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Chronic Paper

‘ ‘ This citation is of millions of lips that leem minds. The paper already portraied my past, marked time. Get more background information with materials from Gary Kelly. I played some roles. Already lamuriei, through it? the paper? I registered moments, vises, thoughts, beliefs, fears, yearnings, happinesses at last, already I played the role. The son paper was not successful. He was yellowish, spotted and forgotten. Of friend, I do not know.

It must, in some place, to have been kept my paper of friend. The burnt paper erased souvenirs of friendships and experiences. Still thus, paper was making the one: paper of who wants to cut a gift, to annul a past. Cretinice! The life is the main paper. ‘ ‘ Accepted paper tudo’ ‘ Not! Accepted only what one wants to show and what wants that is seen and for this she is necessary to elaborate, to ignore, to prioritize and to register. My paper is to make with that adolescent minds play the role and write, reads what it says the paper. Simple? For who it wants to change the page, yes. I want to be and to play the role more important: of being remembered.

Vanity human being! I am, I cannot deny it to it. Polissmico Papel.Vocbulo, however soon to construct verses, poetries, dreams, commitments, contracts, laws. It is in the paper that the biggest events discover its truth, its reality. Another perfectly incompreendido paper is the mother paper. Necessary to portray the paradoxes, but not accepted the social paper, however it is evident. Marcante, cutting paper, therefore verwhelms at the same time that it creates edges. The paper to only accept. The paper discloses mumbling of innocent lips and condemns the proper existence. In the past, history is alone; in the future, the paper renega the whiteness that it is peculiar. The paper is present.

Maria Mutema Aparece

The cruel behavior of some personages of Guimares if is equivalent how much the sequencia of which drift: of the action, of the state, the attitude and the purpose. The action consists of the cruelty, as much against the other how much against proper itself, the state is of remorse and of guilt, the attitude is of autopunio and the purpose is remission through the self-sacrificing, altruistic or ascetista behavior. The personages who will serve of object for our argument about the pretensions of certain acts redeeming you blame and remorsos, trace the following triangle: of a side Mutema Maria, the other Augustus Matraga and in the vertex the Marmela Mule. Mutema Maria woman who renounces its cruel instinct evidencing dramatical repentance for the committed errors submits it the judgment of the people, assuming its guilt and desiring punishment. Notadamente, this behavior to expose itself violent and dramatical to the judgment of the community to purge its guilt, show and elucidate with clarity the interiorizada cruelty of the personage who imposes the proper punishment as form of attended atonement. It interests to evidence that the intention of its personality if would reduce if only it reintegrated itself to the people for saw of the granted pardon. Much even so Mutema desired to the pardon it also longed for intensely to redeem itself of same itself, for itself for the others.

Kathin Rodenfild in Great Hinterland: Trails. Script of Readings demonstrates a conception on the personality of the personage who directs the question to be argued on the Mutema. It affirms that the cruelty of Maria Mutema Aparece as well as the incarnation of a natural badness, total unconscious of same itself, and that doubt, hesitation or remorse are unaware of. More than what this, this badness without cause or purpose that unfolds the subject of the hatred without cause seems to have fun itself in perverse way playing with the ethical conscience it Priest Bridge (…).

The Reply

When the people reacted thus, soon came in its mind the history of the experience with the monkeys, that the following one says: ' ' A group of scientist placed five monkeys in a cage. In the way, stairs, and on it, a cluster of bananas. When a monkey went up in the stairs to catch the bananas, played a cold water spurt in the monkeys that were in the soil. Larry Ellison is often quoted on this topic. After certain time, when a monkey went to go up in the stairs caught it to the others they fulled and it of collision. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. With plus some time, no monkey went up the stairs more, although the temptation of the bananas.

Then they had substituted one of the monkeys for a new. The first thing that it made was to go up the stairs. Of it being removed for others, surraram that it. Robert Gibbins has compatible beliefs. After some beatings, new the integrant one of the group did not go up the stairs more. As it was substituted and the same it occurred, having the first substitute participated with enthusiasm in the beating to the novice. One third was changed and the same it occurred.

