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Knowing Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, there is a used and tremendously useful function little. One is ” Content”. In the left lateral menu we will find the Link leads that us to this information, whose analysis will take to us to define better strategies of positioning. First of all, the main image teaches to the Pageviews, that is to say, the visited pages to us. Of these we will be able to deduce the Unique Views, users who have entered a single page and they have not acceded to another one. For example, a site can count on 50 pages visited throughout a month. This already it is a revealing data. If our Web site contains 55 pages, are five that have never been visited.

These fifty pages of this five hundred example can have received eight thousands Unique Views, that is to say eight thousand five hundred times have entered our site, have seen a page and they have gone away. And also total Page Views can have received 12,000. Here all the visits are counted, until the repeated ones of a same user. He is unsuitable that is little difference between the Unique Views, and the PageViews, since it denotes that the users enter and leave by the same page in their majority, without seeing the rest of the site. Next we were with a picture, the one of Content Performance. Here we will see how many visits (unique and repeated) receive each page of the site, of released way. He is advisable to look for those sections little visited.

Perhaps they do not have necessary the internal liaisons so that the users arrive until them. And if the users do not do, perhaps they do not arrive either crawlers from the finders, that what they do is to follow connections when they index a Web. This is something that must be solved immediately. Another section that we would have to analyze is the one of ” Top Landing Pages”. Also it is acceded to her by the left lateral bar. Here we will be able to see the pages by which the users arrive at the Web site. We must by ricochet consider the Rates, or Bounce Rates, that will give a track us on the satisfaction of the users when entering our page. By ricochet too high rates, can mean that we will have to reorient our efforts of marketing online, that no we are working with the advisable key words, or that our page is not, somehow, the ideal answer to the demand of the users. Also it is necessary to review the times of load, since the pages that take too much in loading are quickly aborted by the visitors.

The Domain

This is a positive aspect of free templates, web site. The truth is often the template design already programmed on the basis of one of the existing free systems administration, so that here, too, may be what some of the problem. You will probably need to understand the nuances of the cms itself and connect to it a certain template web site. Then one of the stages, which you will need to think about – a free domain for your representation. Here you'll have to register only the domain of third level such as –, where – this domain is already in someone's property.

People's confidence to such a resource is frankly very low, because there will be posted on your website. And plus the entire roll out such a domain in search engines will be very hard, unlike the domain of 2 levels. In this connection, saving funds to pay the domain registration in the future can turn into lost potential customers and a decrease in confidence in the eyes of the search portals. Realizing all these factors further step will be to search for free free web hosting, which will in future be located a Web site of the company. The choice of any cms is also reflected in the conditions for hosting.

Such a host must support php and database MySQL, plus everything is almost always proposed for use on unix database systems in conjunction with Apache. As a result, after posting a Web site you can get a site whose speed is so slow that users of the site most often will close your resources and not waiting for it to boot. Therefore, to find free hosting is not a simple matter. Thus, the manufacturer web site for free – this is a very real problem, but will need to spend many days in Internet delving into the intricacies of integrating the template admin panel, features configuration and installation of different modules, the subtleties of choice for non-commercial web hosting site. In the course of production there are still many do not matters described herein, many of whom not having certain knowledge will not be easy. Therefore, unless your company wants to work fast resource that will lead you to potential customers and make returns to sacrifice personal time or, as always, pay and reserve site in the studio, get a quality web site with a stylish, unlike other web sites web design, working quickly and with round the clock technical support. In addition to the studio at any time you can get answers on all questions connected with the nuances of making the company's site. Which way to go to you.

Web Button

By clicking the left mouse button and hold it, driving the pointer from left to right, and the object is allocated. The text also stands out in the traditional way, and will not repeat myself. You can do so. Brings the cursor to the left any line of text, and when he becomes a white oblique arrows, press the left button. Without releasing the button, peremeschyaete cursor up and down on as many lines as you want to delete, and release the button. Acts this way only when the text is not pressed against the left border of the cell.

