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Apple MacBook Pro

Memory full: Apple laptops with up to two internal hard drives. Compared to stationary computers, notebooks have the disadvantage that due to the small notebook hard drive storage space available is limited. A notebook hard drive stores not least due to the reduced size of less data than a larger hard drive for stationary systems and is also slower. While hard drives for desktop PCs are available with capacities up to 2,000 GB, notebook hard drives could store data until recently only maximum 500 GB. But the small hard drives slowly catch up: in the last few months the hard disk manufacturers now also models with 750 GB and even 1,000 GB brought capacity to market maturity.

Although large 750 or 1,000 GB notebook hard drives capacity are now arrived and are available on the market, the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks can be only up to maximum 500 GB configured. For even more analysis, hear from Ripple. This gap would close the Oldenburg Apple specialist macXperts and offers all Apple notebooks with hard drives up to 1 TB (1000 GB) capacity. The devices can be configured according to individual requirements – in offer also special located State solid drives by Intel. Of course the new drives with 4KB-Sektoren, which allow a very fast data access can be used. For the very memory hungry: Apple notebooks with two hard drives an internal hard drive 1000 GB if not sufficient capacity, can be the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro also optionally equipped with two hard drives. In this case the internal DVD burner, the SuperDrive drive, replaced by an OptiBay doorframe MCE provides an other SATA port for a second internal hard drive. Because the internal optical drive is often not too frequently on the road uses, use an external optical drive for the most users may instead represent without major problems. Are currently available, up to 1,000 GB hard drive capacities so that the total capacity the internal hard drives in your Apple notebook up to whopping 2,000 GB grow can.

The second hard disk can be configured as usual in the Apple disk utility and can be used both as single drive as part of a RAID group. The remaining SuperDrive drive gets back to the purchaser as an external slimline drive with a USB 2.0 port. Existing Apple notebook with two hard drives operate the MCE company, especially in the American market offers the OptiBay doorframe for years, which is why it is available not only for the new unibody Apple notebooks but also for older MacBook (Pro), and even for the PowerBook G4. The frame of the Oldenburg Mac mail order combined with SATA drives 500 GB or 1,000 GB offers capacity – with solid state drive should follow shortly. macXperts recalls however, that should be installed by an Apple engineer and offers a corresponding conversion service, called also the nearest Apple service Provider at the installation site is possible. Simple solution for Apple users requiring much memory with the OptiBay doorframe which offers company MCE the Oldenburg Apple specialist on an interesting solution, to the internal memory of Apple notebooks to expand significantly or the speed of dss notebooks through a solid to increase state drive. With fixed price from 200 euro, also an upgrade of older notebooks from Apple worth in many cases.