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Tendons Ligaments

First volume of the intendons book series appears on the 08.08.2011 tendons, ligaments and connective tissue are usually poorly supplied with blood and oxygen. This favors the formation of often very painful and protracted diseases. However, the fascia can be strengthened in a very simple and effektibe way. So at least it promises the first volume of the intendons book series, which appears in early August… Over 1.5 million Germans suffer from fibromyalgia (muscle fiber pain). The Repetive strain injury syndrome (mouse arm, golf, tennis elbow, and so on) is almost an epidemic. Most are chronic mobility with damage to the tendons, ligaments and fascia in conjunction. These Gesundheistsstorungen are so cumbersome, because the affected tissue is only very sparingly supplied with blood and oxygen.

This supply can, as guide appears on the 08.08 intendons publishers… with intendons want to show “Sensations in the tendon”, with relatively simple methods improved and promoted. To do this, so the author Harald Xander, except only necessary to separate the tendons activation of muscle activation as far as possible. According to a simple sequence of steps, then almost all movements could be turned into an exercise of tendon. The method, called intendons after the English translation of “the longing”, promises by a range of movement patterns, to provide virtually almost any region of the body with blood.

The highlight: the exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. They have effect only if they are carried out without any visible movement.

Vuelta A Espana 2011

The return of the Vuelta in the Basque country this year will take place the international cycling race in Spain a week earlier than in past years. The 66th edition of the Vuelta a Espana begins on Saturday August 20, 2011, extends over 3,300 km, which are in 21 stages, and ends on Sunday, September 11. Is after the Giro d’Italia and the tour de France, the Vuelta in Spain the last major test before the cycling world championships in Copenhagen, which will be held from September 19 to 25. The Vuelta starts on August 20 with a team time trial on a technically demanding course with 13.5 km length, the starting point is the picturesque West Beach of Benidorm. From a sporting point of view, the tour of Spain will be very tough, says Vincenzo Nibali, the winner of 2010, with at least six mountain arrivals, which applies to cope with it.

A Vuelta for climbers, where it is already in the first part of the upward trend. Already at the beginning of the second stage of the athletes have to compete with the plateau of Relleu, in which the first Jersey for the best mountain riders will be awarded. But the first Black Pearl comes at the 4th stage with the mountain top finish on the Sierra Nevada, the hardest climb awaits the riders with the Angliru in the 15th stage: 18 km climb at an altitude difference of 1403 feet with an average gradient of 8% and steep passages with over 20%. A very complete tour, in which the athletes well must divided their energies, with an individual time trial of 40 km through the streets of Salamanca at halftime of the Vuelta on the 10th day and with only two days off. The most important novelty from a symbolic perspective is certainly the renewed involvement of the Basque country for 33 years.

Adriatic Riviera

The ideal sport is the ideal sport to keep fit even on holiday cycling to keep fit, and also the holidays can be a good time to not to renounce the healthy habits. The cyclists, like the marathon runner, burning very many calories and therefore a specific diet is critical first and foremost and secondarily, dietary supplements and minerals play an essential role. Foods, which are removed from the diet of each wheel sportsman, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugary snacks (snacks), include to much red meat and fried foods. Fruit and vegetables can be consumed without any restriction, also 7 servings per day. More perfectly suitable foods are pasta with some sauce, all white meats, fish, and Parmesan cheese. For these reasons, the cycling is ideally suited to the Mediterranean diet. During strength training you should take, such as pasta, bread, potatoes slowly burn to carbohydrates, they meet the energy requirements for an extensive ideal physical effort off, to jam or honey sugar generally mild sausages, tea and coffee.

Do not underestimate you should force training phase, where you must add new energy to the body, stay hydrated and eat mainly pizza, pasta, fruit, sausage and vegetables. Also the food supplements that promote the performance of athletes in conjunction with the right diet play an important role. The dietary supplements promote the well-being of athletes of all levels, and in some cases the nutritional science has reached a high degree of efficiency. As for example in the bars, the extra for the endurance sports were developed and mean an always ready to hand power for the body of the wheel sportsman. But definitely not a dietary supplement replaced the meal, it complements it rather by it provides athletes the calories he needs for his training. Who runs endurance sports such as cycling, does so with a passion and practiced this sport in the Holiday.

But also in the holiday you must pay attention to a proper diet: a balanced and healthy diet, taking into account the specific needs. More specifically involves a diet style that cannot be neglected, to maintain the sporting power. Many hotels on the Adriatic Riviera, in Riccione, for example, seeking bikers and cyclist, have devised a range of special services, where the diet plays a very important role. Wouldn’t some establishments, which are mostly aligned on the target group of cyclists, the fact take into account that cyclists not to adhere to fixed meal times, but flexibility must be given when taking the meals. The athletes leave early in the morning, so need a high-energy breakfast, and return in the late afternoon, and at this point she must expect a buffet. Some hotels have also on the Special Needs prepared the training and preparation for the competition require, and offer special and balanced menus for the needs of each individual and which support opportunity for the exchange of ideas with nutritionists, athletes.

