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Salamanca Sinde Ended

The national archives of Catalonia has received new documents. Are 365 boxes, which include documentation seized in 1938. Received documents include some 350,000 images. The Minister of culture, Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, has asserted Tuesday that with the delivery of new documents that were deposited in the national archives of Catalonia Salamanca is culminating an act of Justice and ending with a historic State of emergency. (A valuable related resource: Phil Vasan). Accompanied by the Minister of culture, F Miss Mascarell, Minister formalized in the national archives of Catalonia the delivery of an item that arrived Thursday night in Sant Cugat.

Are 365 boxes, which include documentation seized between 1938 and 1939 to trade unions, political parties and individuals, as the leader of the League regionalist Francesc Cambo, the anarchist Federica Montseny or Minister Lluis Nicolau Olwer d. The Minister of culture said to feel proud to belong to a Government that has made possible this journey back and, in rrencia to Executive headers by Jose Maria Aznar, has indicated that others could do it before and did not. It – he said – perfectly recorded files. Do not return to Catalonia by no arbitrariness, but because they are in Catalonia. Dnsa, Carme Chacon, Minister who also wanted to be present at the ceremony, has gone further and has maintained that today would be a good day for the PP requested apologies to Catalonia because it has prevented that days of dignity and justice historical like today could live before. For its part, Ferran Mascarell reminded us that Catalan society is an important delivery, but not the total number of documents that you expect, by what means that today is not yet the day of the final celebration. During his speech he has maintained that some thing has not done well in the cultural model that has been built in Spain, when it is hard to recognize the cultural and linguistic plurality. Also pointed out that not always the State Government has the claim of the Catalans felt as his own with respect to their culture.

If the State does not accept this multilingualism, there are always complaints, he has warned. Regarding the dossiers that are still deposited in Salamanca, both the Minister of culture and the Minister have indicated that in September will be a meeting of the Joint Committee to see exactly what needs to be returned to Catalonia. Last received documents include some 350,000 images and a 219.500 written pieces (files or documents with one or more written pages), which will now be analyzed and sorted to ensure their preservation. Some of these funds are owned by entities such as the Association of friends of the Soviet Union of Catalonia or Barcelona naturist society; individuals as Joan Lluhi Vallesca, Josep Pamies Bertran or Eusebi Carbo and unions and parties as the UGT, CNT, ERC, POUM, PSUC and Estat Catala. Source of the news: Sinde, about the roles of Salamanca: “We ended up with a historic State of exception”

Buenos Aires

Fortunately, residing in Argentina, especially in the surroundings of Buenos Aires, over 200,000 Peruvians and nearly half a million Uruguayans. If it wasn’t for them, it would be difficult to think that Nice Stadium of La Plata – nice, but a hellish, according to denounce all the players – lawned could fill or transmit any heat in the first semi-final of this America’s Cup. Argentine fans are already fairly disconnected and, of course, are completely if Uruguay remain today descabalgado. At least the charruas awaken in Buenos Aires a natural sympathy that may result in any of the teams that remain alive. Less anyone, Peruvians, a migrant minority who came to the villages of the belt of Buenos Aires in the 1990s, fleeing from the increase of poverty in his country, and was welcomed by the locals with a special apprehension and even discrimination. Source of the news:: disconnection of many, passion of few

Gaddafi Reappears

This was stated by the South African President after meeting with the Libyan leader in Tripoli. State television offered images of the dictator getting to Jacob Zuma. The Colonel is not ceased view from May 11. Besieged by the NATO bombing, and daunted by the defections of its collaborators, the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi, facing a civil war since mid-February popular uprisings, yesterday showed willingness to negotiate a solution to the conflict within the framework of the plan proposed by the African Union (AU). The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and the Libyan President Muamar Gadafi, would have agreed to a ceasefire, although this would have refused to give up power, despite the insistence of the international community, according to the BBC. His departure from the meeting that both have remained in Tripoli, Zuma has announced that Gadhafi is willing to accept the proposal of high fire of the African Union (AU), which provides for the cessation of all hostilities, including the NATO bombing. It is not the first time that the Government offers a high unilateral ceasefire, which has been repeatedly rejected by the rebels, who only have the objective in the Gaddafi regime to give way to a democratic transition. The month of April, Zuma headed the AU delegation to Libya with Gaddafi negotiated a cease fire.

