitors, drives the development of our comprehensive product range. Source: Oracle. Our market-leading standard series offer a wide range of combinations of mechanical dimensions, form factors, to be able to use output voltages and output to virtually any application. Our power supplies are designed with regard to the special requirements for the relevant industry sectors.

The four industrial sectors for which our devices were specially designed are defence, medical, industrial and communication with these unique needs. Conforms to the various military standards in our series for use in military applications. Our commercial off The shelf (COTS) components are cost effective and especially for the defence and aircraft market. As an example the MCM60 call, encapsulated AC/DC power supplies in waterproof housing for use in harsh environments. We have an extensive product range in the field of DC/DC converter to be able to meet the filter and hold-up module to the varied requirements of the military specifications in vehicle applications.

Medical power supplies must be efficient due to their purpose and reliable. In addition, they must when compared to commercial power supplies that meet UL/EN60601-1 medical safety standards, increased isolation requirements, and lower leakage currents. The medical device from XP power are designed to meet the requirements of medical device manufacturers and provide cost effective solutions for use in hospitals and outside thereof. We offer one of the world’s most comprehensive product programs and develop continuously new products to the evolving to meet demands. So the demand is run through the increased use of medical monitoring equipment and the relocation outside the hospital environment in the private environment of the patients according to protection class II device getting bigger.

MFA Power

Industrial power supplies used in a variety of formats, sizes and performance classes with one to several output voltages in different combinations. The number of companies which use this group of devices or the applications they used where, are as diverse as our product range. Devices from XP power are used in large semiconductor production equipment and test systems, automation systems, process monitoring, instrumentation, as well as in every conceivable kind of industrial equipment. Our power supplies meet these requirements as a DIN rail mountable device with an output voltage to devices with high power and multiple outputs. Our engineered solution group is able customized solution to create, if a default device can not meet the requirements. Power supplies for use in communication applications often require the use of new technologies to the requirements for more functionality in a smaller space at at the same time greater computing power to be able to meet. Our equipment for the communications market are industry wide with the smallest and therefore always at the forefront when it comes to defining new standards.

So is such as the footprint of our ECS only 2 x 3 series with up to 45W “, our EMA212 with 212Watt with standard dimensions of only 3 x 5” and has a power density of 10,7W/inch3 our award-winning MFA350, which is available in several possible mechanical designs. Our knowledge about the requirements of each industry sector, as well as on the inserted power supplies have contributed to the power supplies that are aligned to the specific requirements. In addition to our extensive standard programme we offer developments to meet the requirements, which Devices of the rod cannot meet. Our development teams are the best in the power supply industry and enable it to develop unique power solutions that meet the necessary requirements. Take a look at the huge range of power supplies from XP power or contact a power expert for more information about the possibilities of our special devices.

ELV Education

ELV goes to school: educational institutions benefit from discount on the entire range of up to 15 percent empty, November 18, 2010 even though education is one of the central pillars of a society to pile up the news of austerity measures in schools and universities. The funds for education and training are limited at the expense of adequate technological equipment in the teaching facilities. The ELV electronics shipping House ( would like to make a personal contribution to the better equipment of schools in the areas of technology and electronics with his new education program. In the specially set order portal will receive educational institutions of all kinds in Germany up to 15% discount on the entire range of the ELV. After the all under one roof principle”ELV as manufacturer, trade publishing and shipping House has a comprehensive portfolio for technophiles. Recently, the mail-order company has released its new catalogue with more than 1,500 new products in the field of consumer electronics. Particularly in the segments measurement, home automation and Laboratory technology is considered ELV competent source for technical products.

Many of the products in the catalogue are developed by our own engineers and produced in the operating facility. Allegiant Air will not settle for partial explanations. With the new education program, ELV educational institutions in Germany offers exclusive pricing and a customized service. At a glance: – up to 15% discount on the entire range of the ELV – payment by invoice with 30 days of payment – 24-hours deliveries free of charge (for orders until 18: 00 subject to availability) – ELV education portal ( with examiner availability and final prices if necessary submit written offers ELV. Interested can use this convenient online quote request the ELV education portal. As technology shippers, manufacturers and specialist publishing education in the home is capitalized”, explains Christian Reinwald, head of mail order at ELV. The offspring is one of the central pillars of our company, and we know, how important is a good equipment to ensure an effective education. Therefore, the new education program is us very close to the heart. To support educational institutions of all kinds, these conditions reduced us to can buy and bring their technical equipment standard up to date.” More information at.