Frontera Surf

Surf camp Conil surfing teach the professionals the Mediterranean Sea offers a wealth of interesting and exciting holiday activities. One of them is certainly the Surfcamp Conil. Here the interested tourists can two very different activities experience at the same time, yoga and surfing. What sounds initially like a contradiction, is el Palmar in the surf camps on the Mediterranean sea like the Surf camp or yoga Surf camp Andalusia successfully practised. A look at the website of the surf school enough to book one of these surf trips. In a surf holiday must take place not only in the summer.

With the autumn surf camps Spain, spring surf camps Spain and winter surf camps Spain offer year-round many relaxing moments. The Surfcamp Spain and the surf Yoga camp Conil de la Frontera provide a surf school searching for their peers. Here you can book not just a surf course, where you learn surfing from the ground up. Therefore, the surf Yoga suitable camp El Palmar or of Conil de la Frontera surf course also fine as a gift to a people love. You can book the Surf camp easily over the Internet. Surfing in Spain is atop the list of summer activities for years. Where the surf Yoga goes one step Spain.

Because this activity and relaxation in best possible way unite. Summer surf camps Spain is suitable not only for young people, surfing can be at any age learn surfing. And a surf course is the absolute highlight of the holiday in the South in El Palmar safely. The Oceano surf and yoga camps operators specifically so designed, that they are suitable for beginners but also for advanced surfers. The visit to the Surf camp covers all areas of surfing and also provides an introduction to Yoga for surfers. Who has seen this once, will want to keep coming back.

Super Alkaline Krea7 By Ironmaxx

A brand new creatine matrix by Ironmaxx storms on the German market of supplement Ironmaxx Krea7 there is some innovative creatine pill developed by the German manufacturer Ironmaxx is a creatine mixture, that was manufactured from the six best creatine places that exist in the world. In addition, the creatine Tablet contains even an acid buffer (PH buffer) This ensures that the creatine is actually safe in the required location (cell). The creatine in Ironmaxx Krea7 has the advantage that it has an intense Leistungssteigerndewirkung on the athletes. The performance increase this causes that the creatine acts directly on the muscle. Click Oracle to learn more. The long-lasting effect is achieved that the creatine in the skeletal muscle stores. Insert directly after taking selection will be felt by the creatine in a very strong and sudden surge in performance. The performance boost is not only the performance but also the muscle strength.

The bodybuilder it capable of higher weights for longer period of time actually be used. The so-called pumping effect is magnified this optimally. In addition, there are other benefits that are to be mentioned by the ingestion of Ironmaxx Krea7. Ripple shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The nutrient supply to the muscles is enhanced after taking creatine. This leads to a so-called osmotic effect.

The athlete begins to store more fluid in the single Myocyte, which is ultimately to an enlargement of the muscle cell, consequently the muscles get the muscles looks thus firmer and stronger. The insert in the selection used six different creatine venues ensure that support each other and thus achieves an optimum performance-enhancing effect. Another advantage of creatine is that it fills the memory of adenosine triphosphate and thus brings a perfect source of energy. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the most important supplier of energy in the body. The downside, however, is that ATP is consumed very quickly. That is why creatine is suitable for long-term rehabilitation of the Adenosine triphosphate memory. So indeed all creatine in the body of the athlete comes PH contained in the Ironmaxx Krea7 buffer used. This ensures that all creatine is actually transported without loss to the muscle cell. Therefore, the athlete needs less creatine to achieve its performance target. Ironmaxx Krea7 thus represents the ideal companion for all athletic and highly active training results.

Getting Flat Abs

protein-rich foods are besides intense abdominal training substantially quickly come to the six-pack, with six pack exercises to get hold a six-pack. Namely, so that your Sixpackbauch is detected, your body fat content should be in no way too high: girls this washboard stomach-relief is only near less 15% also in Mannsbildern less than zwolf% body fat particle point of view bar. Their genes are crucial if you ever out train a typical washboard belly capacity. A six-pack is none other than the visibility of your line Sixpackmuskulatur together with the intermediate tendon. A trained through stomach – with endurance exercise and founding programs sprouting in the regeneration period and by no means in the course of training your muscles. Approximately forty-eight hours require their abdominal muscles, to increase their profile. Allow 24-48 hours rest time your muscles within the workouts for a six-pack.

