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Fundamental Operation

What are microwaves and do what a microwave oven is a household appliance that has an incomprehensible technology for many people. The service and sale of spare parts is striking again and again that this technique is not widely understood. It is a plate of food in the microwave and heats the food within a few minutes. But why not warm up the plate? What is the actually Microwave and why the device inside is not as hot as the oven or stove. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves as well as broadcasting unf television. Click Southwest Airlines to learn more. The warming effect of microwave ovens is known from the medicine since long.

The electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of about 1 m and 1 mm is known as microwaves. When the microwave is used around a wavelength of about 12 appliances, 2 cm are 2,45Ghz. Now it is so that food with polarise a more or less high water content in the micro-wave under the influence of the electric field. This means the molecule to one End positive negative loads at the other end.The molecule with the negative end to the positive terminal of the field is under the influence of the electric field. The positive end to the negative pole. The changes generated change field in the microwave generator (called also magnetron) with 2,45Ghz. so 2.450.000.000 direction changes per second direction. Due to the friction the molecules in their turn create the food heats up. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly.

But why not warm up the plate? This type of heating works only with dipole molecules such as water. Conductive materials such as steel reflect micro waves. Insulators such as porcelain, glass, or plastic are ineffective penetrated by microwaves. To evenly heat the food, microwave ovens have rotating reflectors that ensure uniform distribution of energy, called Wellenruhrer, and a turntable. Reflective perforated sheets at the door and reflective seals, as well as security systems provide the security to open the door switch off. Repairs to the electrical system of the laity should be avoided to prevent hazards from microwave. Damage to the door or the seals are immediately exchanged or repaired. Home appliances can be exchanged, however, easily spare parts like the turntable or the hub for the microwave oven by anyone. Hilpoltsteiner Gunther