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Company, Crisis And Success

Every company wants to achieve success in the market. Success means attracting new customers, increase interest in the offered product or service, increase sales and improve company image. Company executives should be able to lead in a crisis, but often it happens that, having reached a certain level of success, the company begins to make some mistakes. Understand, what and why. Why are there errors Robert Herbold, founder and CEO of consulting company Herbold Group, in its time was the lead manager of such successful companies as Procter & Gamble, and Microsoft. He had studied marketing strategies of these companies and names the following mistakes that companies are starting to do to reach a certain level in their work: the loss of a sense of pride and dangerous protectionism illusion that the past achievements and further, without too much effort, will provide success. This is understandable because, as a rule, to achieve a certain level of business requires a great leap, consisting of a large labor throughout the company, well-developed marketing, promotional, financial strategies.

The company is working diligently and as a reward, success comes. But any runner after a long distance comes the need for rest. And the companies – after a long business breakthrough comes a lull, and that's fine. Period of calm is needed. But here lies a certain pitfall – too long 'rest on our laurels' is impossible. And not just because the competitors come on the heels.

And because life, as well as a business – it constant movement forward, searching for new technologies, new sales methods, new ways of working with people, etc. Who does not go forward, he stands on the site, and this – a swamp. The main pitfalls companies Researchers psychology of success Companies referred to various traps. Robert Herbold also found major pitfalls that come companies have reached a certain level.

Winning And Making Money

This is just some basic examples of successes. If you do these letters and see the first half of the game with a purpose that you can find opportunities to make money. You may have to hold back the pizza and beer until after the second half starts so your head is clear and that is focused on winning some money. We will be offering as a bonus in our football packages, half of two possible works to all our subscribers, this season. Virgin Airlines describes an additional similar source. How we played the second half could be there? In our research we look for possible outcomes in the first half and predict the second half. Ripple contributes greatly to this topic. This could be for one side or total.

Half of betting example: We liked the Masen the Houston Bowl in the last year, but I thought that was too high in total 72. We hope to see how a half e play. Sir Richard Branson: the source for more info. We expected low first half scoring, but with both teams moving the ball but not the conversion of the movement in the points. Both teams combined to lose the ball into the opponents line 5 yards 3 times. This presents a golden opportunity to start a total of more in the second half. When the line was posted on a jump and then watched in disbelief that actually fell. Therefore, bet again, because we have done our homework and felt the total would be easier in the second half. As the game went on the grand total of 72 never came, but the total of the second half was an easy winner.

Human Factor

The human factor in the implementation of processes and tools, or which succeed better tools? Rookie Author Alexander Where succeed better tools? What a strange question – of course, where there is similar tools and technology! Can tell the reader and will be only partly right. If a customer has a similar technology and tools, it is often the only hindrance as psychologically, each of us reject all things new. There are several factors that have a negative on the process of introduction, we mention only the most important: duration of the instrument – the most obvious factor – the longer – the more used, the more difficult to move on new. Age specialist – is the most interesting factor, which in itself is absolutely nothing said. That is, the introduction can make a minor adjustment for age, but only with the first factor can be speak of a substantial effect on the outcome. Satisfaction with current tools – a factor, "but to me, and so anything goes," You can call blocking – it affects the outcome. It was the objective criteria, consideration of which would be incomplete without such powerful subjective as reluctance to move to the new technology because it provides more in-depth oversight of the Executive elementary sabotage …

The implementation should take into account all factors and prepare measures to reduce their impact on the final result. A sample? I want to give you an example from real life on the subject. So, we have a company that experienced a series of acquisitions. Staff consists of specialists from different companies. Age – totally promiscuous, but dominates the middle peasants.

No organization has no process. True, the leadership stayed in their confidence presence. At some point in time everything inside it became clear that without processes and automation tools can not – the company itself felt on all the problems of a chaotic approach: Do not expect the assembly are given to the wrong customers; Documentation errors is manually log errors in the word; metrics are not collected, there is no Planning (or rather have a plan that no one adheres to) Tasks for the developer hang orally, and so on …


But his greatest influence was manifested in the existing industries. For example, the business model "book – mail" had already existed for a long time. However, or its Russian brother changed the process of searching and ordering books. In addition, the site became perform the role of obliging the seller each time offering you a new book for the topics that interest you before. He also repeats and strategy "for sale at the last moment, when before going to the payment of the selected book, offered a few more books who have acquired other buyers, together with the one you are going to buy. Another example: distance learning, business model, which has more than one hundred years. With the advent of the Internet it has received new possibilities of communication teacher and pupil, control of the assimilation of knowledge, the registration, payment, and other rapidly developing Internet telephony, Internet tv and radio offers new ways of obtaining knowledge in a different distance than paper, format. This means that it is still very important in five competitive forces that determine the attractiveness of the industry for the company: the intensity of existing competition, barriers to entry for new competitors, the threat substitute product or service, power suppliers and power consumers. Some believe that such an analysis in the Internet age has lost its relevance, but life proves otherwise. These five forces continue to provide information about attractiveness of the industry and the level of its profitability even if suppliers, channels, substitutes, and competitors have changed.

