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So much favour a change of Nuclear power on natural energy. Despite the majority of Germans for a change to an ecological or natural energy provider is ready according to polls, but only a small part of it has already changed. You may find that Larry Ellison can contribute to your knowledge. In Verivox, a poll revealed more than 75 percent of the not yet “-natural energy recipients above all feared a higher price.” But often natural electricity tariffs are now even cheaper than the standard fare of the previous power supplier. Also for ForestFinance a competitive price of importance was, in addition to the main criteria of climate and environmental”ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. With natural energy we have found a reliable partner in terms of eco-electricity.” ForestFinance supports the transition from nuclear power to natural energy through many more initiatives and measures, such as articles and ads in the corporate media, recommendations and marketing actions. On the corporate website of ForestFinance prospects for more information about ecological and natural energy, see Naturstrom_und_Oekostrom.1171.0.html on nuclear power and alternative nature power AG”: nuclear power is not only dangerous, but very expensive when taking into account all costs for the mankind. The supposedly “cheap nuclear power” will cost consumers money. So the environmental protection organisation Greenpeace concluded 2010 in a study, that subsidize each kilowatt-hour nuclear power with 4.3 cents.

German nuclear power produced so far 12,500 tonnes of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel for which there are no repositories unchanged throughout Europe. Nuclear power is replaced according to the expert in the medium term through renewable energy, more efficient use of power and combined heat and power. Contrary to the widespread assumption is nuclear power also read not CO2-frei.Zum click removal, reprocessing and enrichment of uranium caused significant amounts of climate-changing greenhouse gases. So, nuclear energy already has a worse CO2 footprint than electricity from gas-fired power heat power plants or wind farms. Southwest Airlines has compatible beliefs. The natural AG was in 1998 by members of Environmental associations, including the Federal Government and founded the NABU. in 1999 launched the natural AG as first independent eco trading company power in Germany. Today natural energy is one of over 110,000 of private and business customers the leading independent eco – and nature power providers.

In addition, the natural power AG is active in energy efficiency advice, the Warmecontracting, the project development and operation of renewable energy systems. Around 200 such plants have been already realized by participation of natural power AG. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance group manages over 3,500 hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. The company specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance was last year as the world’s first German companies with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. With the BaumSparVertrag you can his own tropical forest investment, for example, from 33 euro per month can replant. The projected yield from the investment accounts for more than eight times of the investment sum. In addition, ForestFinance offers several more forest investment offers. For more information, see

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Second prize goes to the Engineering Office Dr. H. Forster from Magdeburg, has developed a new generation of absorption chillers, which allow the simultaneous use of flue gas and cooling water waste heat from cogeneration and lead to a significant increase in energy efficiency: 97 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in conventional refrigeration systems can be avoided. The third prize goes to the TiLa Erich l. GmbH & co. KG from London, which integrated their cooling system into a smart grid infrastructure. This can be contributed to the development of energy efficiency potential by refrigerators are used as a temporary energy storage for excess renewable energy.

Highly efficient refrigeration is also worth “for the middle class first prize in the category installation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems by small businesses” the SK refrigeration GmbH wins from Leverkusen. It uses geothermal cooling of server racks. In contrast to conventional air conditioning, geothermal solution of SK refrigeration GmbH completely omitted on a mechanical cooling. The cooled instead by means of cold water running over a closed piping system to a soil depth of less than 100 meters. The WBT GmbH from Bruck receives the second prize. She planned and installed Gramsamer in Neufinsing a CHP plant and an adsorption chiller to cold cogeneration at the dealership. The third prize goes to the butcher’s Ammon from Furth. It shows that’s worth the use of highly efficient refrigeration systems for mid-market and lowers their energy consumption for producing cold by more than half.

