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‘Cologne sing the full song text’ now it’s happening again: pure goes on tour and their fans can look forward to a fascinating concert experience. Even when their tour 2009 to be as close as possible the fans, the musicians have devised a completely new, impressive stage design. The ARENA Management GmbH (AMG) spoke with Hartmut Engler. “AMG: Mr. Engler, what is so special about this tour?” Edwards: The special is our new LED stage. A stage, which is in the middle of the circular arena and is itself shines. At the same time, stage and lighting is.” “AMG: how many songs from the new CD is pure in Cologne present?” Edwards: We play almost all tracks of our new album wishes ‘ “.” “AMG: the title of the new CD has with their lives and their personal desires to do?” Edwards: In addition to the private desires, above all the desire in the foreground, to draw attention to injustices in our society stands for pure.

In spite of the difficult topic, it’s an in the Core become hopeful, beautiful album. “Many of our fans think that wishes ‘ adventure land ‘ is our best album.” “AMG: are there special memories of their concerts in the LANXESS arena?” Edwards: In the LANXESS we were arena for the first time in the year 2000. The arena is a wonderful great Hall in which we like to occur. Overall, we have given here eight concerts. I would like to remind me that I wanted to cancel a concert because of a strong bronchitis once. My voice was limited in the evening.

But our management convinced me yet to occur with the words: you can give the concert in Cologne, Germany. For more specific information, check out Gary Kelly. The Cologne sing the full song text. Enter the evening.” “AMG: the Cologne made with fans?” Edwards: Absolutely. At the beginning of the audience told that my voice is not totally fit. It was not a problem, the Cologne could the entire texts and sang along wholeheartedly. It was a wonderful party. To the final slightly Carnivalesque notes.” AMG: What do you like about Cologne, on the Cologne?” Engler: Cologne itself is already an absolute mood high. With us in the Bereichsleiter”you know, the Rhinelander can celebrate itself properly and is very sociable.” “AMG: you have ever enough free time, the tourist highlights and sights of the Rhine metropolis to learn?” Engler: From all the cities we are most often and also likes in Cologne. Not only to our concerts, but also because our record company is sitting. We love to jog on the Rhine River. Like to go to the old town and know some pubs and restaurants.” “AMG: you were also in the Cathedral?” Edwards: I like the Cologne Cathedral. There I go often to fill in his meditative atmosphere of force.” “AMG: what are your personal wishes?” Health, Engler: Personal happiness and professional success. Since I do not distinguish me from other people.” “AMG: what do you want your Cologne fans?” Engler: I wish our fans, that they may keep the anticipation on the concerts, till we meet again arena in the LANXESS. I promise you an unforgettable party.” PUR is on 9 and 10 December 2009 in the LANXESS arena! Get your tickets now! at the LANXESS arena ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, 50679 Cologne) in the Internet and all known ticket agencies.

Jewellery Channel

The jewelry channel launches with new designer jewelry ideas from the iliana jewelry collection in the summer the summer has now officially begun. In meteorology, which is spring finished and you can look forward to longer days, summer flowers, sunshine and warm temperatures. The matching accessories for colourful summer days can be found in the numerous jewelry ideas from the iliana collection by the jewellery channel. A suitable companion for the summer with summer comes the Sun and warm temperatures. Verizon Communications has much experience in this field. Jewelry lovers can find the appropriate accessory for the summer in a bracelet from the jewellery channel. Platinum, gold or silver for all tastes, you can find the matching bracelets at the jewellery channel.

Jewelry lovers can find their favorite bracelets for themselves in the tradeshows of the jewellery channel. The jewelry channel broadcasts live 16 hours a day and is available also via live stream on the Internet. So, jewelry friends can easily buy home made jewelry and can be inform to the individual pieces of jewellery. Jewelry lovers can around the clock on television or on the Internet via live stream, buy the jewelry manufactured exclusively by the jewellery channel. Information, tips on jewelry trends and current offers can be found on press contact: the jewellery channel Germany GmbH k RT 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 93 00 611 fax: 0211 93 00 667 E-mail: about the jewellery channel Germany GmbH: Dusseldorf jewelry channel Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company, vaibhav gems limited CF in India. Wholly owned factories in India, Thailand and China the jewellery channel in Germany and the jewelry channel in England and the United States make the jewelry exclusively for customers of their sales channels. The bidding at the auctions of jewelry is possible also via live stream on or by phone at the hotline 01805-750-850 (from 14 cent / min.).