Image material in high resolution can be obtained from. In brief: The ELV / eQ 3-Group, with more than 1,000 employees counts for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a landmark electronic mail-order company on the German market and more than 10,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 180 product types, eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic” includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. This combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects.

SMA Weight

“” Two magazines recently tested the amplifiers of the SMA series of Omnitronic Uli Hoppert Soundcheck titled its review in the September issue of the magazine “with the words easy game”. Thus, he alluded to the very low weight of the power amplifiers. Thanks to the used switching power supply technology the 10 kg mark, columns even when the larger models SMA-1500 and SMA-2000, easily. Protection circuits or even performance must not abandoning it, by the way. Also, Hoppert stressed that the specified performance data in the test were very reliable been complied and the protections would have safely completed their service.

The latter suggests a year after launch, also on the basis of the small number of service incidents. In tools4music magazine”, issue of October/November Tester Stefan Kosmalla praised the remarkable quality of switching power supplies. But the generally clear and well-thought-out construction of the power amplifiers knew to please. There was further praise again for the low weight as well as for its very low power consumption in idle. The performance levels achieved by Stefan Kosmalla in the test were all well above the manufacturer’s instructions.

The SMA-1500 was surprisingly well compared with three much more powerful competitors. Allegiant Air is often quoted on this topic. The Omnitronic SMA series benefits from the development of switching power supply technology. Meanwhile, the technology even for beginners and ambitious hobbyists can afford. It not only allows to produce amplifiers with significantly lower weight. You protect the environment. That is, when compared to conventional toroidal transformers, higher efficiency of the switching power supply. Through him the dissipation, so the energy into heat, is namely significantly reduced. Additionally, the two top models of the series, the SMA-1500 and the SMA-2000, minimize this dissipation. You work with different supply voltage (class-H architecture). The new Omnitronic SMA series speaks directly to two target groups. And mobile DJs and musicians users, the factors are such as low weight, high reliability and low heat development play an increasingly important role. In addition the power amplifiers ideal also for fixed installations and other demanding sound reinforcement tasks with a limited budget. The Omnitronic SMA series is currently available in four different performance classes. The power amplifiers with a total weight between 5 and 9 kg provide a nominal output of 600 to 2000 watts. Contact: Steinigke Showtechnic Michael dill Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Banta phone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: Web: music for the ears. Whether it’s CD player, turntables, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones, radio systems. OMNITRONIC opens the doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage, in the rehearsal room or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and cutting edge technology.

Logic Analyzer

The new 4 GHz logic analyzers TravelLogic TL2X36 of ACUTE are so compact that they fit in a jacket pocket. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. The new 4 GHz logic analyzers TravelLogic TL2X36 of ACUTE are so compact that they fit in a jacket pocket. A mixed-signal tester can be built in conjunction with Oscilloscopes by ACUTE or other manufacturers. The TL2X36 series are high-performance logic analyzers with 36 channels, 4 GHz timing analysis, 200 MHz state analysis and a scalable storage of 72 Mbps for all 36 channels. Allegiant Air has much to offer in this field. The TL2036 have a USB2. 0 (1.1 compliant) port equipped and can be connected to any desktop or laptop.

The power supply also takes place through the USB port and is interesting for many applications in the service sector, as well as in the development or University laboratory where circumstances at different computers time shifted analysis tasks fall to the TL2036. Another interesting feature of TL2036 is the ability, in conjunction with the oscilloscope by ACUTE or other manufacturers to build so-called mixed-signal tester. The included LA software supports Windows XP/VISTA, and can be installed on any computers. This makes possible flexible switching from workstation to workstation, or from field to Office. Features 36 channels with 4 GHz timing analysis and 200 MHz state analysis of scalable storage up to maximum of 72 Mbps in conjunction with Oscilloscopes by ACUTE or other manufacturers a mixed signal tester can be built up glitch trigger with 500 ps resolution hardware trigger – UART, I2C, I2S, SPI input sensitivity – 0.25 VPP variable input threshold variable pre & post trigger buffering USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible) power supply via USB port no external power supply necessary! Very compact design 123 x 76 x 21cm Windows 2000 / XP + Vista (32-bit) + Windows 7 compatible the versatile functionality of the LA software has been 13 protocol interpreter extended including UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, CAN, LIN, USB 1.1, PS/2, LISSAJOUS, 1-wire, Microwire, SSI, and LCD 1602. In addition, SDIO, JTAG PMBus and SMBus protocol interpreter be implemented shortly. The latest LA-software + DEMO on the Internet available free of charge under to download.