However, shortly after loyalist forces resumed attacks. The visit of the President of South Africa to Tripoli was the reappearance in public of the Libyan leader, for the first time since last May 11, when he met with Libyan tribal leaders. Gaddafi appears in the images, broadcast by State television, waving the South African President and several senior government posts in this country, before walking down a hallway. Subsequently, Qadhafi and the South African delegation appear seated at a few white armchairs in a large room. State television has not clarified where exactly were. Source of the news: Gaddafi reappears in public and ensures that you are willing to negotiate a cease-fire


In many of them the decision has been to meet Saturday coming to continue debating and exercising democracy direct and consensual in the plazas of the neighborhoods again. In most of the neighborhoods has become a calls for solidarity with the rest of camping in the Spanish State and around the world, especially with Barcelona after the attempted eviction which was conducted by the Ministry of Interior of the Generalitat catalana. Assembly of midday the spokesmen of the 144 assemblies of the 15-M Movement held these last days in the neighborhoods and towns of Madrid were discussed at noon if they continued with the protest in the Puerta del Sol, as well as exposing the agreements reached with the neighbors who have participated in this initiative. The speaking time of each spokesperson has decided by lot and each has two minutes to inform of the agreements reached, and in case of exceeding the set time, the participants begin to rolar arms to prevent that continue talking. The first to speak was the representative of the Madrid town of Aldea del Fresno, a woman who has begun his speech very excited and said that this is a dream that is becoming reality, but at no time did mention whether supporting keep or not protest at Sun. As explained above, some seventy people, which, among other matters, have agreed to the abolition of the monarchy and the Senate, the non-participation of Spain in actions of force or NATO, and the right of the people to withdraw to the Councillors who do not properly fulfill their work have participated in the Assembly of his people. This Assembly, has announced his spokesman, will meet next June 11, while others will make day 4 and others each week. During the celebration of the Assembly in the Puerta del Sol, which started at 1220 hours, and that he was attended by two interpreters of the language of deaf, people remained seated on the floor, though he opened a few aisles to allow passing bystanders. Source of the news: consensus on Sun: the camp remain, although you need to know how to When

Evicted 2,000 People By A Fire In The Murcian Mountains

Three homes have been destroyed by fire. They fear that the flames reach the urban centre of Portman. The wind makes it difficult the tasks of extinction. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. Nearly 2,000 people have been evicted in Portman (Murcia) once was declared a fire in a forest area close to La Manga Golf Club, in Cartagena, shortly before 23.00 hours on Thursday. A crew of ten fire trucks moved into place, although extinction efforts are proving complicated, as confirmed Francisco Bernabe, Mayor of La Union, town also affected by the fire, which has an active front of eight kilometres. This is a disaster, said Barnabas to Radio Nacional of Spain (RNE), who confirmed that the entire population of Portman had been evicted and the tremendous force of the wind was hampering the extinction of fire. Learn more about this with Verizon Communications.

The fire, which has already destroyed three houses, is located a few metres from the town centre of Portman. Evacuees have been temporarily resettled in three pavilions while finds means to extinguish the fire, since its location, in a zone full of ancient mining traps and abrupt, makes it virtually impossible to tackle it from the ground. Six forestry brigades, fire Consortium and Cartagena firefighting service, working in the fire and you are awaiting the arrival of air assets. Source of the news: Desalojadas 2,000 people by a fire in the sierra murciana

Staff Members

AGENCIES Rafael Lemus asked forgiveness for his big mistake, you will never forget. Southwest Airlines is often quoted as being for or against this. Lemus, of the Extremadura PSOE, explained that during a time when you were. Although Lemus had not voted wrong, the decree had been validated. The error of the Member of the PSOE in the Parliament of Extremadura Rafael Lemus has allowed the validation of the Decree of suspension of extra pay of December of autonomous public sector staff. The Decree, discussed at the plenary session on Thursday, has received 33 votes in favor (of the 32 members of the PP over the error of Lemus) and 32 against (29 of the PSOE and three of Izquierda Unida. This week both the UI as the PSOE Group had expressed its intention to vote against recognition of the decree which regulated deployment in Extremadura’s measures of reorganization and rationalization of public administrations, approved by the State.

It should be recalled that, despite the error of the Deputy, the suspension of the extra pay to staff in the sector Extremadura public have taken effect although the law the Government of Extremadura decree had been rejected, since it was a measure that had been imposed by the Government of the nation. Validated by the Parliament of Extremadura Decree collects the way of suspending the extra, so in the case of the elimination is chosen in the field of the community by the abolition of the same in the month of December, 2012, not opting for the apportionment, to understand this last option as most harmful, to assume a decline current and immediate in monthly public employees pay. Similarly, and in the case of the financial benefit in the situation of temporary disability will also opt for complement such provision by the regional administration up to the maximum allowed by State law, by which, in the opinion of the Government of Extremadura, was absolutely necessary to adopt a standard of legal rank. Extremadura decree-law also collects to be applied to the members of the Governing Council and senior officials of the autonomous administration the reduction provided for in the State standard. To do this, not the amount corresponding to one of the 14 pay they receive in the month of December 2012. Similarly, the deputies of the Parliament of Extremadura nor receive extra pay for December.

