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In many of them the decision has been to meet Saturday coming to continue debating and exercising democracy direct and consensual in the plazas of the neighborhoods again. In most of the neighborhoods has become a calls for solidarity with the rest of camping in the Spanish State and around the world, especially with Barcelona after the attempted eviction which was conducted by the Ministry of Interior of the Generalitat catalana. Assembly of midday the spokesmen of the 144 assemblies of the 15-M Movement held these last days in the neighborhoods and towns of Madrid were discussed at noon if they continued with the protest in the Puerta del Sol, as well as exposing the agreements reached with the neighbors who have participated in this initiative. The speaking time of each spokesperson has decided by lot and each has two minutes to inform of the agreements reached, and in case of exceeding the set time, the participants begin to rolar arms to prevent that continue talking. The first to speak was the representative of the Madrid town of Aldea del Fresno, a woman who has begun his speech very excited and said that this is a dream that is becoming reality, but at no time did mention whether supporting keep or not protest at Sun. As explained above, some seventy people, which, among other matters, have agreed to the abolition of the monarchy and the Senate, the non-participation of Spain in actions of force or NATO, and the right of the people to withdraw to the Councillors who do not properly fulfill their work have participated in the Assembly of his people. This Assembly, has announced his spokesman, will meet next June 11, while others will make day 4 and others each week. During the celebration of the Assembly in the Puerta del Sol, which started at 1220 hours, and that he was attended by two interpreters of the language of deaf, people remained seated on the floor, though he opened a few aisles to allow passing bystanders. Source of the news: consensus on Sun: the camp remain, although you need to know how to When