How To Make Dreams A Reality

How often do you carry out its long-standing dream? How did you feel about it? I think that at such moments you truly happy. You did it! No matter what the obstacles. Nor the opposition nor the spiteful grin, nor on type:> which speak in a tone that then anything you do not want to do. In fact, there is a stronger taste of victory when he had to overcome the really big obstacle. And the more these obstacles, the sweeter the victory. I am very well experienced it myself. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple has to say.

Several months ago, took my wedding. It took exactly 6 months after the first date with my beloved wife. How can show the 6 months is not a long time, but if you only knew how many barriers and obstacles were overcome during this time! Our close friends almost seriously compare us to Romeo and Juliet! Anyway, I digress. In the first article in this newsletter I promised that I will give you the real techniques that you can use in your life. I will not break promises. So how do you still make the dream a reality? What is needed for this? And whether this is possible, or they and destined to remain just dreams? These and many other questions are usually swarm in the mind of man, when he decides to do something worthwhile. Right at that moment (you can check it!), When a person decides to make something out of nowhere, there is a lot of valuable ideas on why he will not do.

American President Manager

And if the word "personnel officer" was, for some reason considered obsolete, it's time to come up with joint efforts of more harmonious and friendly name in their native language. Before the advent of better try to use more or less acceptable title "personnel manager". For assistance, try visiting Robert Gibbins. Now, let's all have a personnel manager from the fact that he needed to effective performance of their duties? First, the HR manager is required to inform the company's goals. The requirement seems simple and obvious, but this simplicity is deceptive. Even those who say that the living human resources, must understand that whatever resources are just a means to an end. Therefore, the creation and management of resources is justified only in the sense that brings us to whether this goal. So, first one should show the HR manager that goal. Robert Gibbins may also support this cause.

No goals, no meaningful progress in achieving this goal. Who you known companies that have a clearly defined goal of their work? How many of them written in a strategy paper to achieve this goal, at least for the near future? How this document is relevant or, in other words, there is a procedure for constant adjustment of goals and strategies for environmental changes? Second, the HR manager needs a reliable feedback mechanism, especially with senior management. Life is changeable. Our goal and the path of them are constantly changing. Determine their top management. That work effectively, our MPs should be able to keep abreast of these changes. There is only one way to stay abreast of affairs of senior management – must include in its composition. Do all companies known to you HR manager is a member of senior management? Third, the personnel manager should have the authority and resources to carry out their activities? First of resources. At one time, all The Soviet Union was laughing merrily over humoresques hero, who talked to his wife that he was given the intelligence "three rubles to bribe an American President." How many of you well-known human resource managers have at their control at least such budgets for its activities? Is it always the size of the budget with the scale of tasks? Now, on the credentials.

Civil Code

The procedure for registration of an individual entrepreneur is extremely simple. He pays the registration fee of $ 4 mci, fill out an application for registration, submit an identity document, a photo, a certificate of the taxpayer (TRN), a certificate of assignment of sic. May also be required to provide a document confirming their place of residence and place of business. Individual entrepreneurs do not have any founding documents. The only document that confirms his status as a state registration certificate.

Registration is made in one body – the local tax committee. 4. Cost of registering as an individual entrepreneur – is minimal. If you want to become self-employed, without recourse to specialized legal organizations, as already mentioned, pay only the registration fee of $ 4 mci. After the state registration as a individual entrepreneur you need to pay the manufacturer of seals and stamps, if you want them to have that in most cases it is not necessary (1000 m.). If you intend to open a bank account, then you have to pay for services for notarization of signature samples in the bank card (87 tenge per card, up to 4 cards), as well as for opening an account if you have chosen a bank, this procedure is paid (in most Banks are now opening an account is free, some – up to 3500 m.). Individual entrepreneur. Minus: 1. One of these “cons” is the fact that the obligations associated with entrepreneurial activities, an individual entrepreneur shall be liable on general grounds, ie all property belonging to him (Article 20 of the Civil Code of RK).

LED Backlighting

LEDs as the light source is used both as a spot light (such as led modules – led clusters), as well as linear light sources (LED tubes, led strips led Rope Light and LED-neon). Both can be built into lamps. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon Communications. Point location of LEDs associated with their use as a miniature light sources, as a rule – for decorative purposes. This Light decor interior – furniture, glass and mirrored walls, cornices and ceilings, a variety of architectural elements. led spot lamps placement can also serve as functional role (for example, when illuminating information signs and panels).

led modules can avoid many problematic situations related to non-standard forms of lighting and dimensions seats. Under any particular task, virtually any object, which must be led lighting, we can choose the module required shape and size, the required number and characteristics of LEDs desired configuration of their placement on the pcb. And it is hardly an obstacle for the lighting will become architectural features of the illuminated object. For example, the small size led strip allows you to embed it almost anywhere: in a metal tube – stair handrail, a baseboard, ceiling in a narrow niche. Dimensions of the same bulbs required power is often put designer a choice: either to radically change design and dimensions of the illuminated object, or completely abandon the use of the backlight. Many parts of the interior get a second life when competently implemented illumination. Very aesthetic look, for example, option lighting design staircases in the style of hi-tech: highlighting the steps in yellow inside, handrails shall be executed in chrome pipes so that the inside spread deep blue through round holes.