I will not forget it in my life Rafael Lemus has admitted that he has made a big mistake by voting for the validation of the decree that suppressed the pays extra Christmas autonomic public employees and has apologized to officials at this fact. Today I made a big mistake, a mistake that I think I am not going to forget in my life. Firstly I apologize to officials, has lamented Lemus in statements to the media in the corridors of the Parliament of Extremadura. The socialist MP explained that for a moment he has despistado and therefore has voted that did not have to vote. For my it’s a blemish on my record and I hope to remedy it over time, it has highlighted. See more: A member of the PSOE vote to please remove the extra pay to staff members and then apologizes

Rayo Vallecano

EP club admits a net of EUR 110 million debt. Joins other teams in a similar situation, as in the case of Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Mallorca, Rayo Vallecano, Las Palmas and Albacete, among others. Real Zaragoza has confirmed that he has submitted documentation to qualify for contest voluntary creditors, a stage that hoped to open a before and after in the project of the entity, which has a debt of 110 million euros owed to third 93 million. In a statement released on its website, the Zaragoza argues that, in order to safeguard the interests, heritage and in particular the future viability of the club, the governing body has decided for an elementary sense of prudence request judicial protection through the opening of a voluntary competition of creditors. Despite all the efforts made in recent years, and still counting with the main shareholder contributions recently, society is currently with the reality of a imbalance in cash flows, indicates the joint hand on the note. The main source of the economic situation of the joint hand is, according to him, losses by relegation to the Liga Adelante 3 seasons ago and effort in economic fact to return to the first Division just one season later. Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. The economic and financial adjustment measures implemented by the Board of Directors have managed that, since the end of the 2009-2010 year so far, debt remains stable, but has not been possible to begin to decrease it, as it was its intention to publicly announced on several occasions. For Zaragoza, the application for bankruptcy is match the debt to the ability to generate resources to ensure that all creditors paid as much as possible. Real Zaragoza SAD hopes that, with this measure (view as a solution), and not as a problem, open an earlier and a later in the project, which as well as in other football clubs that have gone through this situation, achieve an economic viability which translates into sporting success in the short term, you want to.

European Council

The economic and political situation of Italy, doubts about Portugal and Greece joined dragged into the Spanish premium. Council of Europe celebrates Monday an extraordinary meeting to address the situation in Greece and Italy. The Ibex, slope of the evolution of the debt falls. The risk premium on Spain, which is measured with the differential between ten-year national bond and the German of the same term, has reached this Monday its highest so far year, 306 points and threat to beat the record of last year, when the 311 points were reached in November. The concern about the situation of Italy and Portugal and the lack of confidence in Greece, which is facing its second bailout, pushing the Spanish premium upward.

The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, has called this Monday an extraordinary meeting which will deal with situations of Greece and Italy. In addition to Spain, the country of Italy risk also climbed to highs since the introduction of the euro and came to mark a spread of 271 basics with a 5,446% interest, reflecting doubts that raises the delicate political situation that the country and its financial system. Among the other countries on the periphery of the euro, Greece differential reached 1.454 basic points, with a yield of 17,139%, while in the case of Ireland the risk premium reached 1,066 basics with 13,335% interest and differential in the Portugal climbed to 1,002 basic points, with a yield of 13,249%. Falls the main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the IBEX 35 Ibex, lost 1.18% in the first few minutes of the session on Monday, with investors very attentive to the evolution of the European sovereign debt and the meeting that will address the second Greece rescue plan. 10,05 Hours the selective Spanish lost 1.06% and stood at 9.833 units. Source of the news: the risk premium on Spanish exceeds the annual maximum and reaches the 306 points

