All have different dreams, but there is one major desire, which brings together many of us. To live without depending on anybody, be yourself master of his destiny. And that's not the fact that at the sight of his superiors for many there is an allergy, and stained. Not all bosses, to put it mildly, bad. I know a lot of excellent, talented leaders. Just most of us is born independent.

And when there comes a time when you know and you know more than those who stand over you, to work together is not bearable. Another argument – in our modern days, is not shameful to have a lot of professions, or employment records. The days when it was considered correct to work out her life at one place – drowned forever. Today the winner is the one who is more flexible, fast, quick-witted. The world is changing dramatically and quickly, boldly, and we all need to survive. If you are at work today, there is no guarantee that tomorrow you going to continue to be. You may you're lucky and you get compensation for several months.

For example, I once, when it was a crisis – not so lucky. And unlucky at all – they just put on the street and they were left alone with their problems and not knowledge of how to live. Not dependent consultant (by the way, is not dependent – so not working for someone else, not in the state of the organization, and being himself and the employer and supervisor, and an expert in one) – it's a worthy way guaranteed to ensure its financial stability for the future. Have the ability to independently control the number of projects and clients. Who do I work with and who not to deal at all. And a very important moment for consultant. Your trump card in situations where you counsel – is that owners often pay you more money than his staff members performing the same work. When you are invited by the – you have greater weight in the definition. And great value for the owners of firms. In the case where you want to have another stable, universal source of income – advice that is necessary for you.