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Comfortable Fully Automatic System For Traders

Saravanan integrated payment processing via heidelpay Heidelberg the mail order software pixi * mad geniuses Munich offers now a fully integrated interface for automatic payment processing via the online payment system of heidelpay. Highly comfortable, fully automatic and safeguarded according to highest international standards traders who pixi with the mail order software * work, can now also in terms of payments relaxed sit back and focus on your real business. Because Saravanan * engages the service of heidelpay seamlessly in the merchandise management and logistics of the dealer. Specifically: an order is received, created Saravanan * if necessary a precise list of the ordered goods with their respective camp. Contact information is here: Ed Bastian. Each piece will be scanned during the Pack, this is pixi * always informed of the exact status of the order. The package is packed, the mail-order software prints address labels, delivery note and invoice on the basis of goods prepared actually to the shipping and the operation logs.

Next Step launches Saravanan * via the heidelpay interface to automatic payment on the credit card account specified by the customer. Interface is just right\”Gotz Herzog, Managing Director of European online distribution GmbH (EOD) and operator of several online stores such as (VoIP and other telecommunications products) or (wellness products), is one of the users of heidelpay and pixi *: the interface is right, because it combines my ERP in a most comfortable way with the secure payment processing. For example, a product is not available at the moment and it comes to a partial delivery, then both my clients and I can be sure that the system handles only the correct amount of money. The whole thing is transparent, saves work and ensures satisfied customers because no one must have any questions due to any improper payments.\”pixi * is a comprehensive software for online – mail order, which combines all the processes in a closed process chain and thus handles all operations efficiently and reliably from a single source.

Bulido Pottsching

“Easy summer” – feeling in second life – a collaboration by crafty studios and Bulido Pottsching, July 17, 2008 in time to beginning of the crafty call season studios in the frame of second life finance service Bulido are called the “easy summer” from. For even more opinions, read materials from Phil Vasan. In addition to the one-year anniversary of Bulido, introducing the possibility of payment by mobile phone is celebrated. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. Bulido developed Studios by the crafty money transfer service that allows second life inhabitants, real money in the virtual currency Linden$ for Exchange. Since 2007 on the market, Bulido has become one of the biggest Paymentservices for second life users in the German-speaking world. Bulido is now officially one year old on the 15th of August. This means over 3,000 satisfied customers, a total of more than 100 million Linden$ turnover (equivalent to Bulidokurs about 315,000 euros) and a still-steep growth curve. As the first partner of mobile services, the Apple country becomes the easy country. Apfelland, the largest German landlord of land in second life, works with soon Bulido together and offers the easy financial service, through which its tenants quickly and easily via mobile Linden$ can buy.

With its mobile payment service, Bulido is the first second life financial services at all, offering this convenient payment option. Soon other payment methods as an additional service of the easy summers “available are – Bulido is the most comprehensive and most comfortable Linden$ Finanz Dienst on the European market. About crafty Studios GmbH in the years 2006-based crafty studios based in Austria, develop online games such as Devilfight, Kuwis, and Empire universe II for casual gamers. The five-member team is currently working on the development of other games. In addition, the crafty studios with Bulido offer a financial service, the second life users a quick and easy access to Linden$ allows. For more information see and

Many New Features

Increase number of Facebook fans. Here must the visitors until the fan page in the application like”, before more content, coupons or puzzles are visible. A registration form and a download are included as features. The new features include an Ecwid online shop, which private quickly and easily in the Web page to include home Pro and business Pro is by the customers of the tariffs. The shop includes a comfortable shopping cart, PayPal also allows in addition to other payment options. The online store from our website builder is perfectly adapted to the needs of small to medium-sized Web shops. We are confident that the feature for our customers will be well because so everyone can earn money on the Internet now,”Bartsch says Moritz. These include customers who want to sell merchandise on its Web site, but have a few skills. Also the revised route planner “-application represents a profitable feature.” It is for local businesses it important that the customers now have directions, address, and contact information available. Using the app, the (potential) customers on an interactive map can see how to find the fastest company.

Advertising Recovery

Video marketing increasing in the area of Internet marketing, what earn money on the Internet also increases the possibility of online. New studies come to the conclusion that about half of Internet users consume online videos. For advertisers offers the possibility of increasing sales and brand building. With the proliferation of video portals (portal video counter top 1 upload – 25 video portals. Video uploads cost so far to much time. That’s now! allows it), for example or even on online video film productions have soared Cleptomanicx website in recent years. Meanwhile, there are a lot of placement options for this online manufactured exclusively for the area. Alone YouTube Germany had about 7.9 million users in the year in review in early 2008, this corresponds to a growth rate of 45% compared to the previous year.

This trend has continued also in 2009. Intelligent advertising systems like Google AdWords offer the choice of topic pages and the description demographic settings on the different video portals. This leads to an optimization of target groups hits. It is therefore foreseeable that the spending on video advertising and market share here sharply. Video advertising commercials online, paid to cost-per-click! Imagine, video advertising, pay only when a user clicks on your page, after he has watched the video! Video advertising is an excellent complement and support to the previous campaigns. With the right planning tools, total cost control and developed further response tracking, you shall create optimum conditions for successful management of the campaign.

Video advertising is used in different forms. On the popular video portals the turn before watching the video or at the end of the video to let possibility. This kind of promotional video offers a long look and a high click-through rate. With over 500 million images per month, more and more advertisers use the home page of YouTube Germany to run their ads.

