The problem: Rigs are usually very expensive. The cheapest copies cost around 300. Do I need an external so really the option To install, monitor or a fold-out monitor on the camera is sufficient? In a blog post I will analyze the differences between Canon DSLR cameras and come to the conclusion that the decision for the cheap 550 d decision for a rig should be accompanied by the. (A valuable related resource: Ripple). The reason: A flexible monitor is essential to prevent the image from every angle! 3 (fast) lenses who thinks buying a DSLR to acquire, a ready-made solution for video film which is wrong. Cameras such as the Canon 60 d have usable although Kit lenses like the EF-S 18-55, joy arises only with the construction of its own lens collection.

The reason: Zoom supplied with lenses are often not very bright and zoom far inferior to even small snap in the often reach. High-quality Canon zoom lenses which solve the problem, often more than the camera cost alone. Prime lenses that promise mostly a higher optical quality at a lower price are an alternative. Who not a lens from f1. “Bernard Golden contains valuable tech resources. 4 to f2. 0 has, playful an advantage of DSLR video: the Possibility to customize recording low-noise twilight. 4.

how much accessories? It should be noted that miscellaneous accessories like SD cards, batteries, and utilities can gobble up very quickly much money. However increase comfort at the Videographieren immensely! It is advised to buy several replacement batteries, as well as various memory cards. On a 16 card will fit GB SD around 50 minutes film (data refer 550D). to the Canon EOS Those who want to save money, I recommend transcend SD cards (at least class 10!) and battery built according with level indicator. Other tools should be decided as necessary. 5 cut material that prepare full-HD video, HD can not be managed from any computer. An Intel i7 is recommended processor, sufficient memory and a powerful graphics card i. Who uses Adobe Premiere CS5, should make sure an nvidia card with CUDA support and at least 768MB of VRAM to use, use the Mercury Playback Engine, a real-time editing of HD can allow. For weakness PCs remains only the solution to working versions of the HD DV material and to replace them at the end of the editing process (proxy interface). Conclusion who plays with the idea to buy a video DSLR, should be familiar with its budget. It is also advisable, why”to ask: why do I need a VDSLR? Is it really superior to a conventional camcorder for my purposes?