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Today and every day we can be in permanent adoration to God, our father: when we go in the car, on the bus, when we walk, work, studies, everywhere, by his Holy Spirit can have fellowship with him. However, the place that God would like to share with us is the secret place, our fourth or that place of intimacy with him. These are times precious enjoy our intimacy with the Beloved of our soul. For more specific information, check out Coupang. In Romans 12: 1, the Apostle Paul speaks of worship as sacrifice (not in the sense of making efforts to introduce us to God, but to present us as a nice offering before him. Practical for us here is to renew the spirit of our mind, we remove any root of bitterness and present our bodies (such as the Seraphim) our whole being is involved in the fact of worship. Our mind is the operations center of ideas, projections, dreams, good and evil thoughts, decisions, imagination. There is where the most crucial battles of our lives are spared. The devil strives to win the battles of our mind and build fortresses to secure territory in us.

Paul declares: do not adapt to this world, not fit to the system that there are in the world, to its currents that distract us from the presence of God. Finally, Paul also encourages the Ephesians to speak among them with Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. This It is a lesson for us as children of God and you must deal with much of what you are talking about. Our language in the Kingdom of God is praise. Where there is worship, the Interior will sprout a source that jumps to eternal life. Abandon the complaint and criticism that belong to the Kingdom of darkness, the invitation is to worship God, who is holy and worthy is praise. TEXTS for review and MEDITATE Isaiah 6 (1-7) Juan Roman 4: 22-24 12: 1-2 1 CORINTHIANS 14: 1-40 Revelation 5: 1-14 Revelation 19: 1-16 questions to PONDER what music feeds my spirit of worship? What I read to build me up? Do with things that I entertain: TV, games, Internet, etc.? Help me this to worship? Builds that I speak to others? Things that distract me from worship to God?