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Chronic Paper

‘ ‘ This citation is of millions of lips that leem minds. The paper already portraied my past, marked time. Get more background information with materials from Gary Kelly. I played some roles. Already lamuriei, through it? the paper? I registered moments, vises, thoughts, beliefs, fears, yearnings, happinesses at last, already I played the role. The son paper was not successful. He was yellowish, spotted and forgotten. Of friend, I do not know.

It must, in some place, to have been kept my paper of friend. The burnt paper erased souvenirs of friendships and experiences. Still thus, paper was making the one: paper of who wants to cut a gift, to annul a past. Cretinice! The life is the main paper. ‘ ‘ Accepted paper tudo’ ‘ Not! Accepted only what one wants to show and what wants that is seen and for this she is necessary to elaborate, to ignore, to prioritize and to register. My paper is to make with that adolescent minds play the role and write, reads what it says the paper. Simple? For who it wants to change the page, yes. I want to be and to play the role more important: of being remembered.

Vanity human being! I am, I cannot deny it to it. Polissmico Papel.Vocbulo, however soon to construct verses, poetries, dreams, commitments, contracts, laws. It is in the paper that the biggest events discover its truth, its reality. Another perfectly incompreendido paper is the mother paper. Necessary to portray the paradoxes, but not accepted the social paper, however it is evident. Marcante, cutting paper, therefore verwhelms at the same time that it creates edges. The paper to only accept. The paper discloses mumbling of innocent lips and condemns the proper existence. In the past, history is alone; in the future, the paper renega the whiteness that it is peculiar. The paper is present.