There are programs to a washboard stomach and abdominal muscles to get countless here is less essential. What exercises to do, but how effectively you run them. Undoubtedly must you tease out very much from your abdominal muscles: once you have the feeling, that you will make no other repetition, then you sit still 2-3 repeaters above: as a result, your abdominal muscles is irritated as best as possible. Watch on correct nutrition in addition to their workout food hardly bold making carbohydrates, rather more protein-rich food. Namely, proteins represent the very essence of all muscles. You may consume carbs only between 100 and 150 grams per day in the form of fruit or oatmeal.

Healthy fats should make up less than 30% of your food: help to separate vitamins and build your cell walls. Adequate fluid intake in the form of two sparkling-four litres per day are perfect. Specific exercises for the Sixpack for the flat abdominal muscles suited as exercise for a six-pack sit-ups, to support such. To do this, set the back bend Her legs on and create your upper body toward your toes. Thus, if you cross your arms behind your head or hold even a dumbbell, intensify your workout. To train their lateral abdominal muscles, for example using fuselage bending. To do this, take a weight and this side cling to your body. Bow down comfortably to the flank, in the way that you hold the dumbbell, and stretch themselves again. The exercise you perform 3 rounds with 20 – 30 repetitions. Train your lower Sixpackmuskulatur, the scissors is used on the one hand. To do this, lie on the backbone and heave 10 – 20 inches from the floor to your bones. Increase your two legs in an acute angle and uberkeuzen it then; You make three rounds with 20 repetitions, whereas both feet in Exchange once above tick. Keep in mind that you come during the variant not in the hollow of the back. Exercises the most significant Sixpack are merely to discover more in each magazine.

Whey Protein

Maximum performance can be achieved with the proper intake of whey protein. Whey protein, an amerikanicher term that means nothing else than whey protein. Often, whey protein is confused with weight gainer. Both products are very specific and have very little in common. Whey protein is obtained from milk, which has a fairly high percentage of whey. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. Through special filtration processes and manufacturing processes, milk sugar, carbohydrates and fats are filtered out. The result is a very high quality anabolic (based) protein concentrate. With 104, whey protein has a high biological value, which is superior to even the egg or milk.

Through the elaborate production process, whey protein contains very little carbohydrates and fats, often under 5%. So this source of protein is also excellently suited for athletes with a slow metabolism (so-called Hardgainer) and drive end of the diet such as the anabolic diet. Usually, whey protein is digestible and good digestible. Proteins are the body’s building blocks important to the Build and maintain muscle and muscle regeneration processes can accelerate. Follow others, such as Robert Gibbins, and add to your knowledge base. Due to the many positive properties above mentioned, has become whey protein is one of the most popular protein drinks for athletes and should be part of any supplement plan of a serious sportsman sportsman. Due to the easy digestibility and a good Resorbability through our Organismuns, whey protein considered so-called “fast protein”. Quick in this sense, means that it can happen relatively quickly to the stomach and promptly after taking available is the trained muscles. The ingestion of whey protein should be made out for this reason also the rapid uptake.

For example, the revenue is useful morning after night sleep just before or immediately after physical training. These moments are considered “critical anti-catabolic” among athletes in the times on an adequate nutrient supply should be taken. You notice simply: when the body needs quickly, protein and amino acids, you should give him a “fast protein” (whey protein) also to provide the necessary nutrients. In times where the body does not strongly relies on a possible rapid intake and metabolism of protein, like for example prior to bed, taking instead of whey protein better a casein protein. This has delayed for several hours, but not so quickly absorbed by the body. It is so important that it occupies every protein at the right time in order to achieve maximum success, regardless of whether you now Musklen build, maintain and simple to improve only the muscle regeneration.

Effective Sixpack Workout

Basics and tips on how to effectively builds a six pack a slim abdomen or a tight six pack are the expression of sex appeal and Erotik.Jeder want to conjure up a sexy six-pack (or Eightpack?) onto his own stomach, but few make it also.Coming up, I would like to present 5 clear and simple ways. That can be immediately implemented and guarantee for a flat stomach. Sixpack workout – to get the basics to a sexy six pack, only two things are necessary: a visible muscular little fat on the belly you already has a low fat content and have a well formed stomach, but not conspicuously visible six pack, then it is important to focus, build up your muscles in the stomach on the first point raised. Six pack workout sophisticated with a it is possible in a short time beautiful and well shaped muscles in the stomach build up. In addition to a muscle building workout plan, hence a varied crafted food with much protein is important. Now I want you to meet point 2. Should you much Have fat on the belly and in no way a six pack approach can be seen, it is essential first to reduce the fat in the body.