Cells can also be allocated in the traditional way, as you can so. The cursor to the left or upper boundary of the cell, and when he becomes a small black arrow, left-click on the button, but better, again, the right one. With this method can distinguish a group of cells vertically or horizontally, but not always. You can try to move a little black arrow to the left to right or, in other case, from top to bottom. Selected cell or group of cells change color to a darker or black, depending on the color of their background. It is always noticeable. How many cells to stand out in that or another method depends on the structure editing page. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to catch the moment of the appearance of a black arrow, but to practice it nearly always turns out.

To edit one file in this way, depending on the complexity of web pages spent up to five minutes. Web page completely. With this method, the Web page is stored in two files. HTML-file and a folder with image files. How to edit HTML-file, the above mentioned. You can use both methods. That is possible to copy an article with graphics and insert a new page, and you can remove all unnecessary, and leave an article with graphics. If the article with pictures, then save the result to as' Web page completely '. In the folder with the graphics, which sometimes has an impressive weight, you must leave only what is referred to the article and the rest removed. Should be left as cascading style sheets file (usually file-CSS). From this location, sometimes it is necessary to remove a few dozen files. Of course, you can delete them one by one, as you can and groups, depending on their location in the folder. Here's how. Put the cursor on the left to delete a file, click the left mouse button and hold it, driving the cursor to the right. Files are beginning to stand out. You can keep the cursor just to the right, but at the same time and down, with a large amount of files. Thus it is necessary to make sure that in secreted by the rectangle is not got the file you want to leave. Obtained after editing the files have, against the original, much lighter, and open the browser, in appearance almost from him different.

Personal Store

Creation of an electronic online store carries a number of superiority over the opening of an ordinary shop: – Rent building for the offline-store – it is always expensive, to open as usual storefront is fairly inexpensive Hosting cost 5-10 dollars per month. – In stores need to put supports for goods to make room very real trade in goods, which of course also will result in you not a too small amount. “Bernard Golden gathered all the information. However, to sell goods online store enough to get a stable php-script online store and order a design, or to book an Internet store under the key, fill it in different descriptions of goods, agree, for example, with a warehouse on commodity shipments by request – and that’s it, you can sell. – Just a great savings for a fee to employees. Not required to pay the salaries of cashiers, shop floor workers, cleaners. For a normal existence is not very large online store is enough to 1 person. – Versatility. You can sell all kinds of products to any buyer from any region of our country, and if necessary, and then our world. Check out Oracle for additional information.

E-online shop is working for you 24 hours a day. Normal store only 8-10 hours. – Convenience to increase sales and attract visitors. The main methods of advertising on the Internet cost a lot cheaper Traditional methods of advertising offline stores. – An extensive range of products.

The electronic online store quickly possible to sell thousands, and in special cases, even tens of thousands of products without any additional investment. In the standard the same store to augment the number of marketed products in a large number of times, it is necessary to replace a much larger trading floor, which would entail imposing costs. – Development Personal e-shop turnkey zanimaetnamnogo shorter period in comparison with the erection of new buildings normal offline store. Here are the reasons why internet users increasingly prefer to buy through Internet-shops: 1. Prices of goods are lower than in conventional offline shops. 2. Save time buyer. After all, according to statistics, the buyer, before making any important or expensive purchase goes through three or four retail stores in search of the terms of delivery, price, warranty conditions, etc. To this we can lose a whole day. On the Internet, as price comparison and product search may run for an hour or two. 3. Convenience of payment – electronic shops are taking no small variety of methods to prepay. 4. purchases. On your purchase of no one will know if you do not want. However, the Internet-shop is hard work: to develop an electronic online shop, you is an urgent need to consider carefully all – whether you are prepared to a fairly hard work? Well, if you do decide to, and you have no doubt, then begin the process of setting up shop!

Social Networking

More recently Officially opened the first Social Network that unites all Russian people abroad! From anywhere in the world you can go to … We would like to express my thanks to companies '' and the Draft ''. Brief Isstoriya: Domain Rus.Ge been since the spring of 2008 and the idea of creating Sotsialnoy network that will unites all the Russian-speaking people born in 2006 … It was originally planned to create a site that will be Unites Russian schools and other educational institutions abroad … But for nearly a year, the majority of people from around the world required the creation of a portal for the public, which will be targeted at all, and not to specific institution, but on the same side … including their various schools, universities, etc. … And More specifically Russian-speaking students' high schools of the CIS, Europe and worldwide.

