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Perfion Christina Grundmann Niels Jernes Vej

The Perfion software is also really good value for money, and the implementation of the system is easily managed.” When creating data sheets and catalogs, contract benefit especially from Perfion’s dynamic table designer. Certain of the contract’s items have width, length and height values, while others have e.g. volume or completely different values. Depending on which features are labeled on a product, they will or will not be published. No. additional information has to be entered, and there are no blank spaces in the list of values in the output. CONTRACT’s last step will be the development of a B2B online store, since Perfion now makes it possible to provide all the necessary data effortlessly.

Through the online store, contract’s commercial customers will be able to get comprehensive information and they can order the desired products. all in a self service process leaving contract’s customer consultants more time for high-quality customer support. ABOUT contract AG the Swiss company gift contract AG are suppliers of innovative products for catering, household, kitchen, and promotional items. CONTRACT’s customers are wholesalers also, department stores and the industry. CONTRACT AG specialize in finding the most innovative products and to offer them to their customers at the best value for money. With consulting services and a comprehensive inventory of over 25,000 different items, contract AG meet daily customer needs and requirements at a high level. Contact: Perfion Christina Grundmann Niels Jernes Vej 8 DK-9220 Aalborg + 45 70 205 205