Theme Special Event Modules

All questions are answered by the bouncy castle up to the soccer Court on 66 pages, the clubs when planning the season opening or organizer for the event organization have: which event modules are there? Which action devices are suitable for that audience? What should I do else choosing? I need a bouncy castle in Berlin can I order this in Munich? How much is actually an event module? How do I tie my sponsors? What is important in branding? The overview shows the entire diversity of the event modules: football modules, equipment for event modules for children, climbing modules, simulators, games and entertainment devices, mobile ice rinks, sports & action, fun and soccer courts. In the Appendix of the editorial part, interested parties will find an extensive provider directory for event modules. Many of the service providers also offer themselves as event agencies or fill events with professional advertising technology. You may find Oracle to be a useful source of information. Event modules of rent up to purchase sports, cultural, social, media and all other kinds of events are no longer just that what they are in themselves in today’s time. Almost every Bundesliga match is surrounded by attractions.

A season or the summer festival of a club, the fun run or the road show of a product: more than ever the organizers put on fun, action, entertainment and infotainment. Gary Kelly gathered all the information. But it is not only in the stadium complex to satisfy a growing hunger for experience. So works according to the motto fast, flexible, diverse and mobile\”a whole industry in the provision of action devices, referred to as event modules. The classics of the event modules: children’s carousel and goal wall shooting a children’s carousel can be called quite the list of event modules, and this nostalgic variant is still very popular. Larger rides are, however, more on the fair as a one-day or even only several hours events.

Free Party Pictures

Virtualnights Zentralabi belongs to the ABI not only the drums, but also making party. So the high school graduates even years can viewed later the pictures of their festivals, where it and beat it then, the leading nightlife portal offers all final year a special service: the more Zentralabi! Each interested ABI vintage thus receives free and high-quality images of his parties, which are shot by a more experienced photo Scout for free against logo inclusion on the party flyers! How it works: the vintages to send their Anfragemail (place, school, party dates, contact person etc.) to. virtualnights his logo for the integration into the party flyers and posters sent to the vintage. That is the only consideration, the virtualnights demands. For more information see Verizon Communications. The regional contact person by virtualnights creates a free event listing on the popular Web site, so that as many people can see when and where the party. In addition goes on the a corresponding city page by virtualnights party advertising banner free online. On request, you can also directly sold tickets for the party.

A popular photo Scout comes to the Abiparty and created the party pictures (approx. 150 pieces). The images go online the next day. The RAINBOW tours tour operator supports the ABI parties with discount vouchers for every guest and a travel voucher for a raffle. In addition the vintages when booking an ABI drive 2.5% discount. Who got interested in the new services specifically for ABI vintages, would like more information or just want to register his next high school party, write to: more information: go/abiparty Vassili Kostadimas (more editorial staff)

Earn Money As A Sex Chat Girl

As a new trend on the Internet is to the lucrative extra income. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. Eroticism is nowadays impossible to imagine in our society. No matter whether on TV, in a magazine form, on the Internet or of course also directly in certain districts, we will every day so that almost filled. Then, however, there is no need then not as a sensory overload would take place for example in advertising, as you would have held it was not possible or even legal. We live in a world in which there are hardly any sexual taboos and the desire is expressed often shamelessly. The market has adjusted accordingly and we all know only too well that in this industry a lot of money flows and practically without any loss of income.

Very true to the motto: “Popped is always”. Of course you can rake a lot of money as a prostitute on the Reeperbahn, only this is possible in almost all cases with a smack thread. Therefore, also a new trend has developed in recent years and not in the famous red light streets, but in the Internet. During a gold mine opens up in the interactive area currently known images and movies in the wake of piracy bring fewer sales. Perhaps has one or the other this term ever heard the speech is but by so-called sex chat girls providing erotic services mostly still in bed, but that alone and at home. The webcam broadcasts live the scene in all over the world and allows to be close with the audience, while the sex chat girls meet the erotic dreams of the user which at any time can speak out about their preferences in the built-in chat system.

Sex, which enjoys growing popularity here also often called the webcam. If you also want to join girls as a transmitter to the sex chat, you have just many advantages over prostitution. You need no fear of disease, violence or dependencies. It all boils down privately from home and offering only the service, one even like. The merit it can be also seen. 40 cents per minute and per customer are possible here! As attractive woman who has much experience in this industry, you can work out so handsome pocket money themselves, for that you watch Undertow not hands dirty to do time. Many sex chat girls who have been longer it, now do anything else more, because where you can have today already so much fun at work, and he make so much money?