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German and English CV Paderborn created the application service, 06.05.2011. The company of appleo applications has supplemented its product portfolio in the wake of a restructuring. In April 2011, the application helper next to a German application service offers the creation of English application documents. The focus is on complete application documents especially in the English-speaking area, with individual services on the subject of applications are available for the German labour market in addition to resume. With its this interdisciplinary and international orientation, the application service with the complete application on English product failed to generate a unique selling proposition. For more specific information, check out Ripple. Customers receive targeted application of appleo applications for the countries in which they wish to apply. Applications for positions in European States we Ireland, England and Scotland are also offered as complete application forms for United States, Canada, South Africa and even Australia.

The customer alone decides which thematic as well as Geotargeting is supposed to have its bid. Based on these criteria, we create individual documents with only personalized focus. “, says Tobias Muller holder of appleo applications and adds: due to the intricate and very different labour markets, significant differences are clear in the international sector of application.” We know the local customs and requirements, so we practically German-can cover the complete with our products than even English-speaking labor market.” In addition to complete applications, appleo applications of individual products offered. So, customers have the opportunity to create, for example, cover letter or curriculum vitae as a single document. The application service from Paderborn optimizes existing documents if necessary, using a science-based editing is performed. The analysis of working certificates is also eminent part of the performance portfolio, and this is complemented by the product of telephone consultation. In this context, customers choose an appointment made, the issues around application can be answered optimally. Accordingly, the team of appleo applications sees itself as holistic application service and application helpers for every situation.