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Roof Space Rentals In Agriculture

Photovoltaics: Peasant and farmer benefit from bio-energy more than half of German farmers opts for bio-energy. This is confirmed by a survey of 1,000 farms. 38 percent of them win power with photovoltaic systems. The cultivation of energy crops, which are used in biogas plants and industry is widespread (product + market 2011). The surveyed farmers on average achieve nine percent of their total sales. Who wish to install no own photovoltaic system, can still take advantage of the renewable energies.

Offers a solution the solar concept provider, the ever energy group, for farmers from Berlin-Brandenburg: the photovoltaic roof rentals. See also: for rent magazine / roof: benefit from photovoltaic without equity farmers can raise more revenue with previously unused rooftops of barns, sheds and buildings. A roof check by an expert decides whether the newly built Hall or the 100-year old barn for a PV system are suitable. The roof rental is nothing in the Way, when area, position, tilt and orientation is appropriate. Especially in older buildings, construction and structural analysis should be investigated exactly. If a roof is necessary prior to the installation, this takes over the tenants usually.

Farmers expect no further costs or additional expenses. You will receive regular lease income, which include pro rata from the height of the solar electricity produced over 20 years. The safe hire is interesting for farms, because they now strongly influenced by fluctuating prices and weather conditions are dependent on. Advantages of photovoltaics in agriculture at the roof rentals built only surfaces, are not otherwise used by farmers. A very different picture shows in the cultivation of energy crops. Since 1992, more than 800,000 hectares of land use were lost. The farmer’s Union less utilised agricultural area every second counts 11 m and fears a growing competition between the cultivation Food and energy crops. Today, farmers use around two million hectares for the cultivation of crops for renewable energies and renewable raw materials? Photovoltaic displaces no arable land and is a good alternative. One of the reasons why they the so far most widely distributed energy production on farms is. See also: dach_landwirt are further advantages of the photovoltaic roof rentals: farmers get additional lease revenue through the roof rentals. Making an active contribution to environmental protection. In case of need, the cost of the roof renovations by the tenant are taken over. An experienced partner such as the ever energy group plans, supervises, and installed the complete solar roof. Farmers have no investment and no risk. If you want, you can use also affordable solar power. “Roof apartments for rent: rental income ensure long-term independence and survival” farmers are constantly searching for new ways to make the operation and the own financial budget to be able to stabilize. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. Therefore, renewable energies are interesting, especially the roof rentals for photovoltaic systems. No own financial resources are necessary and regular rental income of previously unused land possible. Who works with experienced solar partners and tenants like the ever energy group, lays an important foundation for a future source of income that does not run dry thanks to infinite solar power. See also: roof rentals /.