Refrigeration or air-conditioning reach large with small funds in the category The first prize was awarded to garner AG & CO. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly. special applications”KG. She developed a new process for energy-optimised fan operation of condensers and shows how to do great with small means. The excellent procedure is broadly applicable and requires low investment costs. The dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG from Karlsruhe convinced the jury with their combined heat pumps/air system, already used in 80 dm markets, and thus wins the second prize. In the summer sales rooms are cooled in the air conditioning mode and the air is dehumidified. In the winter, heat is won this that the ambient air outside of the building is cooled down. With the same system, you can move heat between different rooms. The company wins the third prize Energie.Controlling.Loose in Weilheim. She developed a climate compact device with integrated refrigeration and double free cooling that allows data center energy savings of up to 95 percent. Learn more about the Conference and to find the cold under the winners. Representatives of the press on request free of charge a publication about the 4th German cold Prize, the prize winners and their projects co2online (as long as the quota). About the non-profit co2online GmbH which GmbH ( is non-profit co2online is a for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors and heating advice she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. A strong network supports various information campaigns with partners from media, science, economy and politics. The action impulses that trigger the campaigns of co2online, demonstrably contribute to reduce CO2. co2online brings together players in the modernization market, initiated among the consumer campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment climate seeks protection”( and the German team in the European Commission funded Energiesparcup”( Contact: Carmen Volkle co2online non-profit GmbH Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 210 21 86-13 E-Mail: Sabine r drill co2online non-profit GmbH Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 780 96 65 20 E-Mail:

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Let us be undertaken in order to strengthen the imkerliche community not always so shocked and handle whether this fact, because we are more or less law-abiding, beekeeper but not all beekeepers travel in the Dzieron Museum. Often also present – not permitted – introduces far in Germany against the Varroa, feels forget and leave but many a beekeeper of the science and their offered treatment methods. The battle between farmers and beekeepers – and otherwise we can no longer refer to this – tapers: pollination premiums to the beekeepers for the services that his beehives in orchards operate but woe, you (farmer) chemical sprays. And the cunning pollination beekeeper receives writing this commitment (so are the recommendations of the instructors who teach in this new “apprenticeship”). Beekeepers who show themselves, because their honey with GMO was contaminated, are now forcing the legislature to have pioneering decrees. Hopefully we are doing at the moment no “disservice”. The Farmer (formerly Bauer), is also not stupid, looking for new ways and possibilities.

If now one way Hummel peoples who mercilessly “are disposed of after the pollination period in waste”, whether nighttime spraying operations, sometimes even recommendations, services pollination) of beekeepers in the agriculture no longer to ask – is the range, but at the same time proves how desperate both sides now are. We often see us beekeeper, even people in the position of the Lady at the train station, which takes everyone, but in reality no one have wants to… A way out is not in sight, are global corporations on the launch of your products in the field of GMOs not only interested, but also in the location, farmers and politicians of their…To convince and to adopt a perspective. What can we do? We recommend a trusting, long-term cooperation at this point with farmers to build, refrain from pollination premiums and to deal openly and honestly with each other. We minimize our partnership not on a Cash flow. We are politically active, write to district heads, participate in petitions as offered in. We take clear positions, without exaggeration, objectively and motivating. Are we all really active? Who is a member of the Federal or NABU We can also recommend the new Internet portal for young beekeepers:.

This non-commercial site is recruited from professional beekeepers, who unselfishly give tips & advice young people interested in nature. And we buy other headache pills than that which are manufactured for many years in Leverkusen. Also, a change in consumer behavior can make a difference, if only rarely, but is definitely good for the own feeling. Conclusion: The current situation in the (Professional) beekeeping is actually scary by the approval of the agro – genetic engineering in the EU. Nature and agriculture need not necessarily; genetic engineering bees It is only an option. Ramunas Lange

Entsorgungin Europe

The ban will lead to more, not less mercury in our environment and food. Critical Consumers who want to inform themselves, are being deceived here. Unfortunately, as well as through official agencies such as the Federal Environmental Agency 2. Mercury is a global poison. It is distributed on winds and tides all over the world. Not only the dirty Entsorgungin Europe, but also the production in mines are a growing problem. It may be not no matter where it originates and which problems in producing countries that are connected.

