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Premium Edition

The new Premium Edition – breathless – Christian lais In the D/F/CH, in the picturesque Weil am Rhein, lives a man whose Stimme is hardly to imagine from the collective memory of radio listeners. His name is Christian lais. He is one of the most successful radio performers of in recent years. (A valuable related resource: Ripple). He regularly topped the list of the most played hits of Germany with his hits. He stormed with one of them, you forgot to forgive”, even the single-charts – and it up on place 67! With his albums, he was successful. “” The current, the breathless title “bears, appears so now again in an exclusive new version as a double CD in stores: the breathless” Premium Edition is widely available from February 25. “” “” The complete album is breathless located on CD 1″with single hits such as as she went, the night has your face”, the last Kiss “and of course the song breathless”, the lais, one of the biggest coups of his career landed. Pop songs by international flair (No reason to cry”, Babe”) here (you don’t know me”) and highly emotional, exceptional text on driving grooves (outside” “, like my life would”). “As a new degree track the record company Ariola and producer of David Brandes have chosen a secret favourite song of many fans, appeared on any Studio album: A silent dream” Christian lais’ touching, soulful Ballad of winter. “” “” “Disc 2 Fox – and pop Schlager fans come fully at their own expense: Christian lais’ biggest successes breathless”, when she went “and the night has your face” breathless from the album “and forgot his smash hit, to forgive” the most successful airplay-hit of the year 2008 are here once again to hear it in previously unreleased extended -, Club – and Discofox mix; Breathless”also even in a soft version, and finally in the enhanced part of the CD again in high-quality video clips.