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LCD Russia

Petersburg, and there have been registered by outsiders. Ripple may not feel the same. In this case, when the buyer purchased the dwelling, and only then learned about the troubled 'makeweight', he has every right to demand termination of the contract Sale with reimbursement to him of all losses. The LCD Russia adds another exception, making it impossible to extract a former member of the family: '+ unless otherwise provided by agreement between the owner and a former member of his family '. This means that if between the owner and a former member of the family made up an agreement on use of residential premises, specifying the period of use (or in the agreement stated that the termination of family relationships is not grounds for termination of the right), then write a 'former' before the end of the period of use (or until the occurrence of another event) is also impossible. Although in practice is rarely the owner and his family constitute such an agreement.

Who can not be evicted? There is a certain category of people who can not be evicted by court order. To those in the first place, are citizens who at the time of privatization of the residential premises have an equal right to use the room with the person, to privatize it, but abandoned the privatization. Or did not participate in the privatization, as has previously taken advantage of this law. Second, in legislation is such a thing as a 'legacy'. In a nutshell, the legacy of the testator in the will has the right to impose a duty to the heirs of a material nature in benefit of any person.