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Crusher Jaw Issues

How to reduce or eliminate the fatigue wear of iron ore crusher jaw? The main is to control the MOAs produces and the broadening of the fissure. The main countermeasures are as follows.1. The materialsThe nonmetallic mine inclusion in the steel will cause the stress concentration. The edge of these numerosas is most likely to form the cracks, thereby reducing the contact fatigue life of the material. The organization state and the internal defects of the material will also have an important effect on the wear of the equipment. Generally speaking, the fine and uniform grain is conducive to improve the service life of the equipment. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 2 The hardnessWithin a certain range, the hardness increases the contact fatigue resistance increases.

For example, the bearing steel surface hardness 62HRC about its anti – fatigue wears. Transmission gear tooth surface, the hardness in the range of 58-62HRC, when the tooth surface by the impact load, the hardness should take 30-50HRC. In addition, the two rolling contact surface hardness matching is also very important. For example, the rolling bearing, the hardness of the rolling elements and raceway are similar, or the rolling element 10% higher than the hardness of the raceway is appropriate. 3 The liner surface roughnessAppropriate to reduce the backing surface roughness is an effective way to improve the anti – fatigue wear, for example, the Rolling table back to the roughness decreased from 0.40 pm to 0.

20 pm, life can be increased 2-3 times; reduced to 0.05 pm siguientes, the increase in life have little effect. Require the backing liner surface roughness correlated with the liner surface to withstand the contact stress related, are often exposed to stress fire, or lining the surface of high hardness, surface roughness is low. In addition, the liner surface, the stress state, with the level of accuracy, the nature of the lubricating oil has impact on the speed of fatigue wear. Typically, lining the surface stress is too large, the gap is too small or too large, and the lubricating oil in use will exacerbate the fatigue wear. jaw crushers: kiln:.


According to the different motion curve, there are two types of jaw crushers, that is, simple pendulum and complex pendulum jaw crusher crusher jaw. At present, jaw crushers in China mainly are complex pendulum jaw crushers; This is because complex pendulum jaw crusher as the new type have better performances. Jaw crusher adopts to discontinuous crushing principle, so the productivity is lower for its impact vibration, energy consumption is higher, and coexistence of the products is not as regular as that of the gyratory crusher. But it possesses the merits of small height of the machine, simple structure, reliable working, easy manufacturing and easy maintenance. No matter what type of crusher is, according to the comparison between the practical requiring the parameter and the basic parameter of the crushers instructions, first the demand of feeding coexistence, discharging coexistence as well as the productivity should be satisfied. Working principles of simple pendulum jaw crusher: Movable jaw hangs in the central shaft, moves from side to side; eccentric shaft rotates, connecting rod moves up and down, thus drive movable jaw move from side to side, to realize the crush and discharge. This crusher adopts crank double linkage structure.

Though movable jaw accepts much crush power, its eccentric shaft and connecting rod don not bear much power. Simple pendulum jaw crusher has simple compact structure, its eccentric shaft and other transmission part bear little power; for the little vertical displacement, its overcrushing ratio is small during the crushing of materials, and its movable jaw plate wears little. Working principles of complex pendulum jaw crusher: Compared with simple pendulum jaw crusher, complex pendulum jaw crusher has the features of light weight, little construction member, compact structure, good admission in chamber, even crush crush of materials. In addition, the productivity is higher20% – 30% than simple pendulum jaw crusher under the same standard. The upper end of movable jaw hangs in the eccentric shaft directamente.