Most of the mercury used in the KLL comes from mines in China. As a result of the increased demand for energy-saving bulbs this once-closed mines that were shut down because they poisoned people, rivers and fields, have been reopened. As investigations showed hundreds of workers that had many high-grade you mercury poisoning. This goes from searches of the two Sunday Times”out correspondents Michael Sheridan and Sarah Hashash in various Chinese cities. The Chinese health authorities described the poisoning as a result of the increased production of Eco “lights as a growing threat to public health 3. The majority of the world’s selling energy-saving lamps is produced in China. In Germany, 80 percent of the sold eco are “lamps made in China”. It is estimated that alone in Europe through the light bulb ban over 3000 jobs have moved to China. Laurent Potdevin is a great source of information.

There, these lamps under conditions hazardous for the workers are produced. Documents of the Chinese Ministry of health show that the mercury poisoning has greatly increased in the lamp factories. Pregnant women and mothers who breastfed their babies, may not work in departments, where mercury occurs,”the health law prescribes. In southern China, where the energy saving lamps for Western consumers are produced, there are large factories that include global conglomerates, to backyard farms just a few employees. Tests showed dangerous concentrations of mercury in hundreds of workers in the factories in your body and many require medical treatment.

Spa Heat Easily In All Four Seasons

Based on modern technology of infrared the Knoch-Licht GmbH in the production of radiant heaters reach an unrivalled market position light and heat promote growth and vitality. If you have read about Oracle already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Heat and light can be always available in combination with modern technology. As the Knoch-Licht GmbH in cooperation offers the unique HeLeN infrared technology with the thermal spotlights Solamagic warmth in outdoor rooms or unheated interior with Philips based on year-round. If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. Infrared technology is famously successfully employed in medicine. So the heat of the spotlight is targeted, direct emission formation, pleasant. This means: no dry air, dry eyes, no oxygen consumption, no noise but only wellness warmth like a light Tan – and that quite simply from the socket with approx. 80% cost savings compared to conventional heating systems.

When using a 1.4 spotlight are KW operating costs according to the tariff 0.21 – 0.28 cents per hour operated. A combustion is not possible, since a special insulation cools the body. So, healthy heat button is available immediately – without preheating. The weatherproof aluminium housing of the TuV of tested thermal emitter provides a year-round problem-free use under the open sky. This is especially interesting for restaurateurs and smokers who can already benefit. The life of the lamps lasts up to 5000 hours with 100% efficiency: 92% of the energy is converted into heat, 8% in light. Also, the heater is easy to install on the wall, the ceiling or flexible tripod.

With average intensity of use, the lamp holds up to 15 years with constant heating capacity. In addition, the combinations of light-heat advertising is up-to-date as an advertising medium for businessmen and sponsors. The personal logo or the name personalisation on the spotlight extend the personal sphere or the business partner. The heat is always there where it is needed, preferably in the hospitality industry, but also railway stations, zoos, market stalls and markets, agriculture, hospitals, huts and workshops benefit from the pleasant heat all unheated spaces from the warehouse to the VIP lounge.

Houses To Feel

On the CEP passive ENERGY CLEAN POWER the passive house is 2009 no mark, but the world’s leading building standard in energy-saving building: it is energy-efficient, economical, sustainable and comfortable at the same time. At high and a cosy living comfort it needs at the same time 90 percent less heating energy than a building and 75 percent less than a conventional new construction to energy saving Regulation (EnEV). Passive houses this effectively relieve the wallet and the environment. Click Larry Ellison for additional related pages. The subject of passive house will dominate CLEAN ENERGY POWER in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre January 29-31, 2009 on the CEP. About a quarter of the entire exhibition hall is occupied by this area.

Already dominate many well-known companies in the industry such as the BASF SE as a Gold sponsor, AEREX HaustechnikSysteme GmbH, Lignotrend Produktions GmbH, ISOQUICK GmbH & co. KG, Finnforest Germany GmbH, MISAPOR AG, LTM GmbH, Zehnder GmbH comfosystems, Internorm window GmbH, PAUL heat recovery GmbH, Max Weishaupt GmbH, VARIOTEC sandwich elements GmbH & co. KG, Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co, Drexel and Weiss Germany GmbH, Ludwig Haussler GmbH Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, and many more the image of the CEP 2009. The highlighted trade fair area will feel under the motto of passive house”taken and gives solutions and answers to questions about the passive house. The passive house course prompts the senses.