Portugal Raises Taxes

Gravel 153.300 EUR incomes with a temporary rise of 2.5%. Freeze the salaries of workers in the public sector between 2012 and 2014. Get more background information with materials from litecoin. The goal is to meet a deficit of 5.9% this year. The Portuguese Government presented Wednesday a battery of measures to meet the deficit target of 5.9% this year and 3% in 2013 including a temporary rise of 2.5% of taxes exceeding 153.300 euros annual rents, as well as the taxation of enterprises with profits exceeding 1.5 million euros, and the freezing of the salaries of officials between 2012 and 2014. Within the scope of the measures of fiscal adjustment by the increase in the tax base shelled at press conference by the Portuguese Minister of economy, Vitor Gaspar, Portugal will introduce a temporary worsening of the taxation of those taxable persons with higher yields, that Minister encrypted in an additional 2.5%, compared with 46.5% currently levied higher rents to 153.300 euros. Likewise, the adjustment plan considers a rise of 3% of the contribution of enterprises to the IRS (similar to Spanish income tax) with profits exceeding 1.5 million euros. On the other hand, the Portuguese Government foresees a reduction of tax exemptions, as well as a streamlining of its structure.

Public salaries frozen with respect to public administration, Passos Coelho’s Government acknowledges that not it will meet this year its reduction target of 3.6% of civil servants, so it aims to offset the planned reduction of employment increasing between 2012 and 2014, which increases the need for trimming of public employment to 2% a year during this period. Also, the austerity programme aims to combine a greater degree of mobility in the administration. In regards to Dnsa, the Government expects to cut in at least 10% the number of military personnel until 2014. In a complementary manner to the reduction of the number of civil servants, to ensure expenditure weight ctiva decrease of staff in the GDP, is recommended to freeze of wages in the public sector. It will not grow until 2013 beyond its goal of reducing the deficit to 3 per cent in 2013, the Portuguese Government aims to go further in the next two years and relies on trimming the fiscal imbalance to 1.8% in 2014 and to 0.5% in 2015. On the other hand, expected that lusa public debt will grow from 100.8% of GDP this year to 106,8 percent in 2013, when expected to reduce up to 105% in 2014 and 101,8% in 2015. Also, the luso Executive predicts two more years of recession of the Portuguese economy (- 2.2% this year and – 1.8% next) to return to positive territory in 2013, when it calculates that the GDP will increase by 1.2%. Source of the news: Portugal raises taxes to the rich and freeze the salary of officials

Italian Government

Councils will be forced to sell its assets with mechanisms of incentives and disincentives entered in the stability pact, he said Tremonti. The Minister of economy, whose weakened image inside and outside the Government has also fostered the concern about Italian finances, said that within those privatizations may not be the distribution of water, something that was discarded in rrendum last June. Tremonti also said that the austerity plan will be reinforced throughout the four years which should cover, 2011-2014, and denied that the recent turbulence in the markets are a problem only Italian. We have under tension to markets at this moment, and if we look at risk (of debt) premiums have more or less than 40% of the euro area (in a similar situation). And I say this not to rid myself of the responsibility, but to say that the problem is not in the country, but is the whole structure of European architecture, said the Minister.Everything that has caused the crisis is there yet.

The new rules have not been implemented. There have been three lost years, He added. Italian banking system together with Tremonti intervened also in the Assembly of the ABI, the Governor of the Bank of Italy and next President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, who insisted on the strength of the Italian banking system in view of the results of tests of solvency will be known on Friday. Italian banks have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate strength and reaction capacity in serious times, but not only during the acute phase of the financial crisis, which has saved them a model solidly anchored in the core business of banking activity, said Draghi. The Bank of Italy has also resisted at the later stage, when the crisis has followed a deep recession in all advanced countries, grueling in Italy because he came from a decade of stagnation in turn followed by a slower recovery that in other places, added. The next ECB President expressed the need for Italy to approve structural reforms as soon as possible and He said that if the Government not tackles cuts in other items of expenditure other than those referred to in its adjustment plan, will have to raise taxes. After three sessions of turbulence, the stock exchange of Milan lived this Wednesday a day smoothly and the risk premium on Italian debt moderated this Wednesday, once yesterday Tuesday will mark a new record in the 347 basis points. Fitch qualifies to Italy’s stable measurement of Fitch risk agency said Wednesday that budgetary adjustment and fiscal reform plan approved by the Italian Government on June 30 is going on the right track so Italy can keep their current high credit rating of AA-, with investment grade. Fitch forecast that the Italian Government probably will reduce the budget deficit as planned, so the Agency maintains the stable Outlook for the qualification of Italy. The Agency indicates that its forecasts of growth for the Italian economy in 2011 are of 0.7%, compared with 1.1% of the Government, and that, despite this, still hopes the Executive of Silvio Berlusconi to reduce the budget deficit to 3.9% of GDP. Source of the news: Berlusconi will submit its adjustment plan to a vote of confidence