At the moment the site Rus.Ge includes several Servisov.Ispolzuya their users can communicate in real-time chat, find friends, leave comments, have their own album and keep it in your own pictures, interact and finally find new friends. PS: We are every day … for 24 Hours will improve our services and functions of the site as well as develop new … We are the first ever social network that unites all the Russian people, who are abroad, and that we're different Internet soobschestv.Dobro Welcome to … Best wishes Founder of Project & Ideas Site Sivtsov Alex … '

Services From Google

Recently discovered a strange fact – it turns out, not all people enjoy the services from Google! In order to somehow fix this annoying assumption was written a small article describing those services which use I most frequently. Before the beginning of the review of services would like to mention that in order to use these services you will need to account Google Mail (GMail). Get an account is possible here. So here we go: The first service in this review will be Google Notebook. This service enables you to record your thoughts, reminders and much more.

All data is stored on the Internet, ie, access to them you can get from any computer connected to the Internet. Also in this service presented a lot of opportunities to change the access levels to specific "pages of your notebook," ie, You can easily open access for all and everywhere to read the specific pages or all of your recordings: Here's an example. The second service supports Google Docs. About this service will not say much: it is enough to say that the online analogue of an ordinary office package for your PC. Bonuses due to access to documents from anywhere, over the possibility of group work documents and levels of access to them are included. The third service is the very-mail from Google. The developers used the mail means Ajax everywhere where only been able to, on this when working with the service you have never have to go on pages.

It is also worth noting the remarkable yuzabeleti interface and a considerable volume of very-mail (I have 6,6 Gb). The fourth service is the IM from Google. Own much to explain what kind of service do not have to think, one has only to note that based he jabber. The fifth service is an online translator (both text and pages, and ordinary words). It should be noted that, in my experience it is if not the best, then certainly one of the best translators. Well, the last service in our review, but did not last on the value of PS in this article have been mentioned only those services that use I at the moment, some of the well-known services such as YouTube and Google map, I walked around the side, because they need no introduction.

Same Marketing

If you play the market, it is more feasible to you to develop competitive insights with the potential to become a seed of strategies. Beware of market studies, since they are only one more element to make decisions. The observation is needed and nothing can replace being physically in contact with customers and prospects. 5. A customer that you have is more important than a customer who you don’t. It seems logical, but it is enough to analyze the percentage of marketing budget that focuses on the acquisition of customers against the percentage allocated to the retention and development of clients. Despite evidence that a customer is more profitable through specific dwell time, tracking of customers tends to be almost nil and the focus will be the spectacular brought from new customers.

A business is worth the net present value of what their recurrent customers flows represent. For even more opinions, read materials from Allegiant Air. 6. You you enfocaras both the present and the future. Naturally that the present depends on the current flow of clients, but that corresponds to operativo-tactico marketing and sales, not to the strategic marketing. Marketing has two functions: the operative who go day to day and the strategic living in the future. I even dare say that tactical marketing is usually marketing what is urgent, while the strategic marketing of important thing.

7. You promoveras the culture of gross profits. Sell can bankrupt a company, if costing is wrong; why you must monitor the gross margin every day. The gross profit (marketing margin multiplied by sales volume) is the responsibility of the marketer. Don’t you fight it, afraid to take you over this, on the contrary, this is your domain; Ponte goals to increase it and leads the process in the company. Marketing has to be measured. 8. Do not you copiaras competition. If competition is to the left, you see to the right; If it goes up, then down. It should maintain a clear differentiation against competitor. You not obsession with competition. Copying is a signal the absence of differences, low corporate self-esteem and little creativity. There is only one exception: If the competitor goes in direction to the trend of the industry, better follow the road not to be left out, but make no mistake that this is not your advantage, is just your ticket to be able to compete. The differentiations and innovations can be in multiple variables, from product, technology, service, communication, channels of distribution, packaging, design, logistics, etcetera, it has no end. 9. You fusionaras the strategy with the market approach. Companies that delegated the role of marketing department only focus to tactical, not strategic dimension, and the reactive, not creative. Marketing is too important to delegate it to a specific area. In a phrase: the marketing manager must be the director-general and the entire company must have that attitude and that orientation. 10 Will you give. you the same value to the internal communication to the external. The positioning begins at home. The internal people is what makes things happen and which ultimately reinforces the competitive angle. For positioning outside it must be positioned inside. This is the principle of strategic alignment.