Earn Money With Own Photos

Images via the Internet sell stock photography – photography and print photos is a nice and also widespread hobby, without expensive equipment and long training with the currently available digital cameras can take very good pictures. If you needed yet a photo laboratory and at least three different lenses not too long ago to produce reasonable images, so you need only a camera, a computer with freely available software, and a normal colour printer. Photo agencies in the Internet a technically easy money to make own recordings, allow photo agencies on the Internet. This logs on the photographer, created an account and uploads the images on the platform. Others who are looking for photos for free use, also log in and can buy the rights to use the available images. The Agency, which takes over the whole technical processing, gets a share of the prize, the rest goes to the respective photographer. Is this proportion of photographers up to several euros per image – rich to not so necessarily some cents so, but as a side income, it can be quite interesting… Some agencies earned more per screen, more pictures are sold or the one has provided more images.

The clients of these agencies are among bloggers, journalists, Internet services, and news agencies. Probably anyone who reads messages on the Internet, tracked blogs or are otherwise informed, is across certainly already such images. The terms and conditions, short terms and the agencies differ in the terms and conditions which you should read before registration. Because this what usage rights it assigns to the images, to whom they are assigned, and who is liable for abuse involves not only the compensation for the pictures, but also. And of course the payment conditions, because differ also. As with other Internet services is paid out sometimes from a credit balance of ten euros, sometimes only as fifty euro. mation.

Workshop Customers Evaluate Workshops On

Service: evaluation portals conquer the Internet and ensure transparency makes available numerous portals, which should serve the consumer portal for garages and workshop customers, can develop in the past few years and establish. So Internet users can make public their experiences and share recommendations, warn of black sheep. Almost every area of everyday life can be now discussed, evaluated and recommended. Only in the area of auto repair shops leaves to be desired online offering reliable addresses. This gap closes the car-service portal and also offers a double service. Autoaid GmbH, which itself among other things as a consumer-oriented service provider, offers on its Web page under the rubric workshop & dealership”on two types of service.

On the one hand, the Workshop page serves as a review portal, in which their impressions of an unused workshop customers Garage can report and evaluate the work. This provides for other Internet users independent ratings and reviews, which the visitors of more familiar than the promises of a workshop. In addition, impressions are depicted by workshop customers for workshop customers; This aspect can not be operated in the large workshop tests of automotive magazines. Furthermore, the workshop area serves as a first starting point for the search after workshops. Targeting can be searched workshops, which have specialized in certain brands, offer repairs of special components, special services, or offer a wide range of tires and tire service. On the other hand, offers workshops even the possibility to present themselves to potential customers and to advertise in their own right. In this way allows the workshop operators, to win the regional boundaries beyond popularity. Workshops can here about the offer information from In combination of this double service, a profile for the workshop area, which among other things done, results that motorists who on holiday or on a business trip on unknown roads are on the road and have to complain about a defect in your own vehicle, quickly and safely can locate a suitable and highly-rated workshop in your area by using the auto-service portal. Only the company offered in this form of autoaid a service of this kind for drivers themselves as well as for a free operator or authorized repair center. Text: Mario Lehmann

LocalBlox Assembles Multiple Social Media

LocalBlox assembles multiple social media & mobile tools to help build neighborhood communities communities throughout the U.S. are struggling to maintain their identity and viability. LocalBlox CEO and founder, Sabira Arefin, announced that the firm has released new local social media & mobile tools to help local neighborhoods build strong communities online and offline. “Strong neighborhoods are essential, especially is smaller communities,” Arefin. “LocalBlox offers a variety of social media & small business networking solutions to help neighbors connect with one another communicate and advocate for their communities. LocalBlox ambassadors work tirelessly to make their neighborhoods better places to live.” LocalBlox utilizes local business advertising and local neighborhood free business listing pages to aid members in keeping informed of issues and concerns that directly affect area residents. To help neighbors stay safe in a world that’s becoming increasingly dangerous, LocalBlox launched the neighborhood app for the iPhone that identifies unsafe areas for users. Neighborhood wall and community bulletins are provided, enabling users to report any that’s suspicious activity observed.

In many communities, roaming packs of dogs and encroaching wildlife are of opening communities with new health and safety issues. LocalBlox users can keep their neighbors informed of any situation that might pose a potential threat. In a busy society, it’s often difficult for individuals to know their neighbors, even the family that lives next to them. LocalBlox users have the tools to plan and arrange everything from play dates and festivals to lavish cultural and black tie events. Volunteers can be recruited and organizers can keep their neighbors informed of times, dates and gatherings. Neighborhoods that thrive and grow are those where businesses have strong ties to the community and a commitment to local consumers. LocalBlox provides extensive array of high-tech local networking and mobile tools and local service listings to assist companies generate leads for new customers and retain the patronage of established clients.

SoLoMo for LocalBlox, free ads, banner ads and extensive business directory all work to promote neighborhood businesses, their products and services. Neighbors can easily find local businesses and Read reviews from others in the neighborhood who have shopped with a specific neighbourhood business LocalBlox is working to build strong, independent communities of neighbors that work toward the common good. Providing apps, community forum, and integrated online social networking are just some of the many ways local neighborhood ambassadors are working to build strong communities and insure the public good. The firm provides high-tech tools to help businesses prosper and neighbors connect. Financially stable communities and interconnected neighbors are essential for neighborhoods to remain safe. LocalBlox is dedicated to the accomplishment of that goal. For more information, visit the website at.