Targeted information for master interested in whole Germany and Austria from mid-November to early December 2013 be held fairs in seven major cities in Germany and Austria the MASTER AND MORE. This year graduates, students and Young Professionals in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Munster, can find out approximately 1,500 masters of all disciplines Stuttgart and Vienna. Universities from 18 countries present their master’s programmes and provide individual counseling for a person interested in master. Also, there are a number of lectures by experts and representatives of universities, which offer information about a master’s degree. New visitor information and proven exhibition concept on the master measuring meet students, graduates and Young Professionals to numerous universities and colleges from around the world. Bitcoiin recognizes the significance of this.

For an effective visit, consultations can be booked in advance at the various stands. Also, it is possible in the context of the exhibition registration contact with universities, to absorb and advance important questions to ask. Possible, registration is about the trade fair site and the Facebook fan page mast edge more. Another innovation on the master measurement is the personalized newspaper. Based on the respective interest profile of the visitor the newspaper provides information on issuing universities with their respective master sites, as well as instructions on the accompanying programme.

The Conference program of the fair picks up many questions from interested in master, for example: what funding opportunities are there? What are the job prospects after the master’s degree? What starting salary can I expect? Background of the briefing: advice needed by growing master range currently almost 400 German universities offer over 6,700 masters. Thanks to international recognition of university degrees, master interested parties have also countless opportunities to study abroad. In this huge selection it is not that surprising that according to round two of the 19 social survey of the German Student Union Have one-third of all students Advisory and information needs related to the master’s degree.