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Market Customers

The standardization of the products (so great and weight) for the products that are vendidos by unit, so that it does not have damages, since a bigger product, certainly, spends more raw material to be produced. The quality of the training of hand of direct workmanship of the company is qualified, therefore monthly the responsible ones for the production receive courses technician and practical that they are offered gratuitously by the suppliers of products. Therefore on this the previsibility of the results of the processes depends, condition necessary also to take care of to the requirements of the market consumer who each time less tolerates the variability of the essential characteristics of the products and characteristic services of the management level, until the specific requirements that demand elaboration of procedures, formalizao, maintenance and improvement of these. The effect of the standardization process and qualification of generated hand of direct workmanship in the analyzed company will be beneficial and such benefits could be observed in the following categories: product and customers. With regard to the products, the standardization makes possible increase of the quality, reduction of production costs, reduction of wastefulnesses of insumos, improvement of the operational controls, beyond the reduction of the index of claim of the customers on the same of significant form. Finally, one evidences I number that it of customers increases, as well as the indices of satisfaction of these with the quality and trustworthiness of the product.

Ahead of the presented one, one concludes that, for the case in study, of standardization and qualification of hand of direct workmanship result in significant effect of beneficial character, of diverse natures and levels, that managed proactively can result in the attainment of exclusive competitive advantage for the company and consequences profits of market, credibility and improvement of relationship with the internal and external agents. 5. CONCLUSION the prompt valuation of each attribute discloses in them that it has different importncias between itself and these are interrelated.