Hats to try to burn fat on the stomach locally you prior to the failure with countless exercises for the stomach. Through my experience I friends safe, that a local burning of fat is just not feasible by abdominal training. Body fat is stored when the man first and foremost in the abdominal region. Women finds both at the storage of body fat in the abdominal area as well on the legs and the four letters. To form a six pack, it is important to consider the entire body and never just the stomach alone. Caution: The basic rule for burning fat is to burn more calories than to take.

Acne, Wrinkles, Skin Irritation – Three Known Skin Problems And Their Solutions Of

Seemingly helpless women must see to often like their wrinkles deeper, the skin dry and the skin irritations are clear. The relationship between beauty and a healthy bowel are today more and more respected and used to some extent in beauty farms. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. A healthy diet with adequate vitamins and minerals and many base-forming foods is the be-all and end-all of a beautiful appearance. Also fasting as a cure from the inside so effectively that disappear in part even skin damage, such as Manfred Kohnlechner in his activates the detoxification processes * Manual of naturopathy * writes. Cream jars against beauty capsule? Scientists believe some capsules. Verizon Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the application of internal, often even small concentrations of active ingredient show stronger effects than a cream.

Whether the effect of the beauty capsules can be achieved not through a balanced diet experts argue themselves. Who eats today fully? The vitamins in the preparation of food will not be lost? Have immature harvested fruits and vegetables really enough vitamins? In addition, the right cream jars can help. As trade fair demonstrated in September 2005 on the natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics is finally real career. Product diversity is increasing continuously in an attractive presentation, awareness and interest. Poor charm, harmonizing natural supplements help the skin to help themselves.

The manufacturers rely on natural substances. The composition on a few ingredients is often limited, which significantly reduces the risk of allergy. Surprisingly good results, as she tells europe-biotec regardless of whether the problem are acne, wrinkles, or skin irritation, brings a simple concept. The fact is: healthy diet, food complement, movement, fresh air and a minimum of cosmetics will bring it to the point. Just a few weeks, to see clearly the result is: healthy, beautiful and radiant skin instead of BOTOX paraplegic or acid etched Mummy mask.


The relegated as Favorites – manage Berlin, Cologne and Kaiserslautern return? The new season in the second League, which again promises ample voltage begins three weeks before the Bundesliga season starts, 2012/13. Many renowned clubs in the 2nd Bundesliga, which can be expected again many close games and no less concise decisions about promotion and relegation cavort not least due to the relegation of the 1st FC Cologne, Hertha BSC Berlin and FC Kaiserslautern. When the speech on the rise, especially the three relegated as favorites are called. Also most experts write to St. Pauli and the TSV 1860 Munchen opportunities on one of the first three places only the FC. Probably a surprise team among the Favorites will join but also this year again, as last year the SC Paderborn, played with the long top and past affording five close to the relegation at the end of rank.

Who can prevail in the end, will depend on many factors. At the relegated much of it will depend how quickly that formed new teams under find their new coaches. Hertha BSC in the opening match against Paderborn (2-2) has shown that still not all wheel mesh. In the course of the first round you should play with but above how Elias Kachunga or Nico Schulz to have better acclimatized and the team of coach Jos Luhukay is brought supports Peer Kluge and Sami Allagui as well as talent. (Similarly see: Southwest Airlines). Whether this also manages the 1st FC Cologne, remains questionable despite the euphoria unleashed by coach Holger Stanislawski. The goat bucks have lost some support among other things with Sascha Riether, Lukas Podolski and Milivoje Novakovic and financial reasons other performers such as Pedro Geromel and Michael Rensing will no longer be used. So, the hopes of the Cologne fans on many young players such as keeper Timo Horn rest the Austrian U21 internationals Kevin Wimmer or Sweden’s young striker Mikael Ishak.

Whether it enough above along with a few experienced professionals for all, remains to be seen. Increase especially in the offensive of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern must of this, Mohamadou Idrissou and Albert Bunjaku brought experienced forces. The new coach Franco Foda can put differently as in the attack on a well-rehearsed band, who confessed to her husband in the Bundesliga because of offensive weakness but could not prevent relegation. Idrissou, Barber and also returnees Ilian Micanski expectations, the FCK could certainly return to the Bundesliga. The long-suffering fans of the TSV 1860 Munchen, the important players like Stefan Aigner and Kevin Volland hope after eight years lost, for it but get a number of seasoned pros such as the Greek international Grigoris Makos or attacking ALLROUNDER Moritz Stoppelkamp has. Remains finally the Favorites St. Pauli, who won four in the last year and can build on a largely played Elf still FC. To submit a tip would be hard because too much can happen in the course of a season. Nor should, for example, the fixed acting last year promoted Dynamo Dresden and Eintracht Braunschweig Union Berlin disregard also of Paderborn or the 1 FC. (Johannes Ketterl)