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Internal Data Espionage

Mikado study: Percentage of enterprises with an appropriate security level has doubled restraint within the last 4 years on 42 percent resulted from lack of resources and budgets for network optimization Berlin, November 02, 2011 – the majority of the companies referred to as inadequate their current protection against internal security threats by employees. Although the average security conditions have a comparison survey of mikado soft gmbh in the last four years clearly improved, a totally satisfactory situation there is still only in exceptional cases. Lack of financial and human resources are among the main reasons for the negligence in protecting against internal data abuse. The investigation according to 42 percent of the over 200 respondents medium-sized and large enterprises very difficult believe it”, the potential security threats posed by employees to effectively stop. A further one-fifth is this something lower, but still difficult”conditions. Compared to 2007, but this represents an improvement, as 20 per cent more companies presented challenge to inducing the establishment of effective protection against internal data espionage as hard. A similar development is to determine the actual security status.

Even if a satisfactory or even optimum situation prevails only in two out of five companies, this means almost a doubling of the positive reviews from 23 to 42 percent compared to 2007. This doesn’t change the fact, that currently the internal security conditions surveyed companies very problematic that according to the judgment of 26 percent”are and they only partially comply with additional 35 percent. The topic of security is too long mainly focused on the possible threats from outside”, Wolfgang Durr, tried Managing Director the mikado soft gmbh, an explanation for the always still widespread deficiencies in protection against so-called internal perpetrators to give. Finally, the issue of economic crime is not new and the company through the threat of data theft would take significant risks.