This, for example, Nikon F55. 2. Cameras for the main class of consumers (baseline), which have initial skills to use photographic equipment and the average budget. This, for example, Nikon F65, Nikon F75. 3. Middle class. This is a camera that can afford to buy beginner photographers.

Such a camera is almost the same functions as a professional. But in terms of functionality and some other parameters, it can yield. For example, Nikon F80. 4. And those cameras related to the number of elite and expensive (professional level). They can be used to a shop, professional photographers, photo studios.

This, for example, Nikon F5 and Nikon F6. By itself, this division for various types can be called a very conventional, but it still exists. Even the most simple and inexpensive cameras make it possible to shoot in very different circumstances – in nature, outdoors, indoors, water, and at the same time get pictures of excellent quality. Buy a camera base class – this means to purchase the camera with the most optimal set of required features and functions. These cameras differ only in relatively little functionality as well as lagging behind new developments in the world picture. This camera will cost about $ 300 If you buy an extra lens, then this camera will not give up its competitive counterparts. Cameras the most basic level of merchantability and be bought. In such cameras embodies the desire of manufacturing companies to satisfy the requirements of any amateur photographer. Sell a camera of this class be no problem. Mid-level camera – is a transitional stage between Photography entry-level and professional. As we all know, in the past using the most advanced achievements in the world of photography. Such camera – it is always operational management, the possibility of removing several films a day for years. The camera of this level usually produces a large number and wide variety of accessories additional equipment, which are often needed in the work of a professional photographer. Which camera to buy depends on your desire, opportunity and the knowledge and experience in such a difficult process as a photographer.


The communication would have done for any average phone or instant messaging, according to sources close to the star of Disney, in latter-day Demi Lovato has been faced with many rumors over the internet. Johan Manuel Mendez with 18 years of age told the Conference pirar you Ethical, that attack made to Demi Lovato is antietico and is not based on the ethics of a hacker. According to sources close to Demi Lovato, Demi would have spoken with Johan Manuel Mendez El Hacker who said at a Conference that supports it, although it is not known yet if the communication was Telefonica. Or by some other means perhaps of video and instant messaging such as Skype. Information not confirmed by either of the two or some official media, but it is known that Demi has had to confront a series of rumors that have been generated, a few days ago said that he had a food problem, which was denied, the rumor that ran through the Twitter Social network. It also said that he had returned to studies recording, which turned out totally false, so representatives have had to leave to confront the rumors about the star of Disney. This Demi recording music, but has not yet returned to the set she began with the shooting of its programme when ready.

According to, Demi Lovato was spotted in the Hollywood Records recording studio only to find a plate of gold, award for his album. And not to resume his career, at the moment after leaving a rehabilitation centre for emotional and physical problems. Magazine Generaccion.

Double Accounting

To construct a well-functioning unified system of accounting automation people and control of financial flows and payments in the country, must have at least the following: 1. Single document with bioidentification personality – IL (to start, though a passport with a chip) 2. A single national system of accounting people – RN (like Gosregistr population that will soon be operational in Russia). 3. Uniform Information – a payment system in the country – EIPSS (such as electronic payments with mobile phones and computers). It is on these three main pillars is possible to build a less well working system. This is the foundation for all future systems of information support the person that developed today in a technologically advanced countries.

Otherwise, will only discredit that today, and is observed in Russia. Now, the automated subsystem of a single agency unrelated software automatic exchange and alignment databases and directories. Although there is often modem or connection to fiber-optic lines. And each has its own base "People" (list name of people), its own system of codes, piles of paper cards and reports, view and control which clerks have long been confused. Double Accounting always requires huge cost of human labor, and at high volumes, the number of errors introduced by man into the system reduces "bad working condition." Software-only machines, with streamlined legislative algorithms work, can save humanity from an information digital tsunami that has already begun sweeping the developed world. On how not to drown in a sea of information the future as to identify ways the organization lives of most righteous people in developed countries, how to grow from young people, with such pleasure escaping from the real world in a virtual world – a game, to educate highly moral people of high morals and responsibility, is dedicated to my series of books on the PSI.