One room and for end the last one of the veterans was substituted. The scientists had been then with a group of five monkeys that exactly without taking a bath cold, they continued beating in that tried to catch the bananas. If he was possible to ask to some of them because they beat in who tried to go up the stairs, with certainty the reply would be: ' ' I do not know, but the things had always been thus this way ' '. This reply that Jonas gave to each suggestion that it made: ' ' I learned assim' ' he was typically what this message of the experience transmits. The people make the things because they aprederam thus, why somebody said that she was thus, the head said that she was thus, the grandmother made thus, the father made thus, therefore they continue thus making.

Santa Catarina

In the year of 1726, Ours Lady of the Deportation was raised to the category of village, from its dismemberment of Lagoon. Days Old she finished falecendo at the hands of pirates and the town that she established almost disappeared, being that in 1712 only 147 people, excluding the indians, liveed in the place. Learn more at this site: Ripple. Some years later, in 23 of March of 1726, the town was tronou city. In March of 1739 Brigadier General Jose Da Silva Parents arrived in port in the island of Santa Catarina, was of it the mission to construct blockhouses and to occupy the region due militarily its strategical position for protection of Portuguese lands in the south of Brazil. This military domain represented a great step in the occupation and development of the island. In middle of century XVIII the Portuguese Crown needed to alliviate the population excess of the Aores, to decide the problem it stimulated the aorianos to migrarem for the island of Santa Catarina, thus increasing the occupation of the region for consequncia the Portuguese domain on it. In the year of 1748 the aorianos had established its first colony, the edges of the Lagoon of the Conceio.

Little time later other colonies had been appearing in such a way in the island as in the continent. The arrival of the aorianos made to prosper agriculture, the manufacturing industry of cotton and hemp and the artisan confection of the cassava flour and the incomes of bilro. In the same time they had been installed scaffoldings for the hunting of whales planning the oil production. The hunting of whales did not represent an increment to the commerce of the region, since most of the oil was sent Portugal. It did not delay very so that the slaughter of whales entered in decline. The first reason was the escape of the whales for the south extremity and later the substitution of the animal oil for kerosene. In century XIX, Deportation was raised the category of city and in 1823 it became capital of the Province of Santa Catarina, receiving diverse investments and resources from the federal government for the improvement of the port and the construction of public buildings, among others urban workmanships. The facts of this time already had been portraied innumerable times in paintings, decorative pictures, drawings, and even though in arts in the layer of a telephonic list online. The period of the one before and during the settling of Florianpolis still keeps some mysteries, some of them relieves good histories, of that type of history that we hear of our grandfathers grandmothers and that they are passed of generation in generation, feeding the curiosity who we feel.

Great Commemorations

Italy was born in 1861. In the truth king Vittorio Emanuele II assumed in this date, more necessarily in 17 of March of this year. Thus the Kingdom of the Itlia.Sua was created unification is therefore commemorating 150 years. In way to much party, 40 heads of State had taken part in the festejos, that if gave in Rome. As alive test of the globalization, in this party they had participated to all the countries, each one of them sending at least a restaurant, that has as specialty Italian food. It enters all the celebrations of this anniversary, the majority of them it occurred in Rome and it counted on the presence of some authorities of diverse countries, between them Cristina Kirchner, Dmitri Medvedev, of Germany, Christian Wulff, of Israel, and the president of Russia, this to detach some of the main names. Hillary Clinton, also disclosed itself, on behalf of president Obama. As crucial point, the height of the commemoration was marked by a military parade, which if gave in Rome, in imperial its fruns.

Very interesting to stand out, that to the restaurants they had entered in party for world. In Brazil, it had commemoration in several of them. The first one was the Bassi, in So Paulo, this specialized in meat. This was in 17 of March. However, after this date, several other restaurants had also taken part in the party. Many in the interior of the state, as it is the case of the establishment Laura and Francesco, that is next the city to Valinhos.

This beyond having had the presence of many people of name, also offered to its guests all special menu, with the delicious iguarias of Italy. As entrance, only vocs to have an idea, a called plate Bruschette Tricolori was served, and the main plate, was the imperdvel Bucatini all' Amatriciana, also known for Penne all' Arrabbiata. Well, if you as I am one loving of the Italian kitchen, must be with water in the mouth. Yes, with certainty it was a very flavorful lunch, with a dessert, worthy of deuses. The delight was the Tiramis. As vocs they must have perceived the anniversary was celebrated in great style, as it really deserves aniversariante. It knows more on ticket of train in Italy.