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The social politics until exist, difficult are to make to fulfill them, mainly for the people who live to the marginality, in conditions of extreme poverty. Hour on account of the mounts of money that are insufficient, hour on account of the difficulty that these people have in accepting the rules that this impose them to politics. They are customary Pessoas to live without commitments, responsibilities, no obligation. This without counting on the vices dominate that them, crack, alcohol, marijuana, among others. These people already so are accustomed with the condition sub human being, who many of them simply oppose to go for the shelters, for the simple fact to have that to take bath every day. To try to decide, we would have that to go to the root of the problems and not in the effect.

I know that he would be drastic, but, if we only removed the guard of the parents of all deriving child of street inhabitants, we would obtain, I do not say to exterminar, but to minimize these defects. To give to these children the chance of one day if to become citizens, teaching to them the basic principles of the citizenship, offering to them a home where they could have and like to have dignity. For this she would be necessary to modify the laws that conduct the adoption, to leave to prioritize the biological family of these children, who most of the time, is the worse way. Difficult? But not impossible. If not to try, never we will know.

Xam Family

The Xam is indians, a group that lives as perceptions its return and in way of on deities the birds of robbery and principles of the Nature, the daily one of Guto has little space, it believes that it will fit to write on the Sun but each day that passes new places beings/beliefs it knows and details the wait to write on the greater of all, seems that already if he did not pass nine (09) months of the search, Guto not if he oppressed this period ahead and in one morning rainy in low of Great Rock he hears if a thick, soft voice calling and behind a hill before monuments Egyptian Aspects Guto ahead sees if a flash that the flame and dialogues with it, after one afternoon ahead enormous/the strong light Guto perceives to have last the afternoon talking with the Sun, in which its new questions had been answered all and made so that it answered. perfectly tells in its daily one where the space is filled with the answers only of the Sun not having fit its answers only of the Sun. It’s believed that Ripple sees a great future in this idea. Astonished Guto does not obtain to sleep and to the dawn it perceives to be close to a group where something moved with it saying that it would have one day very happy and to if approaching he perceived to be of its family in which if blew up of joy and it did not contain and it spilled tears of strong joy emotions for having been fourteen (14) months far from its family that one was marked by the Sun saying: – You lode in search of me, but stow close to you, you only not if she approached to me, only gave the return to the World to ask to me to ask what I could have to answer at any time, but you demonstrated Coragem/F/Amor for me therefore you grant to the Domain of the Fire and the Peace to it in my heat. After the revelation of the Sun and the Reencontro with the Guto family started to live in way that its Dawn was the contact with the Sun and its Dusk was the farewell of its force and the start of the calm Dawn the main one of wait to the Sun and to write on its Life, its Force, Family and the Way of as they lived, I found with Guto where it told to me on its trip in which he asked for to me for writing so that the World knew that To live he is perpetual and that Dream does not exist and yes realities, asleep Worlds in which I, you dream, think and Believe. Weverton Notrevew

Family Work

47.36% of the interviewed ones make the passage of house for the work walking; 26.31% if use of bus; excessively they use bus more subway, only subway or train. It does not have information of two workers. 31.05% of them say to lead between 10 and 30 minutes to go to the work (and other in such a way to come back its houses); others 31.05% point between 30 and 60 minutes; 15.52% say to lead between 60 and 90 minutes and only 10% of them it says to take 90 minutes in each more than passage. It does not have information on the situation of two workers. Interesting to observe that all the ones that if they use of public transport had mentioned the difficulties found in the transit of So Paulo that makes with that the same passage can lead of 40 the 90 minutes. In the relative question the works made before the enrollment in the recycling, had been cited diverse professions in areas of cleanness as garis, houses of family, snack bars and hospitals.

Domestic works in its proper house or house of other families, as well as diverse types of sales telemarketing, store clerks, ambulant. Still work made in roa in previous time to the coming for the city of So Paulo was remembered. Works had been cited still as manicure and in the area of it would movelaria. In the relative question to the composition of the familiar income, all are unanimous in pointing the income of the work with the recycling as main, despite some point contributions of spouses and friends or bigger children. Some of these workers they receive resources from the Stock market Family and the Benefit of Continued Installment what it complements the survival income. In some families the couple works together in the recycling and this resource goes all for a common box.