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Based Costing

You must provide these documents, and d) clarify the cashier name change, and e) to buy a canister and fill it. Fixed on a photo or video with a timer and date: indications fiscal counter column, the process of refueling. Seal the canister with tape with his signature and the signature of two witnesses. This is an important point. The main evidence for the trial – the identity of three samples of fuel! 1.3. In service, when the cause of failure of fuel system – will be installed, you must: a) draw up a statement about the cause and nature of damage to the print service, signed by the chief engineer and master of change, and b) draw up a statement on the fence fuel from the tank in the presence of the master and senior shift. Samples of fuel, we must select two dry, clean two-liter bottle.

Tube sealed with tape printing service and signatures. One sealed bottle, sealed canister photographs or video footage will be retained by you (the evidence). Take a second sample for analysis. 1.4. After receiving the results of the study sample and the act of diesel fuel, can make a claim under supervision of an attorney. The experience of our customers shows that 9 out of 10 in this approach, the question resolved in favor of the client. Is that instead of diesel, negligent tanker filled gasoline you.

Do not rejoice that saved money. Gasoline – an excellent solvent, while the details of your fuel system lubricated members of the diesel fuel. In this case, you must: immediately switch off the engine, will deliver the car in Service Center, to merge all of the fuel, change the fuel filter, fill with special lubricity additives. In order to return the money, you must make a written complaint to the gas station, check to confirm the fact your refueling. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Philip Vasan. As a rule, tankers not deny that poured petrol instead of diesel, the more that all products are fixed by filling around the clock with a video camera. Money is transferred to the account of technical center for Based Costing exposed. And, if substantiated claims of the customer, but a fact confirmed by filling petrol own investigation of the company, the money for the repair of fuel equipment clients are listed with apology and without unnecessary delay.

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Moscow Excavator

Torque applied to the more severe rotational Platform Excavator Caterpillar, exceeds the similar parameter for excavators of the same class, which is especially important when working on an inclined surface, but at the same time, it required the installation of more efficient braking system through which Caterpillar excavator stops spinning immediately after passing the control knob to its neutral position. As a result, the excavator motion become more accurate. The difference of working volume of the bucket results in fundamentally different designs excavators. However, by themselves bo' mass and is heavier and sturdy design of the machine can not serve any advantage or disadvantage. Need to assess what the economy operating excavators Caterpillar, bucket capacity and lift capacity of which is 15% higher than those of similar models of the foreign producers. If all the additional power is expended to curb additional mass weighted design, the sense in it.

Costs and revenues. For example, consider a new Caterpillar 320C excavator working weight of about 20 m. It is equipped with a bucket 1.05 m3 and is in Moscow, about 121 000 usd (recall that all the prices – approximate). According to statistics, the import excavators year brings ever greater on average 3,600 hours work is 365 days a year to 16 20 hours a day. Machine shifts controlled by two operators. With an average salary of about 700 usd, labor costs amount to 17,000 usd per year regardless of the model. Per hour of work a 20-ton excavator modern uses about 15 liters of fuel. Over 3,600 hours of operation will require 54,000 liters of fuel, the cost will be around 20 000 usd.

Periodic maintenance of imported excavator should be every 250 hours, or an average of 14 times per year. This will require about 6000 usd a year. As a result, we find that the estimated costs for imported excavator in Moscow for a year will be about 43,000 usd. Typical duty cycle excavator is 17 sec. Per hour 320C excavator dig 222 cubic meters of soil. Of course, the constant operation of the excavator with a full load is only an ideal. It is estimated that in Moscow diggers are actually working Approximately 60% of two-shift 16-hour workday. With this in mind, we find that the 320C excavator digs per hour 133.2 m3. Multiplying the hourly production by 3600 hours of annual operating hours, we get annual dug soil. This volume should multiplied by the average rate as low as digging for digging the pit for the foundation or trench – 10 usd per cubic meter. From the resulting annual revenue must be calculated to subtract the earlier cost of the excavator – 43,000 usd per year. In result is that Caterpillar 320C excavator will bring the owner of 4,752,200 usd. Of course, the above calculations can not be considered ready business plan because of the way, we have neglected many aspects. But the qualitative picture is clear – in conditions of high load more expensive and more productive excavator profitable. "I've got three years, Caterpillar operates, and all like new, I am very pleased – says the ceo of the Santa + Sergei Kasap. – For three years, even with our heavy load, this technique does not break or wear out. I think 7 8 years it normally can serve. Technology Caterpillar – an effective investment of our resources. " It must be emphasized that these findings valid only under fairly intense loading shovel. Miracles do not happen: the big investments and bring more profit.

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Sergei Order

Increasingly, services for the conversion of automobiles to steel to provide specifics of the business themselves dealer dealers. The reason is simple – businesses need a diverse, professional, quality equipment, and small commercial transport, with its ability to transform is perfectly suited for "business-tuning." About the peculiarities of converted cars, their "stuffing" and the prices we had a talk with Sergei kostikova manager Sales of commercial vehicle dealership "ENG-LAN" Sergey, could you tell how often your company executes orders for the conversion of commercial vehicles, Volkswagen? Such orders we do often, collaborating with body builders and tuning studio, which initially focuses on those machines. The market is a great need for multi-machines. In this regard, the platform for "alterations" in favor Volkswagen Crafter – large and functional minivan. We do have buses, usually by 18-19 seats. There are also orders for the "luxury" performance of these vehicles purchased for business purposes. Which companies are the main customers converted car? The company's cargo, a firm engaged in shuttle travel, hospitality, private business, etc.

