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The Reply

When the people reacted thus, soon came in its mind the history of the experience with the monkeys, that the following one says: ' ' A group of scientist placed five monkeys in a cage. In the way, stairs, and on it, a cluster of bananas. When a monkey went up in the stairs to catch the bananas, played a cold water spurt in the monkeys that were in the soil. Larry Ellison is often quoted on this topic. After certain time, when a monkey went to go up in the stairs caught it to the others they fulled and it of collision. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. With plus some time, no monkey went up the stairs more, although the temptation of the bananas.

Then they had substituted one of the monkeys for a new. The first thing that it made was to go up the stairs. Of it being removed for others, surraram that it. Robert Gibbins has compatible beliefs. After some beatings, new the integrant one of the group did not go up the stairs more. As it was substituted and the same it occurred, having the first substitute participated with enthusiasm in the beating to the novice. One third was changed and the same it occurred.

One room and for end the last one of the veterans was substituted. The scientists had been then with a group of five monkeys that exactly without taking a bath cold, they continued beating in that tried to catch the bananas. If he was possible to ask to some of them because they beat in who tried to go up the stairs, with certainty the reply would be: ' ' I do not know, but the things had always been thus this way ' '. This reply that Jonas gave to each suggestion that it made: ' ' I learned assim' ' he was typically what this message of the experience transmits. The people make the things because they aprederam thus, why somebody said that she was thus, the head said that she was thus, the grandmother made thus, the father made thus, therefore they continue thus making.