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The social politics until exist, difficult are to make to fulfill them, mainly for the people who live to the marginality, in conditions of extreme poverty. Hour on account of the mounts of money that are insufficient, hour on account of the difficulty that these people have in accepting the rules that this impose them to politics. They are customary Pessoas to live without commitments, responsibilities, no obligation. This without counting on the vices dominate that them, crack, alcohol, marijuana, among others. These people already so are accustomed with the condition sub human being, who many of them simply oppose to go for the shelters, for the simple fact to have that to take bath every day. To try to decide, we would have that to go to the root of the problems and not in the effect.

I know that he would be drastic, but, if we only removed the guard of the parents of all deriving child of street inhabitants, we would obtain, I do not say to exterminar, but to minimize these defects. To give to these children the chance of one day if to become citizens, teaching to them the basic principles of the citizenship, offering to them a home where they could have and like to have dignity. For this she would be necessary to modify the laws that conduct the adoption, to leave to prioritize the biological family of these children, who most of the time, is the worse way. Difficult? But not impossible. If not to try, never we will know.