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All questions are answered by the bouncy castle up to the soccer Court on 66 pages, the clubs when planning the season opening or organizer for the event organization have: which event modules are there? Which action devices are suitable for that audience? What should I do else choosing? I need a bouncy castle in Berlin can I order this in Munich? How much is actually an event module? How do I tie my sponsors? What is important in branding? The overview shows the entire diversity of the event modules: football modules, equipment for event modules for children, climbing modules, simulators, games and entertainment devices, mobile ice rinks, sports & action, fun and soccer courts. In the Appendix of the editorial part, interested parties will find an extensive provider directory for event modules. Many of the service providers also offer themselves as event agencies or fill events with professional advertising technology. You may find Oracle to be a useful source of information. Event modules of rent up to purchase sports, cultural, social, media and all other kinds of events are no longer just that what they are in themselves in today’s time. Almost every Bundesliga match is surrounded by attractions.

A season or the summer festival of a club, the fun run or the road show of a product: more than ever the organizers put on fun, action, entertainment and infotainment. Gary Kelly gathered all the information. But it is not only in the stadium complex to satisfy a growing hunger for experience. So works according to the motto fast, flexible, diverse and mobile\”a whole industry in the provision of action devices, referred to as event modules. The classics of the event modules: children’s carousel and goal wall shooting a children’s carousel can be called quite the list of event modules, and this nostalgic variant is still very popular. Larger rides are, however, more on the fair as a one-day or even only several hours events.