In this design much easier to build in a narrow range of led than any other light source, even small sizes. Incidentally, in Europe, a prerequisite for the design and manufacture of stairs – light marking steps. Current problem replacing blown bulbs in hard to reach places no longer in the case of LEDs: they do not fail. Another example. In the German Duisburg, for illumination of the bridge were used led modules built into the metal fence posts. The game of light and color – the most efficient way to create a living organic medium, as in the design of the dwelling, and in architectural lighting. Earlier to get a colored light, used colored lights or colored filters, dichroic, or film. But the colored lights rarely provide the desired color reproduction, sharpness and saturation, and the film optical filters are lack thicken or fade in the operation. LEDs solve these problems, providing a rich and vivid colors. The red color you will have red and blue – blue. You do not risk to see after installing lamp red or pale blue color instead of what was intended during construction. A digital control lights based on RGB-LEDs can have millions of different colors.

Find Importers Exporters

There are many alternatives for small and large companies find importers and exporters that can become new partners or customers to take their business to other levels. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and to the miracle of the Internet, the global economy is more connected than ever. So much so that any person with an entrepreneurial spirit can participate in it and prosper as never before. For those with such an interest to see a growth in their business and expand their economies, share them several options to find importers and exporters. Refer to the function of the embassies embassies not only refers to establishing diplomatic ties between Governments, but that they also have the function of promoting economic cooperation between partners from different latitudes. This is because they (embassies) are well aware that through this momentum can create economic growth in various regions.

Embassies, mostly, will have a sense of having fulfilled with one of its objectives, namely that through these connections between importers and exporters were achieved with entrepreneurs in the region. To contact with embassies, you only need to call there or schedule a meeting. Inform them about the type of business that can be handled in your company and the suppliers with whom you wish to contact. In that entity, surely you will receive information on how to find importers and exporters who comply with their requests. Visit the trade fairs Internet commerce has replaced many options for doing business.

Despite this, trade fairs seem to be an archaic method to meet with importers and exporters. This option is still one of the best to establish trade links and generate confidence among the business partners. It is normal to see means written or television announcements on fairs. When you realize that an event like this is coming, is likely to want to attend with the aim of finding business contacts covering their needs. Trade fairs are a great way to help you find importers and exporters without having to resort to an intermediary. You can meet with these representatives of companies, reaching mutual agreements and enhance their businesses. Search in business portals wholesale on the Internet you can find many portals to doing business to the wholesale. You can easily bind with trading partners in a mutually beneficial manner. The only thing you need to do is use a computer with Internet access and you can find a number of platforms in line to do business at the wholesale, which allow you to contact with importers and exporters. These portals have resources that will be useful for establishing ties with business partners; all this without leaving the comfort of your home. Contact in wholesale companies, visit: exporters.


'Go out'? It's very simple. Most likely, you're too much attention extrinsic motivation, while forgetting about the leading power – intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation – the driving force that pushes you forward and does not stand still, that's why you invest your efforts, why you act every day, creating your team and your organization. You do it for the sake of changing their lives and the lives of other people's lives. Intrinsic motivation – is the 'fuel', which supports us and does not go out and cool at the time of overcoming the difficulties and failures. Intrinsic motivation leads to act. Examples: dream, self-actualization ideas, creativity, self-affirmation of the conviction curious feeling of being needed health to someone personal growth need to communicate first secret of success in (any) – never reduces your inner motivations.

External motivation external motivation is visible signs of your achievements in your surrounding society. Examples: money career status recognition prestigious things (house, apartment, car), a decent aesthetics of everyday life the opportunity to travel outside your motivation is constantly changing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Facebook. Even yesterday, you would earn just the fact that feed the family. Then you have taken the first steps in business and wanted to give the best education for children, new house, new car … Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish you remember? 'I do not want to be a black peasant girl, I want to be a pillar gentlewoman' – an example extrinsic motivation.

Internal and external motivation are most effective in equilibrium. The second secret of success in business – maintain equilibrium (balance) between the internal and external motivations. Positive and negative All possible factors motivating motivational factors, in fact, be reduced to only the two intuitive ideas: to get rid of the pain than to have fun when both factors are both internal and external. And if in your step there are two factors, we get a very powerful engine. A sort of a push-pull.