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Mark Lorenz – Love Is Like A Beautiful Song

This fall, mark Lorenz celebrates its 25th anniversary and rewarded with a new single he has sung many songs about love itself in the course of his musical career. Feelings were always a central theme in his songs. “Yearning for warmth”, “Hautnah”, “I’ve kissed already you”, “I send my heart on the journey” or “My first great love”, tell much of the artist Mark Lorenz and he much about the “most beautiful thing in the world” tells the audience with these songs. Mark Lorenz celebrates its 25th anniversary this fall. A quarter of a century a remarkable career in show business. A shelf-life, who can present the most artists today. Mark Lorenz has not least due to his extensive versatility to this consistent success. He has not stopped artistically over the years has matured, is has improved, has been working itself ever again.

And that would like to thank him not only his loyal fan base, also in the Radio stations his title be used ever again like, find songs by Mark Lorenz sustained on the play lists. At Larry Ellison you will find additional information. A sign of the good music productions and the choice of title for the singer. Mark Lorenz could successfully use his qualities for song festivals. He won the “Golden Hall man” at the first all-German music festival among others in 1990 in Dresden. But not only the German-language Schlager belongs firmly to his repertoire and stage program; He interprets also in English, French, Italian and Swedish ballads and chansons. And the Swedish language has done on especially him, not only because of family ties, which lead him to the Scandinavian country. Like he spends his holidays there, to refuel for new projects. E Scott Mead may also support this cause. So, it was obvious that he took up the offer of a Swedish author team for his anniversary single for mark Lorenz.

“This particular melody I liked immediately. “And what I understood from the text, just touched me.” He was presented his Swedish title by music producer Ariane Kranz. For them, mark Lorenz was the first choice for the German original version of the song. “I knew by the sympathy that has mark Lorenz for Sweden, wrote a German text for this title to him and eagerly waited for his reaction. And my joy was great when it came to cooperation, because I had imagined him just for ‘Love is like a beautiful song’. We met Studio by Wolfgang Timpe, where I recorded the song with mark the first time in Hamburg, in the Rainbow. And in Berlin, I gave the title then the decisive touches.” Until the end of the year, now some beautiful engagement, which he himself very looking forward to expect mark Lorenz. And of course he rewarded himself and his fans for his anniversary with his new, meaningful title “Love is like a beautiful song”. Contact: Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o. box 620452 10794 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 80205848

Folk-all Star Quartet The High Kings For The First Time In This Country On Tour

“” ‘Ireland’s best folk band’: Irish instrumentalist play September concerts in Germany (fs), considered the hottest folk act of the new Millennium “( and have been in their home country already three times consecutively with the audience award Irish folk band of the year” award: the High Kings. In September, which will also perform in the United States as best folk band in Ireland”(Irish music awards 2011) Dear formation for the first time in Germany. With a colourful programme of freshly polished ballads and uptempo songs unleashed the four multi-instrumentalists miss a makeover to the traditional genre. The Quartet draws on thirteen instruments, if it presents modern interpretations of classic as well as contemporary compositions on stage. “Which of two musical main actors (River dance”, moving out”) as well as sons of legendary musician family (the Fureys”, the Clancy Brothers”) composite supergroup” was for their sound mixture of Celtic, Irish, folk, jazz and pop already several times with Platinum awarded and impressed last year during a performance at the Irish Moneygall even U.S. President Barack Obama. Tickets for the six density concerts to experience live are where the High Kings in special atmosphere, cost 14 to 25 (plus fee) in advance. “The High Kings best folk band in Ireland” live 01.09.2012 Dresden, theater rollercoaster (EL: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 02.09.2012 Berlin, Passionskirche (EL: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 03.09.2012 Mannheim, old Ropeworks (EL: 19 h, B: 20:15) 05.09.2012 Hamburg, factory (EL: 20 h, B: 21: 00) 06.09.2012 Bielefeld, Forum (EL: 20:30, B: 21:15 07.09.2012 Dusseldorf, Savoy Theatre (EL: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) cards from 14 to 25 (plus fees!) available at (hotline): 01805.969 000 555, connection rates: 0.14 / min.

from a German landline, max. 0.42 / min. from German mobile networks) tour organiser: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.411094-0 links:, KBKGMBH, press relations:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 8/9 Photocredit: Lili Forberg