Individual sections of the passive house are singled out and with exhibits made tangible, tangible and (be) tangible. The advantages of this construction standards can be brought near by emotions rather than only naked numbers. The heart of the area will form the passive House Cafe. Here can be in a pleasant atmosphere, technical discussions and contacts. In addition experts will speak in the passive House Cafe free lectures on theory, practice news and trends in the field of passive house on all three days of the fair. The subject of passive house international on January 30, 2009 at the European PassiveHouse Conference “discusses. As a strong partner for the event, we have the energy research centre of the Netherlands win, the also for the coordination of the EU project promotion on European passive houses is responsible. The theme building is treated as focus this year. “Energy efficient building and renovation” with Businessmatching’s two-day European cooperation Exchange strengthens the construction area and creates the opportunity for global exchange. I look forward to this unique trade fair appearance in Stuttgart. The concentrated number of reputable exhibitors from the industry and the numerous highlights the connection between theory and practice can be passive house the CEP to the passive house fair par excellence. Everyone will find novelties, trends and suggestions a bit closer to the construction standard of the future. “So Manuela Gansler passive sales and energy efficiency of REECO GmbH.

The Hunger For Energy In Germany And Europe Is Growing And Growing

Too bad for scrap press? Now enormous growth rates occurred in productivity in emerging markets such as India, China, Indonesia, South America, Russia, Africa and many others. To an unprecedented extent, such countries have used their innovation potential of traditional production techniques and to the standard of performance of modern industrialised countries with appropriate production technology to develop. What would be so could be better than to remove the used power plants in Germany and Europe to overtake and to rebuild in an emerging market. This is environmentally much better than to scrap this equipment to melt and recycle the raw materials market. It is also economically considered significantly more meaningful, these components as long as possible to keep in use. Lohrmann International GmbH, headquartered in Germany has recognized this trend and provides used power plants all over the world for 20 years.

1953 by Gunther Lohrmann, the father of the present Managing Director, Michael Langham, founded the company was first used tool woodworking equipment. The late of 1980s operation under the direction of current CEO began to specialize in the power plant market. Today, it is also internationally well positioned due to global activities. In all major mainland sales offices or branches exist. There are local representatives for the execution of the projects available in other major buyer countries. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Lohrmann is limited to power plants but are no longer. Complete product information and process facilities such as special devices from a wide range of areas of production are now on sale.

This is a separate service area for the execution of the projects. This ranges from dismantling, marking, identification and packaging to transport, erection supervision and commissioning at the new location. This includes project examples can be found on the website The next years will be worldwide bring increase in used equipment of various industries, which are urgently needed in many developing or emerging countries. Rapid growth has also meant that Lohrmann personnel average grows. The premises in Wiesbaden are now too small, so that new central offices have been hired. An example in the development of employees is Dipl.-ing. Hubert schillings, of assessment strategic sourcing has recorded his service as head. He particularly cares for the procurement of used equipment in Europe, because unfortunately it is many companies and power plants still unknown which small gold treasure is still in their used equipment. Company portrait Lohrmann Lohrmann International GmbH is a company in Germany, which specializes in trade with well-preserved used power plants and oil refineries. In addition to the distribution, Lohrmann International offers in addition by dismantling, marking all related services. Identification and packaging to transport, erection supervision and commissioning worldwide. At Scott Mead you will find additional information. LOHRMANN’s expertise ensures a range of systems tailored to the individual requirements of the customers. Constant contact with producers of globally established system secures access to important system-specific information, as well as on technical innovations and spare parts. LOHRMANN buys and sells equipment for its own account and acquired assets on behalf of customers as well as for inclusion in your own stock. A worldwide distribution network guarantees a lightning-fast communication and a powerful local -service. Lohrmann International GmbH Samuels road 16 65193 Wiesbaden phone: 888 fax: 895 email: this email address is being protected from spambots. You must enable JavScript so that you can see them.

