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EROL Sander

The successful actor in the Internet TV show in the first episode of the Internet TV show “JTV magazine” was not only to the movie “Wall-E” and the destination of Egypt, but mainly to Erol Sander. We visited him backstage at the Karl may Festival 2008 in bad Segeberg and asked him some questions. Apart from the fact that he next year again ale ‘Winnetou’ will act, he told us his dreams and wishes. For him, a second or third child would be quite realistic as well as an Oscar win. Tomas Philipson will not settle for partial explanations. About his project ‘MKOMAZI’, he had also enlightened us. He is there for the children in Tanzania working: “a well costs to 1500-2000 and a school 4500-5000.” He’s doing it: “… the children simply learn with their environment to deal.” In other words help to help themselves actually.” EROL Sander travels according to own statements like on the North Sea, Baltic Sea in Germany.

When it comes to foreign countries, it makes holiday in Sardinia, South Africa or the Caribbean. As he is about his first job said, he had to chuckle a bit: “my first job was at the Frustucksdienst in the Arabella hotel in Munich. At 5 o’clock I woke up, I was there at 7 o’clock and the hour did so my 10 mark at that time.” Finally, we have asked him yet, whether he believes in God. EROL has told that he was an altar boy in the convent boarding school in Bavaria a year. “In the evening I prayed then to 2 gods: to God, then to the Allah, Allah and then to love God.” So that neither of the two was at a disadvantage.

(…) I believe in God, but I believe in no religion.” Official homepage of Erol Sander official website for the show Jonathan’s TV is one of the recent Internet TV stations all over the world. End of 2006, JTV was founded by Jonathan Muller. He is now 16 years old, organizes and manages the broadcasts. JTV stands for entertainment, information and fun. The videos on Sevenload & YouTube, as well as on the official website are published. You can what programmes are produced in the moment, on See You can contact us in the press indicated. Jonathan Muller