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Services From Google

Recently discovered a strange fact – it turns out, not all people enjoy the services from Google! In order to somehow fix this annoying assumption was written a small article describing those services which use I most frequently. Before the beginning of the review of services would like to mention that in order to use these services you will need to account Google Mail (GMail). Get an account is possible here. So here we go: The first service in this review will be Google Notebook. This service enables you to record your thoughts, reminders and much more.

All data is stored on the Internet, ie, access to them you can get from any computer connected to the Internet. Also in this service presented a lot of opportunities to change the access levels to specific "pages of your notebook," ie, You can easily open access for all and everywhere to read the specific pages or all of your recordings: Here's an example. The second service supports Google Docs. About this service will not say much: it is enough to say that the online analogue of an ordinary office package for your PC. Bonuses due to access to documents from anywhere, over the possibility of group work documents and levels of access to them are included. The third service is the very-mail from Google. The developers used the mail means Ajax everywhere where only been able to, on this when working with the service you have never have to go on pages.

It is also worth noting the remarkable yuzabeleti interface and a considerable volume of very-mail (I have 6,6 Gb). The fourth service is the IM from Google. Own much to explain what kind of service do not have to think, one has only to note that based he jabber. The fifth service is an online translator (both text and pages, and ordinary words). It should be noted that, in my experience it is if not the best, then certainly one of the best translators. Well, the last service in our review, but did not last on the value of PS in this article have been mentioned only those services that use I at the moment, some of the well-known services such as YouTube and Google map, I walked around the side, because they need no introduction.