The national archives of Catalonia has received new documents. Are 365 boxes, which include documentation seized in 1938. Received documents include some 350,000 images. The Minister of culture, Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, has asserted Tuesday that with the delivery of new documents that were deposited in the national archives of Catalonia Salamanca is culminating an act of Justice and ending with a historic State of emergency. (A valuable related resource: Phil Vasan). Accompanied by the Minister of culture, F Miss Mascarell, Minister formalized in the national archives of Catalonia the delivery of an item that arrived Thursday night in Sant Cugat.

Are 365 boxes, which include documentation seized between 1938 and 1939 to trade unions, political parties and individuals, as the leader of the League regionalist Francesc Cambo, the anarchist Federica Montseny or Minister Lluis Nicolau Olwer d. The Minister of culture said to feel proud to belong to a Government that has made possible this journey back and, in rrencia to Executive headers by Jose Maria Aznar, has indicated that others could do it before and did not. It – he said – perfectly recorded files. Do not return to Catalonia by no arbitrariness, but because they are in Catalonia. Dnsa, Carme Chacon, Minister who also wanted to be present at the ceremony, has gone further and has maintained that today would be a good day for the PP requested apologies to Catalonia because it has prevented that days of dignity and justice historical like today could live before. For its part, Ferran Mascarell reminded us that Catalan society is an important delivery, but not the total number of documents that you expect, by what means that today is not yet the day of the final celebration. During his speech he has maintained that some thing has not done well in the cultural model that has been built in Spain, when it is hard to recognize the cultural and linguistic plurality. Also pointed out that not always the State Government has the claim of the Catalans felt as his own with respect to their culture.

If the State does not accept this multilingualism, there are always complaints, he has warned. Regarding the dossiers that are still deposited in Salamanca, both the Minister of culture and the Minister have indicated that in September will be a meeting of the Joint Committee to see exactly what needs to be returned to Catalonia. Last received documents include some 350,000 images and a 219.500 written pieces (files or documents with one or more written pages), which will now be analyzed and sorted to ensure their preservation. Some of these funds are owned by entities such as the Association of friends of the Soviet Union of Catalonia or Barcelona naturist society; individuals as Joan Lluhi Vallesca, Josep Pamies Bertran or Eusebi Carbo and unions and parties as the UGT, CNT, ERC, POUM, PSUC and Estat Catala. Source of the news: Sinde, about the roles of Salamanca: “We ended up with a historic State of exception”