Recently, we completed the execution of the order for the airport "Sheremetyevo" – it was need a comfortable car – a shuttle bus to transport passengers. How is your order? The client comes to us as the dealer mark and says no need for him to need a car. Next order is passed to the bodybuilder, where, in fact, happening most of the work. Then, when the machine is ready, we transfer it to the client. Sometimes we make machines for free sale, not to order that, as an example was 1-2 cars.

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January Insurance

In recent years, buying an insurance policy was for drivers of this lottery: to get a refund after the accident, many are not coming out. Collection of documents, visits to insurers and calls managers to rob people for a few hours a week, but even the most active customer is not always gets put money in a timely manner. More and more drivers are thinking, but is it worth to have extra problems, especially if it no longer requires the bank Waiting for the promised six months yesterday, most customers of insurance companies that process policies Hull, holders of credit vehicles. Today, as banks have practically ceased to grant loans, and sale in salons fell five times, insurers were on starvation rations. – I got in an accident in mid-October last year – says Kievan Maxim Shilov. – The machine I have a credit, a policy Hull is a prerequisite for the contract, so I'm not worried, hoping that after some time, the company will fix my car. But the crisis did the trick.

Until the new year I fooling, demanding bring that one piece of paper, then another. Added fuel to the fire inspectors, a long time issue certificates of the accident. Then came the holidays – and who in our country at this time work? The active phase of communication began with the January 14. The first thing that surprised me: the complete failure of the insurance company to compensate for repairs on the company's service stations, Although this item appeared in the contract! It is worth noting that such things happened in the past. Rates on the official stations are often a half to two times higher than conventional tehstantsiyah, and the quality of work is no different. Some service stations, without painting its own cameras, sending cars into other projects, and set their own prices.

Here insurers can understand: people do not want to spend the extra money. Many drivers agree. – Next company started to offer me a strange solutions to problems – continues to Maxim. – For example, to pay the difference between the market value of the car and the sum insured. Or repair the car and sell it and pay me the balance. In this case the uk does not even indication to date repair and sales, although it can happen as a month and a year later. Naturally, I refused the offer. Giving the nod to fix in the workshop of the company, I was hoping that the money I will list in period. But insurance lasted until March, explaining that the dollar is constantly changing and they did not go up calculation. But the managers admitted to me that the company simply has no money. The result is up for five months, and My wrecked car so still no one to do.

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Hurricane Katrina

"Doing nothing will have to pay" – thought Ivan, surcharge, incidentally, was almost forty percent of the first sum. His machine would-be motorist was still a half months, and paying more for delivery upon receipt of Automatic forwarding office. To its credit, the seller must say that the machine goes, and sow per day. Was a good box! Case 2, Anatoly, in terms of Internet, people advanced. He went once with a friend on a fishing trip in the suburbs. This trip gave him hydro-stroke engine and the considerable expense of a tow truck as a car with Auto towing is not recommended. In Moscow, without a car to a man like Anatoly, well, absolutely nothing.

Roofing traveled for disassembly, for the automobile, looked in the newspapers and the Internet. After thinking a bit, he realized: disassembly and Auto shops are mostly bought engines in the same Europe and the usa. Why pay a commission store if you can drive yourself to order from Germany, a German car. Deciding to act, Anatolia remained, only to find people who are engaged in delivery of the ice in Germany. Orient the price of the engine, helping a known resource, this site offers a lot of spare parts for various brands of cars. In principle, nowhere. Services of the delivery engine offered and Belarusians, and Lithuanians, but with them lately due was a lot of negative stories, stolen, broken parts, "drowned" after Hurricane Katrina, and Kaliningradians, yet ours are Russian. Choose Kaliningrad office, Anatolia advised long-standing friend.

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Rent A Limousine For The Wedding: The Splendid Triumph

Wedding – is this an exciting event when you want to all that surrounds you, it was really unusual and festive. And this concerns not only the choice of a place where it will organize a celebration, but also the question of selection vehicles of which will be a tuple. Naturally, the focus here should be car-married. Many spouses want to ride to the registrar in a white limousine. Once it was for the majority of citizens is almost an unattainable dream, but now thanks to this service as limousine service, to take in the rolling car luxury is quite real. Moreover, the choice of model cars is truly impressive – a company can offer up to 20 models, so even the most demanding customer will find that car, which he would like.

The truth is here "but": Rent the latest models of limousines can cost twice as more expensive than cars with two or three years older. Wedding limousine is most often white. That is to say, the classic version. However, you can pick up the car and the red and black, and silver, and gold, and any other colors been here all depends on the preferences of the customer. The car can be decorated with ribbons, balloons, gold rings and fresh flowers.

With regard to the latter, it deals with a professional florist. He of such a composition, the flowers most successfully in harmony with the overall design of the car. But the interior is often not decorated, as here, and without interior furnishings corresponds solemnity event. By the way, inside the limo from a technical point of view, all equipped with the highest class. There is a plasma screen, a sliding bar, sound system, neon lights and other elements that allow to make the wedding even more romantic. At what time period ordered a limousine for your wedding? To answer this question, we need to know the conditions of service of any company. Because some firms specifies the minimum number of hours for which the machine is taken.

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