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Stiftung Warentest

CARPEDIEM GmbH: Critics blow in the same Horn and mistaken Seligenstadt, 25.02.2011. The CARPEDIEM GmbH the Stiftung Warentest/financial test criticized publicly and nationwide information events for a decade-long mass manipulation of consumers towards mindless conventional investment products such as life insurance, bank savings, savings, “Riester” and Rurup pensions and Government securities. As a result of the enlightenment by CARPEDIEM GmbH, thousands consumers cancel this pointless contracts. What are the consequences of the awareness campaign of CARPEDIEM GmbH? Stiftung Warentest/financial test sets featured products from us on the warning list allegedly due to high costs. 18 per cent cost write in their report forgotten”but to mention that covered this for the complete first twelve years. This would make the reader realize that there are only 1.5 percent per year and that in turn is very cheap anyway, cheaper than any life insurance and any Asset management of a bank/investment company. The full truth would bring the CARPEDIEM GmbH into disrepute so not to write to fail to do so.

The courts see this error”fixed skipping the so unimportant side note, 18 per cent for the first twelve years fall on this, that in the report about CARPEDIEM GmbH by 18% of” the speech, but the reader, the Word as a whole show that it could not be initial costs alone. ” This allows the freedom of the press and indeed no one else would be the impression on the reader. Unbelievable but true we ask by CARPEDIEM GmbH as a self-free person can say such a thing. Therefore one might suspect almost as a neutral observer, that the Court is purchased, the judges follow instructions.