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Mutually Cooperation

In a short time distance learning will move to electronic books, which each year will be injected into new textbooks, materials, tests. For tracking and control of knowledge will be introduced electronic diaries. After a maximum of 10 years, these children who are accustomed to perceive only the electronic format will go to universities and businesses, so what training they would prefer? Full-time courses for them to be atavistic, loss of time with unpredictable results. The changing role of business coaches. In the new environment, business training, coaches who want to continue to work and grow in this profession will have to learn new tools and techniques Training: Creating e-courses, conducting webinars, conduct remote training sessions, etc. Laurent Potdevin can aid you in your search for knowledge. And for the client organization will be interested to work with freelancers, because they can not maintain the required level technical support for distance learning.

Therefore, coaches are forced to cooperate with training agencies, consultancies or corporate university. Mutually Cooperation will also be a virtual character. In addition, the likely independent web site, where authors of courses, webinars or training sessions will upload their products, which then will be available customer. This format works will require the business coaches a high degree of competence, as playground will be open to competition and customers will be easier to compare and evaluate their work. And also thanks expand the market boundaries of business education, professional business coaches can significantly increase the number and geography of their customers and clients in turn also be able to use the services of a much larger number of specialists, without hesitation, where they are geographically located. Market boundaries..

Restructuring Reserves

But for this they should be informed. 3. Debt collection and restructuring reserves in the period problem with liquidity important point is the management of accounts receivable. Must constantly monitor the level and term receivables customers as a whole and for each individual counterparty, and to require the timely repayment of debt in a timely manner. In extreme cases, may to suspend work with clients whose debt exceeds the critical level, but right to use such drastic steps are not necessary. Only when we know for sure about the impossibility of return of receivables on balance The pros and cons, you can decide to discontinue work with the contractor. In addition, a thorough analysis of existing inventories and will try to get rid of unnecessary and old.

This will allow a time to bring the company money. 4. Revision of Long-term investments projects that will soon not be able to generate profits to be frozen. In such a situation it is necessary get rid of projects that require investments and the prospect for their further development is clearly not evident. Investment in the development of existing projects may give better results than before the crisis. 5.

Search alternative funding sources of funding can be varied – from retained earnings, redistribution of fixed and circulating capital to outside sources. Not be ruled out a variant of the crisis, in which the only solution may be a merger or acquisition with another entity. In addition, it is necessary to assess the reliability of banks, which served organization. In case of doubt, and payment delays, an urgent need to move the service to a bank with state participation, which in the event the crisis could be affected to a lesser extent. 6. Increased sales Reducing costs of the enterprise – is only part of the anti-crisis program and a temporary respite, which may not last long. It is therefore necessary to focus on increasing sales and change marketing strategy. It is in a crisis situation the market changes significantly, there are niches that will take the most successful companies. Even these very simple steps and measures can provide real help enterprise that is in crisis. The crisis – a temporary phenomenon, so it is now necessary to mobilize all their efforts and try to use this opportunity to maximize their company.

Routine External

Do not reproach the latter for incompetence. "Fresh look" at the problem and constructive discussion with a colleague certainly bring positive results to the same new law algorithms developed by a consultant, your lawyer will be able to apply successfully for a long time. Benefits of working with an outside consultant. Efficient spending of funds work with an external consultant means no additional costs associated with the constant content of the lawyer in the state. You can pay only when you need it, and only for the services you need. Costs for legal services included in expenses taken into account for purposes of profits tax and vat on them can take the deduction. 2.

Real competent external consultant is a professional, beginners simply can not do such activities. If taking a staff lawyer at work, you can not accurately assess his level of competence, in respect of an external consultant gone a while. Leaders – from the practitioner how to do the right choice – in-house counsel or external consultant? The quality of legal support will depend, primarily, on personal and professional qualities of a lawyer – whether it be employee of the company, a private lawyer or Specialist consulting firm. However, if we assume that in all cases, you will be well qualified and experienced professional, you should give preference to an external consultant. If you ask a question about desired location of the active, lawyers' interests, in love with his job, he probably would prefer to be an outside consultant. Most lawyers will only inhibits their own reluctance to their affairs to remain without a guaranteed salary. Counseling – it is a complicated, requiring endurance and ability to operate at blazing speeds scope, but in this case – and even an unusually interesting and gives tremendous opportunities for professional growth and development. Work of external consultants gives lawyer everything that he needed to build and maintain a brilliant qualification: a variety of legal situations, intensive judicial practice, communication with members of the professional community. Working in the state of retail, industrial and other organizations of this kind, the lawyer often immersed in the routine activities of daily living, is losing his grip and professional curiosity. Although the rules without exceptions, as we know, there is no