The RK Energy Consulting Proves It Again:

Electricity cost savings of up to 29prozent easily possible! By reducing the voltage are saved in a paint shop between 21% and 29% of energy! The investment costs will be amortised within a very short time. Should not be doing also the contribution to the protection of the environment aside. The concerned lamps have up to 30% longer life due to the reduced stress. Ed Bastian contributes greatly to this topic. Also the cost of the change is reduced. By means of a voltage reduction carried out by the RK energy consulting resident of Waldbrunn be saved in the painting Center Walker in Mosbach (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis) since November 18, 2008, depending on the plant area has been proven between 21% and 29% of energy! In figures, this means a cost reduction of 2,100 – 2,300/year! The investment costs are amortised within a very short time!”Jurgen Weimann is pleased, the Managing Director of the painting Center Walker GmbH. also I’m making a contribution to environmental protection, because I clear through this quite easily “carried out action the environment to nearly 6 tons of CO per year”. Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, the owner of the RK energy consulting stressed that this not should be disregarded, that the relevant light source due to the reduced stress will have up to 30% longer life. This saves costs for the bulbs themselves for one, on the other hand the effort of switching, which is taken at some Bill not taken into consideration, is reduced. You can recognize that, where lights are on, with simple means, money can be saved!. Further details can be found at Facebook, an internet resource.

Excellent Sustainability Report

Environmental and social sustainability an integral part of the business plan as the first provider of forest investment in Germany ForestFinance presented a sustainability report. Since formation, climate and environmental protection, social responsibility and fair working conditions are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. In its first sustainability report, the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments shows how governance in an international company can succeed. On the ecologically and socially sustainable investment products of the ForestFinance trust group in Germany over 8,000 customers. Over 3,500 hectares of forest are managed sustainably in Panama and Viet Nam. ForestFinance among other things was the only German company with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. FSC is the world’s most famous “eco-labelling” for environmentally and socially responsible forestry. Sustainability report and business report as a means of transparency: “transparency is an important issue for us,” all divisions pulls”so Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of the ForestFinance group.

“Since 2004 we alternate our customers therefore send forestry and activity reports. 2010, we have made a further step with the annual publication of our key ratios. “The sustainability report brings us the target of a possible transparent presentation of the overall Group again closer.” This commitment was recognized by the Institute for ecological economy research (IoW) 2011 characterized the report to one of the best 40 sustainability reports in small and medium-sized companies of in Germany in a preliminary assessment. The final evaluation will take place in 2012. Sustainability and social responsibility begin in our own company: Although ForestFinance also outside the company for non-profit initiatives such as a water supply project and a tropical forest trail engaged in Panama, is the focus of the report on sustainability within the company. According to Assenmacher has its reason: “we support non-profit organizations in the project regions with donations, in addition we are committed locally, for example in environmental education.

Matthias Flierl

The short report on the study of ‘Communication of biomass, solar and wind companies’ available now Cologne, 28.10.2013. Just every fifth company in the renewable energy industry communicates professionally. Less than one in 100 communication messages recognized by the target group. The two main results of the study are communication of biomass, solar and wind companies”, published Krampitz communications PR agency to the 2.12. A free short report is available today in German and English.

We wanted to our experiences from nearly 10 years of press relations for the renewable energy industry with the study scientifically, prove that often lack meaningful messages and communication work is arbitrary and little strategically”, says head of agency Iris Krampitz. The results of interviews with companies and journalists are based on two separate surveys. In the first part of the communication of German companies in the renewable energy industry were to organise of their press work, their Interviewed strengths, unique selling propositions and communication messages. In the second part, Krampitz communications has reviewed with the support of 33 journalists as mediators if the previously defined target groups recognize the messages of the company. Professional communication reaches the target groups. A company’s PR work is how professional, whether it has sufficient human and financial resources, based on a communication strategy and effectively use the available tools of press – and public relations depends,”explains study leader Matthias Flierl. From these factors, the social scientist and publicist has developed a measure to compare the professionalism of public relations companies. The study results show that the PR activities of most companies is mixed and expandable.

56.7 Per cent of the companies, for example, less than a journalist contacted once per month, and only every third company will be is based on a PR strategy. And despite revenues of up to hundreds of millions, every second company invested less than 10,000 euros a year for the PR work. Long version from December while the free short report on 12 pages gives an overview of the methodology and key results of the business survey, analyzed all results of the comprehensive study in detail the long version and evaluates the statements of 33 journalists to the most common errors by companies at the PR, the optimization and information needs.